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The Hand Analysis of Bill Gates

As you all know Bill Gates is not your average Joe. He was not born that way either. He was born gifted. Gifted with a fine brain plus the talent to make money. He didn't squander his inheritance. He developed all his good character traits, and more. Some traits developed in him over the years because of the path he chose. The analysis of his hands reveals to us what Gates is all about.

Almost every sign in his hand tells us of his sense of balance. The shape of his hand tells us that he views things in a broad perspective. The way he holds his fingers and thumb emphasizes this sense of balance and tells us that he does not hold extreme views. His excellent finger of Saturn, which is the balance wheel, tells us about his wisdom and prudence, as well as trustworthiness, strong focus, and dependability. The headline confirms the common sense that he has in plenty. And although he thinks brilliantly and independently,
his originality does not make him a maverick. When he takes decisions, he weighs the consequences, even if he goes against advise.

Check out a hand photo of his here.

A creative businessman
He enjoys creating, and also enjoys making money out of it. These are inherited qualities. This is shown not just by the Sun and Mercury finger, but by the middle phalanges of all his fingers. It doesn't matter what profession he had decided to follow, he would have minted money. He has an astute business sense and shrewdness in the judgment of people and situations. This seems to be in his blood, because his left hand shows this trait too. (The writing hand tell us of the current state of mind and the non-writing hand the past)  He is money-minded and economical as well, shown clearly by the third phalanges of Mercury and Saturn. He does spend, but on something he believes is necessary.

Where is philanthropy shown on his hand?
Bill Gates is equally famous for his philanthropy. Surely this quality sits uneasily with such a hard core businessman? Businessmen generally have a ruthless streak, and do not get this involved in social causes. The answer is clearly etched on Gates' hands.

The overall shape of the hands and fingers is the framework of the personality and all signs and lines on the hand are to be read within this framework. The shape of Gates’ hand shows a broad perspective on life to start with, telling us about a person who is not selfish and or narrow-minded. This enables him to see things beyond himself. There are his conic tips on three of the five digits and importantly on the thumb, and they tell us about his strong idealism. This means that whatever talent he has, whatever job he does, he will be guided by the desire to make a difference. He is not one to immerse himself in mundane meaningless tasks however much money it gets him.  As his strong Jupiter shows, he is someone who likes to make a splash, do things that create an impact. He is a thinker, and likes to make grand plans. In other words, he thinks big.

The qualities described above do not necessarily explain the depth of the charity work that he does. But the setting of his thumb does. It shows a certain amount of compassion, generosity, sympathy, and willingness to help others. While helpfulness is there in both his hands, the other qualities are not present as strongly on the left hand. This tells us that this trait has developed in Bill Gates due to his inherent idealism, broadmindedness, intelligence, sensitivity, and one presumes because of his success. His love for people and humanity, shown by the Mount of Venus has also developed.

The sensitive pads on two of his fingers and texture of the palm show his refinement, and a heightened sensitivity to surroundings and to people.

Other qualities
His optimism, shown by his third finger, is quite remarkable. He has an agreeable, happy nature, although underneath this agreeableness and friendliness Bill Gates is very determined, and likes to gets his own way. If he cannot get it by being aggressive (his level of aggression is very high, shown by Mars) he will manipulate and also use his diplomacy, tact and fluency of expression.

The best part is that although he is controlling and competitive, he does not possess the strong domineering and dogmatic streak that some successful people have. In fact, his thumb speaks to us of the flexibility of his will, and his ability to be influenced, not just because he has a strong ability to reason, but because he does not let his ego get in the way.

Although his fingers show that he likes the pleasures of life, they show discipline too.

If one has to sum up, one can say that Bill Gates has one of the best hands out there. It is not often that one comes across such enormous talent, as well as someone who is a balanced human being.

His hand appears to show some health problem, at least in the past, although it's difficult to be sure without studying the lines on the palm closely.

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  1. is there anything about him dropping out of college?

  2. Vishesh, if you mean the degrees he actually managed to get, or how much he studied, this is not possible to see from the hand. What is shown however is studiousness, which means the ability to read and analyse and think, then he has this in plenty, shown very clearly on his hand. Such people often study a great deal, but it is a personality trait that is shown, not the degree. But if you take Gates' other qualities like original thinking, independence of action, ver strong aggression, desire to make money, desire to create, as well as a certain idealism it seems understandable that he became impatient with getting degrees.
    Palmistry is an art, it is about combining the various personality traits and trying to see how an individual will behave. In Bill Gates case, we already know he dropped out (but he was a brilliant student by the way, always) to start a company of his own, but it would be difficult indeed to predict such an outcome from looking at his personality traits. What one would certainly be able to say, without knowing his background, is that this man will carve out his own path.

  3. thanks for the clarification..I can understand the degree part...god it's so boring ;)

  4. what does influence lines mean , mine is going from my life line , cutting fate line , as i have double fate kine ,it cuts both and make a square with them at the end. i think around the age of 45 to 50 .i am 36 right now and happily married.

  5. Anonymous, you say your influence line is going from your life life and cutting the fate line, but unless I am sure it is what you say it is, I cannot comment. One of the most difficult things in palmistry is recognizing the lines for what they are. Chance lines are often mistaken for Influence lines. As for double fate line, it may not be one at all, it could be a parallel influence line or a double life line. Squares are difficult to recognize as what you say could be a meeting of chance lines. Also some lines by themselves have no particular meaning, it depends where the lines are and what their strength is. Palmistry is all about recognizing lines for what they are. Only an experienced palmist can decide what your lines actually are and therefore it is impossible for me to answer your questions unless I see your hand. If you want your hand read please read this post: Thanks for visiting.

  6. If I want my hand to to analyzed can I send it you Nita?? Can you mail me ur mail id...mine is

  7. Balaji, my email id is given on the right sidebar. If you wish your hands analysed, go through this post:
    Thanks and regards.

  8. I want to be rich

  9. The narrow, long palm with long fingers is a Water hand. It is also referred to as the feeling hand often leading to insanity, visions of grandeur. The water type has extended palms and long fingers; the hand regularly appears very narrow overall. The fingers are lean with conic or pointed tips. The hands feel soft and kind of damp.


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