Friday, May 3, 2013

Pakistan's Imran Khan

Imran Khan, known to the world as a cricketer, philanthropist, politician is a celebrity of sorts. But who really is Imran Khan, the person?

The overall shape of Imran’s hand is good. It’s large, well-formed, with a good length of fingers (most of them square-tipped and some slightly bent), a broad palm, and a long thumb which is very slightly low-set. What this means that Imran is a good person, broad-thinking and pragmatic, and not too religious. He is also strong-willed, even stubborn.

However, it’s clear from the headline that when it comes to organizational ability and intellect, he is

average, although he is very shrewd. His headline also shows that his greatest weakness is that he is changeable. He does not appear to possess that consistent thinking that is so important in a leader. People who knew him a decade ago would feel he has changed, as would people who meet him a decade from now. Long-term thinking and fixed values is what he would find difficult.

Check out a hand photo of his here and here.

He has the reputation of being a straightforward politician, but his hand does not bear it out. He is not entirely what he seems, and he is a fairly deep person, and would not reveal his deepest feelings to others. In fact, Yousouf Raza Gillani's hand shows him to be a more straightforward person than Imran Khan. This refers to the straightforwardness and genuineness of personality, a personality which is the same inwardly and outwardly and does not refer to being honest or decent, which Imran Khan probably is.

Imran enjoys fame and name, and that is probably why he is interested in politics. There is nothing wrong with that type of motivation. Unless people enjoy being in the public eye, they won't turn to politics. Either it's idealism that attracts a person to politics or it is a desire for fame or both.

His thumb and heartline show some humanitarianism if one compares him to the average person. However, there is a fair amount of cynicism in his personality, not a very good quality for a politician to possess. He would find it difficult to summon a genuine and deep passion for an ideal. Imran's Khan's hand does not show idealism as such. In fact, it shows cynicism. Such politicians could compromise on principles because they feel this is the way of the world.

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(Photo is a free one, in the public domain, taken from the Wikipedia)


  1. Over a decade, everyone changes right? I would be surprised to find someone who has not changed. All my friends have changed, that too drastically!

    Somehow, I have a positive image of this person. Perhaps due to cricket :)

    Destination Infinity

  2. I do not mean those type of changes. I mean changes in values. Values generally do not change. If they do, I would be wary of that person.
    I personally have no opinion of Imran Khan, neither positive nor negative and not being too interested in cricket, do not know much about him.

  3. Mam, his heart and head line have less defrence so I think he is not broad minded and also thumbs show that have not any intellectuality,
    Head line s very thin and bold, also have short head line so he can not think about future or tomorrow

    1. Dear Unknown, It would have been nice if you were not unknown, and you had a name. But anyway, here is my reply:
      The head and heart lines are not close together. The difference is okay and I would say average. You need to take the whole line together. At a certain time period it does rise up, but this is for a short period only, and even then it is not narrowing the gap between the head and heart lines too much.
      Secondly the heart and headlines very close together (which Imran does not have) does not show narrow mindedness. It can at times show health issues, or it can show a difficulty in seeing another point of view, and if the shape of the headline is rigid and long then it can show some set views. Imran has none of these signs in his headline.
      And wherever did you learn that thumbs have anything to do with the intellect?
      Also headline cannot be thin and bold at the same time. He has a normal headline. It is not short by any means. In fact, it is on a longer side, as curved headlines are longer than straight ones.
      Also why do you think that people with short headlines cannot think about the future? For this to be true, the headline has to be very short, till the middle of the middle finger. Such lines are very rare. You might read somewhere that a short headline shows such and such, but the extreme interpretation you have given it only applies if it is actually short. As I said, that is rare, often found in monkeys. And Imran has a longer than average headline.
      Hands are not meant to be read the way you have mentioned. There is a whole range of possibilities, from 1 to 10, for any quality to be read, and rarely do we come across extremes. Besides, every characteristic has to be seen in more than one place on the hand to confirm it.


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