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Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum
HH Sheikh Hamdan is the Crown Prince of Dubai and is popularly known as Fazza.

Reading hands of royalty is fascinating as the environment tends to change them, resulting in some differences in their left and right hands. The active hand reveals the current active personality while the other hand shows the subconscious/inherited qualities. 

Royals usually lead a life of luxury and don’t need to earn their living and this can change who they are. That is just one aspect of it. The second aspect is that royals generally get adulation from their people, more so if they are attractive, well-turned-out and active in social projects. Thus their primary motivation is different from that of the average person. 

Does this mean that the current personality changes for the worse? Not necessarily, because it depends on what characteristics they are born with and the kind of environment they are brought up in. A loving, caring environment can assuage some negative qualities. Also, exposure to intellectual activities can help expand their horizon and their mind.

In the case of Sheikh Hamdan al Maktoum, the crown prince of Dubai, the right and left hands expectedly differ.

In his case, his left hand is the active hand and thus his right hand is the passive hand, and will show the inherited or subconscious qualities. This reading will be a limited one, as there are very few photos of his left hand available. 

You can check out a photo of his hands here.

His hand shape is excellent, to begin with. A large hand, broad palm, long shapely fingers with distinct knots at the back of his hands and slightly raised pads on the tips of his fingers, of both hands. On his right, inactive hand, his headline is very high, narrowing the quadrangle and his index finger is a little bent. The heartline is either broken or short, difficult to say which. What is clear however is that it's sloping a little downwards, towards the headline, narrowing the space between the head and heart lines. On the left, active hand, however, the heartline is curving up and it's the headline which is sloping a little downwards. 

There is no doubt that the lines on his left, active hand are more normal, showing a balanced personality. This shows that his upbringing was a positive one, and it helped negate some disadvantages of the inherited personality. 

The first and second phalanges of his fingers are good and the third phalanges are limited in length and thickness. 

Fazza inherited a distant type of personality, and also a very sensitive and possibly more difficult one. Inherited qualities are mostly seen in the teen years. As an adult, his hands show a loving, generous soul with a less materialistic approach to life. It also shows someone who gets along better with people and is able to see their point of view. The diffidence and sensitivity that he inherited is still with him to some extent although it could possibly decrease as he grows older. He would still be the kind of person who would get into the details and be particular about small things.  

If he changed for the better, it is probably because he had the potential to change. Everyone doesn't. This is why hand shape is so important.

He is not a romantic or romantically idealistic sort and never was. He is more giving today, and can be demonstrative, spontaneous and energetic but not always practical. His current self is more comfortable with emotional confrontation than what he was born with. He has developed a kind of diplomacy and ability to talk adroitly to get himself out of sticky situations and these qualities are not seen on his inherited hand. 

His hand shows physical discipline and control but possibly health issues in the latter half of his life.

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(Photo credit: World Economic Forum, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons)

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