Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hand Reading of Akhilesh Yadav

Akhilesh Yadav, the present Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh in India, will play an important role in national politics in the years to come. His hand shows concentration, focus and ambition. His personality is shrewd, and practical, if a little materialistic. He is also very manipulative. If Akhilesh has a fault it is his intensely
controlling and manipulative nature, and a great desire for power. However he has the leadership ability to back it up. Check out an image of his hand here.

All this is evident from the shape of his hand, fingers and thumb, and also whatever little can be seen of his Headline from the pictures. He may not be an intellectual, but in politics you don’t need to be. Savvy, shrewd and articulate, with the ability to lead people is good. Materialism and a love for the good life is shown, but hopefully he will keep this side of him in balance.

The mount development on Akhilesh’s hand shows him to possess a good balance of the right qualities. Although overall all of the mounts appear to be well developed, his Jupiter and Venus mounts are more prominent, alongwith Mercury and to a lesser extent that of Moon. The Mars mounts are developed in moderation, more so the Plain of Mars. All these signs mean that Akhilesh is at heart a good human being, with warmth and a basic love for people. Good qualities for a politician to possess.

Akhilesh also has mental strength, sufficient levels of aggression, and is likely to be calm and focused in a crises. An excellent quality for a leader. He will not back down easily, and can stand his ground. He will be able to make tough decisions.

What he has to be wary of is a certain stubbornness which could develop as he grows older (pigheadedness is a prominent quality on his father’s hand) but the way Akhilesh is today, he is not like that. Flexibility and reasonableness is shown.

Akhilesh's hand shows that at the start of his life he led a protected life, and was shy. The change started in his twenties, but his Headline becomes stable only as he nears 40. Without seeing his hand properly I cannot say what caused this disturbance on the Headline and how it affected his personality, but what is clear from his hand is that his hand shows long-term success.

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  1. Interesting...the guy has potential, at least much more than Rahul Gandhi.

    He's also displayed a certain maturity - thus far!

  2. I don't know too much about him, but he appears to be a sensible sort. Lets see how he manages the future. If he plays his cards right, he can go places. And as for Rahul Gandhi, Rahul can never be a leader even if he is thrust into the seat like his mom is trying to do. Oh yes, akhilesh yadav is in a entirely different league!

  3. Let's hope more youngsters like him rise up to the top. India needs some young blood at the management ranks. Is it possible that he becomes like his father after 20-30 years?

    Destination Infinity

  4. DI, that is a terrifying thought, him becoming like his father! I certainly hope not!

    sm, thanks.

  5. Do Dimple's hands too ... Ive always been fascinated whether she will be a mere puppet and play the dutiful daughter-in-law or if she has some individual spunk to make the most of her political victory

  6. Smita, I need several hand photos before I can read a hand. Perhaps in the future I might be able to get some.


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