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John Mayer the Musician and Player

John Mayer, a world-famous singer, guitarist, and song-writer, is known not just for his work, but also his numerous love affairs. At forty-six, he is still a player. He insists that he wants to marry, so why doesn’t he?

His hands are large, but not over-large, considering his height, which is almost six feet three. What is remarkable is that his palm is very broad and the thumb quite low-set and long, with a slim second phalange and a strong top phalange. The long, low-set thumb may be ideal for his guitar playing, but such a thumb has a significant meaning, in palmistry. It indicates will power and determination, and leadership qualities, and that’s just for starters!

The Venus, Jupiter and Moon mounts are well developed, but yet, not over-developed. His fingers are a good length, the Mercury (pinky) finger being significantly long, with a conic tip. The other fingers are well balanced with each other in length, and the Saturn (middle) and Jupiter finger is possibly a little bent. The Jupiter (index) finger has a conic tip as well, while the other fingertips are rounded. The third phalanges of his Apollo (ring) and Jupiter fingers are a little thick. The lines on his hand are fairly well-marked, with the headline long and slightly sloping but not too sloping. The heart line is not clearly visible in public photos, but it does seem that it is not as darkly etched underneath the Jupiter finger.

These hand features paint us a picture of who John Mayer is and it

can tell us why he achieved his success, and it can certainly give us an insight into why he isn’t yet married. The hand cannot tell us whether he will marry in the future, but it can tell us whether he wants to. In his head he wants to…that’s what his hand tells us, but his nature is such that even if he falls head over heels, he can cool off equally quickly. His head is always in the lead. Some cynicism is also present, some over-thinking, possibly some bitterness, though he hides it. The hand does not reveal the exact cause of this. There is also significant idealism, although it is not romantic idealism although it could have been present in his earlier days.

Check out a photo of John Mayer's hand.

His hand shows kindness, a basic unselfishness of personality as well as warmth, although there is some vanity as well. He genuinely likes people and he is a charitable person. He likes to be connected to people, whether it is family or friends. He is the kind who will get along with people as he is broadminded, and has the ability to see another point of view. He is also smart, very shrewd, sensible, generous, and cares about people. What is significant is that his hand shows the ability to communicate, and this is not just about language, but also understanding of non-verbal communication, which includes sexual communication. This is probably why he does not too much difficulty in winning someone over. 

He likes his comforts, and is inclined to enjoy luxury. There is immense ambition present, and a natural sense of authority and a desire to be in control of situations and people. His character also shows formidable will-power, focus, determination and self-control. Combined these qualities with talent and his ability to understand money and people, it is not surprising that John Mayer reached the great heights he did.

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Photo credits: John Mayer photo by "Thatcommonkid, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons & man on guitar by Pexels from Pixabay.

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