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Hand analysis of Lal Krishna Advani

It is difficult to get hold of the hand prints of famous people but their hands are often widely photographed, particularly at rallies. Although the lines are not clearly visible, the shape of the hand and fingers are, and they can reveal something about the personality. In this case, about the personality of Lal Krishna Advani.

Without being able to read the lines clearly, I cannot and therefore this reading is a brief one about his character traits.

A warm person at heart
Advani's innate nature is warm and sympathetic, which is evident from Mount of Venus. However, these qualities are seen more often by the few who are close to him. The placement of his fingers and heart line show that to others he can be hard to approach and even arrogant, and it is likely that this trait
has strengthened over the years, probably due to his powerful position as the leader of the opposition party. He has also become rather manipulative, again a developed trait.

He does not like formality or rules. The shape of the thumb and it's phalanges tell a lot about a person, and so it is with Advani. It shows that he is not a rigid person. Not only is he amenable to reason, he can be flexible in his decision-making and in fact tends to be influenced by others. At times his ability to get influenced can go against his own logic and reasoning, which he has plenty of. He has willpower and the ability to command others.

Check out his hand photo here.

A good politician
Advaniji's fingers and thumb shows something else. That he is secretive and will not let his innermost thoughts be visible to anyone. Often others may not know what he really thinks. These are good traits for a politician, but Advani is also impulsive and that is certainly not a good thing.

The strong Mount of Jupiter and its finger phalanges make it clear that he is ambitious and religious. His religiosity is high-minded and borders on idealism. He has very strong desire for status and is not afraid of taking risks to achieve his ambition. All these traits have helped him become the leader of the opposition party, a party which has based its ideology on religion.

His Mercury and Saturn fingers, both show good development, and reveal that he is very shrewd, although not always tactful and has a good power of expression. He is a good judge of people.

His developed Sun finger tells us that he is a great showman, and can be very persuasive. He does not harbour grudges, and can get along with different types of people.

Other personality traits
He has a good headline and it is not surprising that he studied law. He would have made an excellent money-making lawyer if he had taken up the profession as he has the ability to see two sides of the coin, has good analytical ability, good interpersonal skills, a logical thinking ability as well as good speaking and writing skills.

Advani's heart line shows that he has a tendency to be emotional and when he was younger was probably very easily moved. This tendency of his has reduced, but not altogether gone.

His Moon and Venus combined show that he has a good imagination and is fond of music and can perhaps play some instrument. Maybe he did so in the past.

His own nature is a cautious one and I wonder if this is which leads him to be influenced, making him give more importance to another (trusted) person’s views than his own. Actually, he should trust his own judgment, as he has a good head on his shoulders and has superior reasoning ability.

He is straightforward, trustworthy and dependable. He is an honest man.
He is well balanced mentally, even in his old age.

A little difficult
He is sensitive to his surroundings. At times little things can annoy and hurt him due to this trait.

Even though he seems genial, he often takes a negative approach to things and can be suspicious of people as can be seen from his Saturn finger. This can make him difficult to live with. And then there is his arrogance which makes him difficult to approach, and manipulative and cunning behaviour as well.

Lacks the ability to be a true leader
But now to his worst trait, a trait that casts a shadow on his other good points. His slightly high placed thumb and longish hand show innate selfishness. He will sacrifice the interests of others to achieve his own ambitions. That is the only thing that comes in the way of him becoming a truly great leader. It’s almost as if he is on just one track, and that track is himself.

(Note: This reading has been made from some images of Advani's hand that I got from the internet. I have never met him and never seen his hand in person.

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