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Madhuri Dixit - sweet and determined!

Madhuri Dixit smiling
Madhuri Dixit reached the top in Bollywood and then about two decades ago gave it up temporarily to lead a family life. She has always been known as not just one of the most beautiful actors in the Hindi film industry but also one of the most talented. She is in her fifties now, but is still quite active in her profession. Curiosity about her never wanes and this hand reading has been much delayed.

Her hand is not too much of a surprise. Madhuri has long fingers, a slightly longish palm with slim slightly pointy finger tips. The thumb is long with a long first phalange and the lines too are long, uniquely so. The headline is joined considerably with the lifeline and goes across the hand, sloping a little. The heart line too is long, crossing the Jupiter mount and going to the edge of hand. The lifeline is long too, reaching the base of the hand and the fateline commences at the base of the hand and reaches the Saturn mount.

Her hands reveals a personality which is idealistic and impressionable. She is a person who has strong ethics in life, knows who she is, and is likely to stick to her principles even if not all that practical. Yes, this can mean losing out

on some valuable opportunities, in her life and in her career, but for her there would be no regrets. She is clear about what she wants. She is attached to her beliefs and would go to any lengths to keep them.

You can check out her hand photo.

Besides this, her hands show the kind of character which is demure, unassuming, empathetic and sensitive with intense feelings. She likes harmony, love, and peace and is a non-confrontationist type of person. She is also more introverted than extroverted. Maybe that is why her hand also shows incredible diplomacy. Madhuri Dixit is sweet-spoken, cautious and not very aggressive. 

By now the reader must be wondering how such a person can be successful at all, especially in a career like acting. Not pushy or bold or cunning? How did the dhak-dhak girl, the woman who reached the pinnacle of her career in Bollywood, make it?

Her hand tells us how. Sweet and sensitive she may be, a lover of peace and harmony she may be, but at heart, she is a woman of steel. She is very determined inside, with her head firmly on her shoulders, with awesome self-control, discipline and willpower. Some might even call it a hardness but Madhuri is not hard, she is simply very clear about what she wants and not the kind to compromise. 

And she has something else – a drive towards a specific goal and the consistency and determination to stick to her goal.

It is well known that she started learning to dance when she was still a small child and went on to become a trained Kathak dancer. Her dancing and acting in plays was why she got her first film role. She was spotted by someone working for a film production company…so yes, Madhuri did this all on her own, without knowing anyone. She did this by the dint of her merit.

Her hand shows that she came to an understanding of herself and what she wanted early in life which is evident in the strong, deep and long unbroken lines. It is almost as if the direction of her life was defined early and the early bird tends to win!

Everyone knows about Madhuri’s beauty and grace, her great skills as a dancer and actor. What they probably don’t know is that it didn’t come easy. She has always been focussed, hardworking and goal-oriented. She is one of the few people in Bollywood who made it because of just merit, not because of any important connections, nor because of a flamboyant or manipulative nature. 

Madhuri Dixit is the opposite of one would call a "diva." She has always thought of herself as a professional actor, not a star. She has too much common sense to think of herself as anything else. 

The way Madhuri is, she knows what she is doing and she knows exactly what she can give up and what she can’t. She is the kind of person who would see her life as a set path, and would tend to follow in that direction. 

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Photo credits: Bollywood Hungama, CC BY 3.0,via Wikimedia Commons


  1. I just finished watching her latest series on Netflix Fame Game and she is still as beautiful and talented as ever. Another awesome palm reading, Nita. Even if it was delayed it was well worth the wait.


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