Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Michael Jackson's hands reveal his strengths and weaknesses

I am a fan of Michael Jackson. However, it’s difficult for me to separate the work of a person with his persona and I had become disenchanted with Michael after reading what he had been accused of. Being a handreader I knew I could always search the net for Michael’s hand and try and find out if he was all that people said he was, but I didn’t want to do it. I liked his music too much and was afraid of what I would see.

I did it though, and you can check out a hand photo of his here.  I read Michael's hand from the shape of it mostly, although the lines (which are visible in some photos) helped clarify and confirm and in one case gave a clue to his poor health and the danger to his life in the future. This was something he could have rectified if he had known it.

The hand reading of Michael Jackson
At first glance Michael’s hand does not look completely balanced. This despite the fact that he has good evenly placed fingers with either square or slightly conical tips, which on the face of it show a balanced personality. The problem is that his thumb is not an ideal one and his lower mount of moon is too prominent.

The size and shape of the thumb tells you the kind of will a person has. And the placement tells you what this will be used for. Michael’s thumb tells us
that he had too much will, in other words he was stubborn, almost pig headed. Unfortunately his will was not always backed by reason, despite Michael being very intelligent. Worse, he did not show much diplomacy when it came to expressing his point of view. This made it difficult to work with Michael, because his hand shows that if he had an idea he wanted to execute it whether anyone agreed or not.

Michael was also very individualistic, had original ideas and liked to do his own thing. This is evident from the placement of Jupiter finger. Quite a few people have this sign but in Michael it assumes significance because he is likely to actually do what he wants, overriding all opposition.

The double head line
Although Michael was intelligent, he was not always ready to listen to reason. This is evident from the phalanges of his thumb. His will was greater than his reasoning abilities.
All this despite Michael's head line, rather two head lines. Possessing two head lines is rare and it shows that Michael was very intelligent, almost brilliant, and was also full of ideas. However, the lines are a little too fine, and do not go with his rather fleshy hand. His head lines should have been more deeply etched, and that would have given him the mental stamina that he needed. Unfortunately, just intelligence is never enough.

The double head line is also supposed to denote a double personality.

But why was Michael so bent on doing things his own way? Did he develop this behavior because of his success?

Inherited qualities
Not really. This trait of his (stubbornness) was in his genes, but he never really had a chance to rectify this flaw in his character. Put a willful and strong headed person in an environment where he is bullied and the person tends to dig his heels in. The stubbornness increases. That is what must have happened with Michael. News reports seem to suggest that he had a domineering father.

Michael was right handed which means that his right hand showed his current thinking and his left hand his past, or rather what he had inherited. The difference between the two hands gives a clue to Michael’s inherited qualities and how they changed over the years.

Michael’s willful nature did soften a little over the years, although not enough. In fact his hands show that most of the changes in his character were positive ones. For one thing, his creative talent which can be seen from his Mount of Moon increased. True, he was born with talent, but this was an average talent which blossomed into something much greater. This can happen only due to his own hard work. His talent was not handed to him on a platter by his genes.

The Mount of Venus on his hand shows that Michael was born with a sensuous nature, and this is not a good sign. Luckily, his sensuousness reduced as he grew older.

However there is one trait of his which worsened over the years. His Lower Mount of Moon shows that his imagination often took him on a course that was unpleasant, even morbid. The high development of this mount on his right hand shows morbid thinking. This could be his feelings about people, hatred and suspicion, and also his tendency to imagine the worst. This trait was strongly etched in his character in adulthood and it would make it easy for him to dismiss another’s ideas. It would push him away from other people. And it would draw him to those who agreed with him.

Was he all that he was accused of?
People might ask, was he child molester? Frankly, there is nothing in his hands to say that he was, or even that he was not. He had a sensuous nature (reduced and controlled) and he was headstrong. Also, he found it difficult to get along with other people. People who find it difficult to get along can get very lonely and it is not surprising that he preferred the company of children. The question is, what sort of a love was there between him and the children?

Whatever it was, it is very clear is that Michael was incapable of hurting any human being deliberately. In fact Michael had a very large heart, a lot of compassion for human beings and he was the kind of person who would be shocked if he was accused of hurting anyone as it was never his intention. He always believed he was helping someone or doing good. In this respect he was a little naïve.

Other qualities
Michael had a lot of other good qualities. He was quick on the uptake, had a curious inquiring mind, he was graceful, skilful and intuitive. He was straightforward and fairly open. He liked mental pursuits, and as his Ring of Jupiter shows, had a liking for the occult. No wonder there are so many hand images of his available on the internet.

He had very good taste, and was drawn towards the Arts. He did not care too much for money. Rather, money to him was only what it could buy, not money for money’s sake.

Why the death from an overdose of drugs?
One of the signs that could help explain his drug abuse is the last phalange of his finger of Jupiter. It shows excess in fulfilling of one’s physical needs. For some people it could mean over-eating, for some it could mean drinking too much, and it is clear that in Michael’s case it was drugs. In Michael’s hands this phalange needs to be compared with other bottom phalanges. Two of his other bottom phalanges are on the thinner side which means that the significance of the thicker phalanges increases.
His last phalange is not long however, and this means that he could have controlled his dependence on drugs, if he had wanted to. He had the will to do it.

Was Micheal Jackson doomed from the start?
Not at all. His life could have changed if he had changed the path he had taken. No one is ever doomed and nor was Michael. In fact Michael had all the advantages that someone else may not have. He had the intelligence to put his life back on the path, and he had a strong will too. If only he had managed to keep the right people about him. He needed the emotional support, like any human being does. But he was too untrusting.

Michael’s ring of Jupiter and the conic tip of his thumb shows that he was impressionable and interested in new things and new ideas. This made him susceptible to new influences and increased his impressionability.

Was his death shown on his hand?
As I have mentioned earlier, death cannot be predicted with any certainty. But both of Michael's hands show a disturbance on his life line in middle age (readers can google his hand and check this out. I cannot put the images here as they are copyrighted) and if Michael had shown me his hands I would have told him plainly that middle age was the age to look out for. It would have been possible to warn him that there was something that he was doing that was affecting his health. This sign on his Life Line must have been on his hands for years before anything really happened. But then it is always difficult to help people who don’t want help.

One cannot help but admire Michael's mental and creative abilities and passion for his work. This is one man who could have kept audiences happy till he was 80 years old, his talent would never have died. He would have kept re-inventing himself, he was an ideas man. Unfortunately he ruined his health.

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  1. Ha that does add clarity to what I knew about him... probably the only song of which I really loved was heal the world :)

    Mamata must be interesting :D

  2. Excellent article! But his appearence in no way resembled a prescription addict in the latter years of his life. However,, I'm inclined to believe he never really recoved from his 1993 addiction. Which(in my opinion) climaxed once again around the turn of the Millenium.

    I firmly believe by the time of the trial, he straightened out his life and became free of drugs. The night of his death, Michael just asked for something to help him sleep and Dr. Murry(hired by AEG) foolishly shot him up with Benzodizapines(not reccomended for sleep). Then decides to put him under with an anasthetic.

    Here Michael wanted to go all-natural and this doctor screws up. Perhaps Michael had a small part in his death. But I really feel it was acidental(not stubburn carelessness).

  3. Vishesh, yeah I guess that was a great song. About Mamata, I am looking at her hand now, and not only is it interesting, it just shows how different politicians are from each other!

    Michael Jackson Beat, well, it's really difficult to say what was actually going on with his life. The very fact that he had a doctor give him some drug or the other to sleep means that he was certainly having some problems

  4. Michael Jackson's hands weren't always fleshy. That either happened with age or from the effects of prescription drugs. If you look at pictures from earlier eras, his hands are always slender and delicate in appearance. Their appearance starts deteriorating after his addiction. I don't know if that makes a difference in the reading.

    Also, I don't know if I agree with you about his having just an "average" talent. All his brothers were put through the rigors of hard work at an early age, yet he clearly outshone them all. His voice he had since he was a child, barely out of his diapers; it was something that he was just born with. Also, if you look at earlier footage of him with the Jackson 5 (before Motown), he has this precociousness about him now just in his soulful voice, but in his knowledge of how to work the crowd and really get it going. It's truly amazing.

    Anyway, thanks for reading. Enjoyed it. Cemented a lot of what I suspected. :)

  5. Anonymous, yes I noticed the change but according to me unless there is a swelling (which would not necessarily affect only his hands unless his hands were injured in some way) then the fleshiness of the hand is a palmistry indicator. I do not know of any medical condition where only the palm of the hand swells and that too certain mounts. The fleshiness is due to the increase in the size of the mounts.
    I know people whose thumbs have grown in adulthood!
    About what you said about Michael's talent, that was on my mind too. That is is the problem with reading hands of people whom one knows of and believes something about. However I saw it in his hand and so wrote it. I think the palm is right. You see, talent is relative, but I have not compared his talent to that of this brothers. I have compared it to his own talent at a later age. Relatively speaking he improved greatly on the talent that he was born with. It is perfectly possible that he was born with more talent than his brothers. In fact I am sure he was. I also suspect he was born with something more, his strong will and determination and his desire to succeed independently of his family.
    Thanks for ocmmenting Anonymous. I really enjoyed reading and answering your comment.

  6. Although I did recognize what enormous talent he had and how it impacted the music world, I was never a Micheal Jackson fan.

    I've never even read a book about palmistry but it's always been in the back of my mind to do so. I am delighted to find that you were and are a skilled practitioner. I'm also amazed by how much a skilled person like yourself can determine from examining a palm.

    U have enjoyed my visit to your fascinating blog so I'll be coming back to read more of what you publish here.


  7. Thank you TT. You are one of my favourite bloggers and it goes way back to three years ago when I just started blogging. :) I look forward to your visits here.
    And it's amazing isn't it, how much we can know from the hand. I think of our hands as a map of the brain, even our subsconscious mind writes here.

  8. i am sorry , i already asked to write a palmistry article for mj on other page, as i didnt know you have already written. but i dont mind much mentioned here in this article.
    as famous artist cheiro says having the ring of solomon (of jupiter) enables person to develope the skills that would be dazzling and astonishing to other people and it's a very good sign to have. no wonder mj had invented many dancing steps that nobody ever imagined before and his singing style was also unique. and cheiro also says that having two head lines means two dual personalities + great riches through your brain work. this completely goes with mj as he was like a wild animal full of masculine energy on the stage and off the stage he was pretty feminine and modest. he had a deep cross on his sun line indicating the phase of infamy which he obviously dealt with. though what i dont understant is his sun line stops at the heart line and doestn go beyond that it means he is entilted to have fame and name quite latter in his life almost after 50 but he was famous since the age of 9. is it due to his solomon ring.
    and i dont think the images available on youtube of mj's hand are not good. you can type 'michael jackson hand palmisty' and you get 12 videos on it showing every possible closeups of his hand.
    by the way , good work, keep up.

  9. Krunal, I don't follow Cheiro (although I do admire his work and the fame he brought to palmistry) and in fact do not agree with a lot of his analysis.
    Also I do not believe that the solomon ring denotes fame.
    And yes I have seen a fair amount of close ups of MJ's hand and in them its pretty clear that his Sun Line does not stop at the heart line although there seems to be a break around the age of 45.
    Thanks for your visit and response Krunal.

  10. well, i want to get into palmistry and dont know which palmist i should follow. though i have read a book by cheiro and i was pretty much impressed. i just want to ask u a couple of que.
    1. he says that a good fate line unaccompanied by a sun line just simply means that the person might not make any name or fame, his life would just be ordinary. he will have enough money and resources but not fame.

    2. how do you decide ages on heart lines and sunline. what kind of sunline denotes early success and fame? (i know the age concept for life line and head line)

    3. what does a line stemming from fate line heading toward the mount of mercury which cuts the line of head (and in some cases the line of heart as well) mean.?

    4.cheiro said that having a fate line without any branches on it, which traces it's lonely path towards the mount of saturn must never be oonsidered a good fate line. (emphasis on branches)
    thanks in advance, good work, keep up.

  11. Krunal, I do not agree with cheiro in your point 1.
    About point 2, if (and this is where you need practice to decide) the heart and head lines are normally placed then the place where the fate and sun lines touch the head line is around 30 and where they touch the heart line is around 45. Cheiro does not say this though. A normal Heart Line starts at the base of the finger and that is age 1. This is somewhere near the jupiter finger.
    About point 3 I cannot answer as I already mentioned to you in an email I do not read signs in isolation. The whole hand has to be taken into consideration.
    About point 4 I think what Cheiro said is not true.
    I read hands from my own experiences of 30 years and there are many things which Cheiro said which I think are inaccurate.

  12. Prince recently passed, could you do a reading of him? Thanks!

    1. yes of course I will keep him in mind. Need to get hand photos...I need at least a dozen palm and hand photos before I can proceed.


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