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Bal Thackeray's hands tell us about his character

Balasaheb Thackeray* had some very good qualities, as revealed by his hand. He had genuine ideals and beliefs. He was high-minded, righteous, and an honourable man. He had ethics, strong beliefs, and was probably religious. He was always like this, from a young age. It was probably because of these very traits that people were drawn to him. He had the ability to inspire people, and it is likely that over the years he developed leadership qualities as well. He was not born a strong leader, as is evident from
the comparison of both his hands. The left hand shows the inherited qualities while the right hand shows his current state of mind or who one becomes due to a mix of genetic traits and the influence of the environment. The thumb on Thackeray’s right hand was long, and the first and second phalanges of the thumb were balanced, which means neither was too long. 

The quadrangle (the space between the head and heart lines) is large even though the hand is long with a fairly narrow palm and long fingers. His fingers are tapering, almost conic, with dominant first and third phalanges. Although his Apollo (ring) finger seems dominant, the Jupiter (index) finger is good as well, even if a little low-set and slightly bent. The Moon mount and both Upper and Lower Mars dominate his palm but the Venus mount is oddly under-developed.

The heartline on his hand is forked, and ending on the Jupiter mount. 

You can see a photo of his hand here.

All these hand features tell us that Thackeray developed the ability to lead and control others, and possessed a good mix of reasonableness and a strong will. Such people have the ability to see another point of view and listen to others and carry people along with them, but at the same time can be very firm and are able to bend people to their will. He had the ability to manipulate and control others.
Bal Thackeray

He was a thoughtful and dignified man, with great attention to detail. He took his time in coming to decisions and tried his best to be fair, but unfortunately, he was not too broad-minded and often unable to grasp the complete picture.

Bal Thackeray is a known right-winger and his hand bears this out. His hand shows strong and intense ideals, and a tendency to see issues subjectively. Such views would affect not just his work life, but his personal life as well. There would be a tendency to view the world and also family, from his own point of view, possibly a selfish point of view. Although, very helpful generally, and with a good heart, he lacked the warmth of personality towards humankind in general and it is possible that he lacked empathy as well. He was secretive and suspicious by nature and the type who would be very selective about those he loved and trusted. 

However, as mentioned he had a good heart, and was capable of immense generosity, and he would do a lot for others, even if they were not his near and dear ones.

He is likely to be sensitive, even touchy, particularly about small things. He could very likely imagine the worst of people.

Yes, he always wanted fame and name but not to an extreme. There is no doubt that he was a thinker, and an intellectual.

Bal Thackeray was a fighter, not in the sense of physical aggression, but someone who would stick to his stand no matter what. He had staying power but he was not a stubborn man. He could be reasonable and probably that is why his hardline views softened in old age.

Thackeray once expressed his admiration for Hitler. From their hands, there is nothing that Thackeray had in common with Hitler, except perhaps an unwavering and idealistic belief in a cause. Their methods were different and their dispositions were very very different. Thackeray seemed to believe that Hitler had some artistic sense, but Hitler's hand tells us otherwise, that is was all very superficial and shallow. And of course Hitler was completely insane. Thankfully, Bal Thackeray was not.

*(Bal Thackeray [1926-2012] was the founder and chief of the Shiv Sena, a right-wing political party based in Maharashtra. The small black and white photograph published here is from his website.)

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(Photo credit: Free photo by Bollywood Hungama)


  1. Good analysis Nita. Request you to read Hand of Raj thakeray as well. I think he would make an interesting reading.

  2. Thanks Anonymous. And yes, you are right. Raj Thackeray is surely a very interesting subject. I will read his hands sometime in the future.

  3. Have they done any good? I mean the shiv sena?

  4. Yes ofcourse they have because they have been ruling the Mumbai municipal corporation for some time now. For example about 40 flyovers were built during their time, and the mumbai pune expressway which benefited maharashtra. However shiv sena has done a lot of harm too because they have been responsible for a lot of violence. I think they have done more harm than good. Any organisation with extreme views does tend to use extreme methods if their goals are not achieved.


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