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What Ranveer Singh's hands tell us about him

Ranveer Singh Bollywood photo
When I looked at Ranveer Singh’s hands I was sure I would find signs of an extroverted and bold personality because that is the impression he gives. Besides, as he works in the movies, it was likely that he was actually extroverted. To my surprise, his hands showed just the opposite!

Ranveer has shortish fingers, a broad, wide palm, and deep lines of Head, Life and Heart. His headline is tied to the lifeline and is not too high or too low on the hand. It goes across the hand in a fairly straightforward manner but does not go to the percussion. The heartline is curving and rises towards the space between the first two fingers. The mounts of Venus, Moon (more so the middle part) and Jupiter are developed. The first (Jupiter) finger is a little bent and the first phalanges of his fingers are long but
the first phalange of his thumb is not.

Check out his hand photos. The photo below is an embedded tweet.

What does all this mean? As mentioned earlier, the signs and lines on the hand need to be read together. Ranveer’s hand shows a high level of energy but it does not show extroversion. It shows shyness. This means that Ranveer is not who he shows he is. He is a little manipulative for sure and controlling…yes!

He likes power in relationships, all relationships. He also likes to be in control in any situation and can get hassled if he feels he is losing control.

Yet, Deepika Padukone is very lucky to have him as her partner. This is because he has a great capacity for love and is likely to be a very devoted partner. For him, cheating on a loved one would feel like a crime. He is devoted but not to the extent that he will put his loved one on a pedestal. Ranveer is not the type to have unrealistic expectations of the loved one. Besides, broadmindedness is a part and parcel of his personality. This does not mean to say that he is always understanding (remember the controlling part of his character) but he is the type who is extraordinarily reasonable. And that is to be underlined. His reasoning ability is so strong that he can be talked out of plans…as long as he sees the logic of it. Basically, he is a guy with common sense and also very caring and this is what will keep his controlling side in check because he can bend over backwards trying to see the other side.

Ranveer Singh's hands show that he has strong morals. And romance and sentiment and love are a very important part of who he is.

Another quality shown on his hand is that money is not what he desires in life. He does not want to be known as rich and status symbols do not matter much, at least this is how he is today. In fact, he can improve his ability to handle money. Unusual, considering that he comes from a business family.

His hand shows talent and creativity and he is the kind who would like to keep improving himself.

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(Free photograph of Ranveer Singh from the wiki: Bollywood Hungama / CC BY {})


  1. Oh my would be a joy if you did Elvis! It's Christmas time and I keep hearing his songs ��

    1. I have tried to do Elvis earlier as I am a fan. However, could not find decent photos of his hand.

  2. I also deduced from his palm that he has a Venusian-esque caring personality though I'm shocked that he isn't an introvert. His conduct in interviews made me assume that he is an extrovert. Deepika is a lucky woman.

    Awesome reading, Nita. I wish you could post more often.

    Also, could you do a palm reading of Jiddu Krishnamurti if you're able to find readable palm pictures of his online?

  3. Thanks Aspiring Palmist. Actually the words introvert and extrovert are not the right words to describe him. He is extroverted but does not really reveal his true feelings. Mainly because he is very vulnerable and sensitive. It is likely that he is already in the process of change. His hands show he is more like this in the younger days.
    Regarding J Krishnamurti, I do not have a sufficient number of pictures of his hands.

    1. Dear Nita,

      I can email you relevant pictures of his palms if you want.

    2. Yes you can. But just his hand photos will not do. I need the hands with the person because I need to be sure that the hand photos are his.


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