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The hand reading of Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone has apparently inherited her father's genes. (I said apparently because I have not seen her father's hands, who was a globally successful badminton player.) Both her hands show physical capacity and sporting ability. When it comes to her temperament, she is passionate and serious. The hand also shows that it belongs to a strong and ambitious person but someone who tends to see things in a subjective way, from her own point of view. 

Deepika has a long hand and a long, large palm and relatively short fingers with rounded tips, and the second and third phalanges are good. The most prominent mounts on Deepika’s hands are that of Jupiter, Venus and Moon. The main lines of Head, Heart, Life and also the Saturn of fateline, are all long and well-etched and plus, she has a long thumb.

Deepika Padukone Indian actress

Her heartline is long, deep and curved, ending between her first two fingers. Her headline cannot be seen clearly but it is long although not too steady. The upper Moon mount is good, as is the mount of Jupiter, and she appears to have a flexible hand, with the fingers tending to bend backwards quite easily and the thumb is conic and could be a little high-set. The Mercury (little) finger is on the shorter side.

Check out her right hand here and her left hand here. )The photo posted above is copyright-free.)

No doubt she is a focused and determined personality and her capacity to love is deep. She will be a loyal, ardent, passionate and unselfish lover and any man would be lucky to have her love. Although there is a hint of idealism, she will be able to accept a man with his weaknesses as long as it doesn't affect her pride. There is plenty of pride in her, as well as a set of defined ethics and ideals.

She is also a dignified person and can be discreet when she wants to be, even secretive on occasion. She is at heart a thoughtful person, and analytical. She can over-think issues though and her sensitivity would mean that she suffers needless worry. She will remember the little things and is particular about how others behave.

The pitfall in her personality is her naivety. She would find it difficult to perceive the undercurrents between people and would tend to take people at face value. She could misread situations and people. When this trait is coupled with her distinct impressionability, her deeply passionate and serious nature, and her imagination, she will no doubt will get into some sticky situations in her life.

Focus and drive she has in plenty as also the ability to work hard and this is bound to bring her the success she desires. That highly developed imagination can at times mislead her into thinking the worst. Perhaps she doesn't really trust herself. When it comes to a troublesome situation, she might perceive it to be graver than it actually is.

Unfortunately, her thinking is not always consistent, and perhaps it is her serious approach which compounds matters. This could result in a black-and-white simplistic view of the world. 

Interestingly, her hand shows success and wealth not just in her youth, but well into her old age, and that means that money is something she will never have to worry about. Fame and fortune will be her companions throughout her life is what can be seen from whatever little can be seen of her lines.

(Note: Deepika Padukone is a Bollywood star and daughter of an international-level badminton player, Prakash Padukone) 

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  1. wow nice read...I am a great fan of hers Whenever I see her photographs of her being friendly and hugging anyone and everyone , i thought the same either she is too naive or doesn't know where to draw her line.

  2. freemind, I always thought that she seemed a little lost but I thought it was because she was new to the film industry. I guess its her temperament.

  3. One of the better bollywood heroines out there. She also supports the Olympic foundation (or something) where ppl are being groomed to win Olympic medals for India. I have seen two movies of hers and she acted well in both.

    Destination Infinity

  4. She would have made a good athelete. I guess it was her looks which drew here into the films.

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  6. No my reading of Deepika is that she is far from manipulative. I think Katrina would take the honours in that area! Deepika in fact is just the opposite. Her physical passions are very well developed, but more than this, she is impressionable (this in addition to her being a little naive) so it is understandable why she would fall in love. She is the type to get carried away. Good or bad I don't know!
    When it comes to her little finger, I have been trying to figure out if it is bent too, and I came to the conclusion that it doesn't after studying more than a dozen photographs of her hand. It appears to curl due to some sort of flexibility but the finger is absolutely straight. Not bent and not leaning. Short and straight.
    Flexible fingers, specially as flexible as Deepika in conjunction with the conic tip of her thumb, rounded tips of her fingers, her deep and long heartline plus the heavy development of the Venus mount shows a person who can be influenced, follows her heart, and is impressionable and adjustable. Such people make very good artistes as they manage to absorb the energy around them and learn new skills quickly. She is likely to grow as an actor.

  7. When it comes to a comparison of the three, let me think about it. See if there is something I can write! :)

  8. I don't know where to post this anyway wish you very happy new year nita.:)

  9. Thanks Karthick for the new year wishes and wish you the same.

  10. Hi I was wounding can u please check my Hand Reading as well please

  11. How can i give u a picture of my hand Please tell

  12. Please write to me at blog(dot)nita(at) and I will give you the necessary instructions.

  13. I find her a rather submissive. This could be just her naivety and giving nature that makes her come across that way. And I think she changes her behavior depending on what kind of people are around her. I think she is a person that takes social norms and construct seriously and lives her life according to what is acceptable. This is a huge factor in her success I believe. I don't think she is a great actress or anything.


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