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Rajnath Singh - Ordinary and yet not so ordinary

It’s always amazing when the hands of people who have risen to the top seem ordinary in so many ways. Ordinary in intellect and ordinary when it comes to true leadership, of the benevolent kind.

Rajnath Singh has good sized hands, large, rectangular palm and short fingers. The Mercury (little) finger is long, as dominant as the Apollo (ring) finger, and the thumb is fairly good and possibly a little stiff. It’s a good length and not set too low or too high, although it is held close to the hand. The Jupiter (index) finger is bent, and low-set which makes it look short. His heart and head lines are

of average length, and the head line fades away in the end. It is also a little high on the hand. The third phalanges seem a little thick, and the first phalanges of the Mercury and Apollo fingers are slim and long. The Lower Moon mount is developed, as are the Jupiter, Mercury mounts, and to some extent, the Venus mount

Rajnath Singh
You can check out Rajnath Singh's hand photos here.

The hand shows a person of average intelligence but a clear thinker with good organizational ability and talent to do very well in whatever he is trained in. Strong determination is also shown. Considering that he was in the RSS from the age of 13, not too much idealism is shown on his hands. He is more the practical sort and likes to get the work done. His hands show that he is active and hardworking and has a strong desire to lead and be in the limelight.

An important personality trait seen on Rajnath Singh’s hands is his communication ability and an uncanny knack of understanding people, and the ability to persuade them. He may not be exactly intellectual, but he is curious and sharp, and there is an extraordinary ability to manipulate people. Maybe crafty would be a good word to use. The hand also shows a person who would do something he wants, even if he knows it's not right, if he believes people are not watching, or if they never find out. Secretive? Definitely.

It's not that he lacks empathy or lacks a heart, or compassion. He has all of this. In fact, he has a way with people, likes them, and cares for them as well. As long as they don't get in his way.

Need one say more? It becomes clear as to why he rose to the heights he did.

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Photo credit: Prime Minister's Office, GODL-India
, via Wikimedia Commons


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