Friday, September 20, 2013

Paulo Coelho's hand reading

Paulo Coelho pic
Paulo Coelho is famous all over the world for his novel – The Alchemist. He has 28 other books to his credit. He was also committed to an insane asylum by his parents but later managed to get out. Some people consider him their spiritual guru. One would think he is quite an intriguing personality, complex in fact!

His hands show a heavy development of mounts, short, straight, plump and flexible fingers with square tips, a very large thumb with a well-developed and supple top phalange, and good knots on the back of the hands. The thumb is also thick. The mounts of his hands which are the most developed are the Venus, Jupiter and Moon mounts. These mounts are excessively developed. The Jupiter (index) finger appears to be pointed. Knots are developed heavily.

Unfortunately, not much of the headline on his hand is visible and therefore one has to rely solely on the shape of the hands and fingers to get a glimpse into his personality. It was disappointing to be unable to check the headline on the hands of an intellectual.

Oddly enough, the shape of his hands and fingers does not show him to be an intellectual. What it does show is that Paulo Coelho is a highly imaginative, idealistic and creative man who is quick thinking and impulsive and likes the good life. He has his passions and his creativity is of the practical, not intellectual or esoteric type. His hands reveal him to be a person with pragmatic views who is guided by the head and someone who is far from religious or superstitious. He is not a spiritual man in the sense of the term "ascetic" but certainly, deep philosophical thinking is shown on this hand as also original thinking. There is considerable organisation of thought and thinking ability, and these qualities would go to make him a good author.

Check out a hand photograph of his here.

He also tends to be volatile, in addition to his imaginative mind, and emotions can play havoc with him. He can also be tempted by the pleasures of the flesh and impulsiveness can become an issue. This is very unlike what one expects from someone spiritual. Some stubbornness and unreasonableness is also shown on his hand. He is not diplomatic. 

His strong willpower cannot be called a flaw in his personality, but at times this dogged determination can become a fault as it could turn him into someone who is a bully. This trait, along with Coelho’s pragmatic and no-nonsense nature, could result in his rubbing people the wrong way. However, he has the best of intentions, and genuine warmth and liking for people. He is a straightforward man with an affectionate and forgiving nature.

If I had not known who this hand belonged to, I would not have been able to guess that it belonged to a famous writer or intellectual or a spiritual man. This just goes to show that writers and gurus all come bundled up in different personalities! 

I would have thought that this hand belonged to a forceful personality man but could not have guessed the direction in which he would strive to achieve success. I would have ruled out business success as those skills are not shown on his hand. The only thing one could have said with certainty is that this hand belongs to a creative man, a quick-thinking, mentally organised, and determined person.

(Paulo Coelho is a  Brazilian writer)

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Photo credit: Ricardo Stuckert/PR, CC BY 3.0 BR, via Wikimedia Commons


  1. He is a good story-teller, but I am not buying his intellectual arguments. I read one book of his and I was not very impressed with his philosophy.

    Destination Infinity

  2. Can you post Palmsitry of Srila Prabhupada, the famous Acharya who spread Vaishnavism all over the world?

  3. If I get the proper photos then certainly I can. I will check if they are available.


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