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The shy Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria line drawing sad
Queen Victoria ruled the UK and Ireland for 63 years, from 1838 to 1901. She was a notable monarch not only because of her long reign but also because plenty of changes took place in the country during her time – industrial, political and scientific. She also had the title of the Empress of India. 

It was a pleasant surprise to find a bronze sculpture of her hands on the internet. This hand reading is based on this sculpture on the assumption that it is more or less accurate. You can check out the bronze sculpture here.

Not too many features of the hand are visible, just the major lines and the phalanges and to some extent the length of the fingers and thumb. She had long first phalanges, and a thumb of decent length with a good first (will) phalange and possibly a short Jupiter (index) finger. The headline is sloping and the curve is a balanced one. The heartline is straight and not too long and also without a fork. On the left hand, the heartline is different, more wavy, curvy. The head and lifelines are close together at the start. The lifeline, however, starts to move outwards pretty early.

Overall, the lines seem clear and dark and the Jupiter and Venus mounts are developed. She must have had other minor lines on her hand as well but the sculpture has not captured it. It is a good guess however that these lines were minor, in the sense not as dark as the main lines. 

The information from the hands is limited but even then it gives us a clear idea of who she was. She was a person with deep feelings and an intense attachment to her family even if she was not at all demonstrative or sentimental. In her early years, her hand shows more romanticism but her persona changed to a more distant one. It is known that she changed after her husband’s death, a man whom she was deeply in love with. This can be seen in the difference between her left (passive) and right (active) hands. The passive hand tells us about the inherited and subconscious self, while the active hand is all about the current self.

There is some doubt as to whether she was left-handed (which then would make her left hand the active hand) because she painted with her left hand. However, she wrote with her right and therefore she can be said to be right-handed. However, it is likely that the qualities shown by her passive hand were not so deeply buried under the surface as they are for most people. 

Queen Victoria's hands do not show that she was highly intelligent but her hand shows her intellectualism. From what we know of her she was something of an artist.

Despite her being queen, she was shy, cautious and under-confident, but she had a clear mind. Her strict and lonely childhood probably enhanced her insecurities and sowed the seeds of her distant disposition.

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(Free Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay)


  1. Hi Nita. Really wish you had a palm pic as you could decipher the minor lines as well.

    I have a question. Won't most royals have attached head and life lines and sloping head lines at least on their passive hands showing a friendly environment as someone once said years ago that people who have sloping head lines on their passive hands come from at least a financially stable background as they can develop this creative persona only when the environment is stable.

    1. I have never heard of this, about sloping lines meaning what you say. Frankly I wouldn't go by it. Also, there is no fixed temperament for royals. The passive hand shows inherited tendencies and these can come from anywhere. Also, I do not think royals are necessarily in a friendly environment. There are high expectations and it can affect their mind.

    2. Oh ok thanks for clarifying that, Nita. Any chance we'll get an Elon Musk palm reading, he's an eccentric type of billionaire, so really wanted to know what personality traits he has. I am pretty sure there are relevant palm pics of his online but as you are an excellent research only you can confirm this. :)

    3. Hmm. Elon Musk is a good idea. I'll check. And if there are satisfactory photos available I'll take him up next. Thanks.

  2. Hello Nita how can I send you a palm of my child he has a very weird horizontal line that starts from mount of moon and almost touches life line and I’m very worried maybe I could protect him from some dangers. I searched for that line and couldn’t find anything. Thank you

    1. Hi Eveline. There are often random lines apart from the main and minor lines and these lines are difficult to read. However, you are welcome to send me a photo of your child's palm and if I am able to discern something, I will surely let you know. My email id is blog(dot)nita(at)gmail(dot)com.


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