Thursday, November 17, 2011

Richard Stallman's psychological make-up

Richard Stallman photo
People hold extreme views for a variety of reasons and palmistry can reveal why they think that way. People are often suspicious of radicals, especially of their motives. Are these people genuine or simply trying to attract attention or manipulating the public in some manner? Are they kooks of some kind? The hands can unmask a person's character quite well.

The dominant aspects of Richard Stallman's hands are the well-developed mounts of Moon and Venus, although Moon appears to be stronger. These developed mounts overshadow other mounts considerably, and this can create a lack of balance. The Saturn (middle) finger is a
little bent too and the heartline, though long is low-set and the first phalanges are long and the slightly short fingers have conic tips. He has a long thumb, a little thick, held a little close to the hand. The lines are not as deep as they should be for the size of his palm.

All these signs mean an imagination developed to an intense degree, along with cynicism, although he does care about people. 

However, it can mean over-sensitiveness and when combined with a strongly developed imagination, it does not bode well. Such people, because of their imagination, could get hurt over minor slights, not because they have a big ego, but because they believe they are being attacked. They tend to see things from their own perspective and they are basically loners at heart. Their imagination can also increase their sense of dissatisfaction with life, and being suspicious of people is often the result. Such people tend to stir things up, but they are not evil.

Take a look at Stallman's hand here and here.

(Richard Stallman is an American software freedom activist and the founder of free software. The photo published above is a free photo.)

The flip side of Richard Stallman's persona is that he is ruled by the head and is likely to feel acutely for the underdog. However, Stallman’s compassion is more cold than warm. He is not a Mother Teresa because his compassion is more conceptual and intellectual, rather than it being true warmth. Idealism and self-righteousness are present in good amounts. So there is no doubt that Stallman is genuine, with a real concern for those whom he believes are being exploited. That is where it all stems from.

He is also a doer; determined and action-oriented but there isn't a strong enough outlet for his strong creative mental energy/talent and restlessness, and this again affects the balance of personality. Diplomacy is not his strong point.

Stallman is straightforward and honest, but he is not above manipulation. He is however not an open person and this is a trait that does not sit well with any social activist.

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  1. I was actually thinking, I have heard this name somewhere... Of course, he is the open source guru and the convener of FSF concept!

    Wonder how his hands show certain negative traits. We always have associated the OSS and FSF as movements, not as just concepts! Maybe one needs such super-delusion to bring about/ establish the Open Source concepts?

    I will write an article on the life, ideas and principles of RS in my blog shortly. Thank you for the inspiration...

    Destination Infinity

  2. DI, that is a very good observation! I think that people who invent new ideas or products are often obsessive and this is one of the reasons they achieve what they do.

  3. His hand also shows that he is a doer, he is not just a thinker. However his compassion is conceptual and self-righteous and idealistic.

  4. Nita,

    I truly enjoy the analysis you have on people's hands.

    While I was reading today, I remembered a friend in school who broke his arm while we were playing basketball.

    It took a little more than 3 months for the cast to be removed because I think it was a big or bad break. After the cast was removed it took another few months of rehab before he used his hand fully because of the long time in the cast.

    During this time he had to use his left hand in everything including homework, eating, etc.

    In the end, he is now left handed and is using the left hand in everything as the dominant hand. Before he was right handed.

    My question is, in cases like this, what happens to the readings? From what I understand, you mentioned it is the dominant hand for the new, and passive hand for the past.

    Does this signal a switch or a life turning event? And do the hands adapt?

    Hope you can explain what happens.

  5. Hi Joe, sorry for not replying or publishing your comment earlier. Oddly, it had gone into the spam box. Yours is a very interesting question and it seems to be an unusual case. I do not know the answer but examining the hands of this person, and speaking to him about his current and past qualities will reveal to me the answer. If this person is your friend ask him to send me his hand photos and I will examine them for free. Thanks.

  6. Nita,
    I knew Dr.RS since 1991, and am somewhat familiar with his work and views. Your analysis is interesting.

    But do you have any update on Joe's friend ?


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