How to send me your hand photographs

You may be interested in How to Read Hands - the methodology behind it. And if that intrigues you, go through What to expect from a private hand reading and you can also read the Testimonial pages to see what clients have written about me. 

In this post, I am going to describe in detail the kind of photographs I need and you can check this page for the photo samples. The photos are to be sent by email.

Overall there are 3 types of photos required.

1) The full hand including the thumb + the thumb photos separately
2) Palm Close-ups
3) Fingerprints – all these of both the hands

1) Full hand photos: One photo of each hand with the fingers and thumb close together (to get the relative length) is required, and also one of each hand with the fingers held in a natural position.

It's best if the hand is upright. These photos should preferably be taken with the hand held upright against a hard surface, like a wall so that the fingers do not bend backwards or forwards. The way one puts up one's hand when one is taking an oath. Think of the hand as a portrait of a face required for a passport photograph.

Photos taken from different angles do not provide the right proportion of the different parts of the hand/fingers.

For the photograph of the hands in a natural position, hand clench your fist and then slowly open up the hand, straightening out the fingers and thumb.
If taking the photos yourself, and if you have some difficulty in holding one hand absolutely vertical, you can always ask someone else to take the photos.

No part of the hand or fingers should be missing from the photograph. In these photos, the full hand needs to be visible, from the base of the palm to the tips of the fingers.

I also need photos of the back of each hand.

Take separate photos of the thumb as the thumb is usually at an angle from the rest of the fingers. Best to take a picture of the thumb directly from the front, so that its shape is visible although the photos of the back of the thumbs are fine if you have short, trimmed nails. Both thumbs are required.

This means two more photos, and till now, about 8 in all, although a few extra is fine.

All of the above photos can be taken with a camera or with a scanner. Use the high-quality settings for the scanner/camera. If you use a scanner you will not have to worry about holding the hand in the vertical position.

You can also check this page to see samples of photos which has the full list (of photo samples) of the type of photos needed:

2) Palm close-ups: Close-up photographs of both palms are required. Please take the full palm. Both sides of the palm need to be visible and also the top (base of fingers) and bottom (end of palm, beginning of wrist). There is no need to send images of the part of the palm.

You can either use a high-resolution camera for this or a high res copy scan. Please check the photo with your own palm to ensure that even the fine lines are clearly visible and that the ends and beginnings of lines are visible. I will not know if a line or a section of it is missing from your hand photo.

Send the images by email. Do not reduce them, and ensure that the setting on the camera or phone camera is set to the best quality. Ensure that photos are not automatically reduced (the iPhone often does this). The photos you send will be large files, so you can send them in batches. You can use if you wish.

You can also use Dropbox. Please do not send rar. files.

That makes it at least 10 photos of the hand, including that of the thumbs, full hand, back of the hand and palm close-ups.

3) Taking fingerprints: The fingertips should face the camera directly as fingerprints look very different from an angle. The pattern can be recognized only if the centre of the fingerprint is seen. Think of the fingertip as a face and the photograph you need like a passport photo. Take the picture directly from the front. Focus on the centre of the fingertip pattern.

Best to take each fingerprint separately or two together because it is rare for all the fingers to be perfectly aligned. Often, a finger will face a little away. Focus exactly in the center of the fingertip pattern.

The thumbprint needs to be done separately. Treat the thumb tip like a face and let it face the camera directly.

If you use a scanner for the fingerprints, ensure that you do not press too hard on the scanner otherwise the fingerprints do not come out well.

Another alternative method to get fingerprints is with a stamp or ink pad (outlined below).

If using a stamp pad do it this way:
Put your finger (it has to be clean and dry) on a stamp pad and press this finger onto a sheet of white paper.. very gently otherwise the fingerprint could be smudged.

Do this several times with the same finger as the first 1-2 impressions may have excess ink. If you press too hard the fingerprint will be smudged. The second and third impressions are often better. Remember the analogy of the passport photograph and think of the fingertip as a human face. The centre of the fingerprint has to be visible.

Angles are not useful nor are prints of the top half of the fingertip.

Do this for all ten fingers.

Please label each fingerprint or photo. For example "Right Index" or "Left Middle." Do this for all ten fingerprints. Check that the fingerprint patterns are visible before sending them.

Information needed:

a) Do your hands feel soft or hard or firm, or somewhere in between?

b) Are your fingers/palm stiff or flexible? Use your own judgment as I can usually make out from the photos anyway. I just need confirmation from your side. For testing flexibility, hold your hand in a horizontal position (face down) and try and bend it upwards but do not bend the wrist. Do the fingers bend 10 degrees? 40 degrees? Or is the hand stiff?

Test the thumb separately because the flexibility of the thumb is often different. Also tell me whether the thumb bends at the top joint, the second joint or both.

c) Are you right handed or left handed? Even if you are ambidextrous, let me know which hand you write with.

d) Please let me know your age.

Tips for taking photos:

  • Use the close-up setting if using a normal camera, not a phone camera. (look for the closeup icon)
  • Take Large Photos with Superfine quality (Check "Menu" if using a camera). If you have a problem sending such large files, send one photo per message 
  • Keep your hand still while the photo is being taken
  • Bright natural light is best
  • Avoid dull days or late evenings
  • Ensure that your hands are clean and dry
  • Check the photographs on your computer before sending them. Compare them with the lines on your hand. Fine lines need to be visible. 
  • Do not reduce the size of the images. This often happens automatically if you are using a phone camera so check the settings. 

You can write to me (my email id is on the right sidebar of this page or at the end of the page if viewing on the mobile) to ask me how much it will cost you for a reading, and any other clarifications regarding photos. I take advance payment for all readings.

What you can get from a hand reading:

1) From the shape of the hand and fingers, you can get an overview of your personality. Any major changes in personality over the years can also be discerned, as well as some major inherited qualities (by studying both the hands). I rely on this technique to analyse the hands of celebs and at times I am lucky enough to glimpse some lines.

2) From the Lines, the character analysis can be more specific and more detailed than one based just on the shape of the hand. Some future trends (based on what the person is like currently) can also be read from the lines if all lines are visible in the photograph/scan (including minor lines). Major trends from the past can be told. The good times, the difficult times, these can be seen on the hand.

3) From the fingerprints, you can see with clarity the issues you are destined to struggle with, the issues which are most important to you, the make or break issues. This gives a clue as to why some inherited traits develop and some don't. Fingerprints show the root cause of why you are the way you are. They also tell you more about the activity that will make you happy and fulfilled. What is the right life for you. What will fill that void, and what the obstacles are that prevent one from being true to oneself.

A reading based on the above can range from 15 to 20 pages and at times it can go up to 25 pages, depending on the hand. It can be useful to you in several ways. You can understand yourself better and get a better idea of your talents and capabilities. We all need to see ourselves objectively so that we can prevent ourselves from rationalizing our negative traits or not appreciating our good qualities.

Finally, Character is Destiny and if you improve upon a personality characteristic, your future is liable to change. In addition, a fingerprint reading can help you unlock deep layers of your personality and help you understand why you struggle with some issues repeatedly.

Why I cannot work for free

I take hours and at times days to study a hand, and it also requires immense concentration. The time-consuming nature of the work means that I cannot do it for free. However, brief and economical reading options are available for those who do want to spend less.

I increase my fees from time to time and therefore they are not given here. Please write to me at for the current rate card.

Before you send me photographs, it's best to check the current prices and choose your option.

Payment Method:

1. Use Paypal if you live outside India. You don't need a Paypal account to pay via Paypal, as you can pay using your credit card. Paypal is a very safe and secure system. Either you can go directly to Paypal or I can send you a link. You will be asked to pay in USD. Convert your own currency into dollars and put in the dollar amount. The bank will do the rest.

Unfortunately, Indian government rules do not allow payment via PayPal if you reside in India.

2. For Indian residents, the hand-reading charges can be directly deposited into my account via net banking or direct deposit. I provide the bank details once I receive the photographs. I accept Gpay and Paytm as means of transfer.

Thanks and email me for any clarifications.


  1. my days are not going smooth why it is show can i get the answer of it from u.

  2. Yes certainly hari. From the hand it is possible to pinpoint some of the reasons for the bad times. There is usually more than one cause. You are welcome to send me your hand photos as per the requirements of this post.

  3. Could you please please update on Mr. Raj Thakarey's details?

  4. Raj Thackeray is an interesting character to analyse. I shall certainly check to see if decent photos of his hands are available.

  5. Dear Nita,
    I asked you if I could send you my hand prints and if you could make an analysis and let me know. The mode of payment and cost of it. But you haven't responded back. Anyway my mail id is Look forward to hear from you.

  6. Balaji, I certainly did respond to your comment on the blog, by sending you a link to this post. After that I assumed you would write to me with your requirements. After that I did not get an email from you. You are welcome to send me your handprints and the other details. I will be sending you an email.

  7. Dear Nita,
    I would like to take your Consultation Regarding Palmistry and i have Got My Photo's of My Palm request you to kindly let me know how i can send it and what would be the Consultation Fee's
    Janakiram Karra

  8. I have responded to your query by email.

  9. hey nita
    id like to know the details of payment...
    my email

  10. respected madam,
    i have a grid on my mount of venus. recently i am noticing them. does that mean i shall be unlucky in matters of love?

  11. Hullo Andy, Almost everyone has some sort of grid on venus and it is normal. If your mount of venus is also high and wide, it shows a loving and passionate nature. The grid or grille increases the qualities and this has nothing to do with luck in love.

  12. Respected madam,
    I would love to send you my palm pics. would you kindly send me a mail from your id? Will you be kind enough to tell me what do i have to do regarding this? My email:-

  13. My email id is blog(dot)nita(at)gmail(dot)com
    It is given on the sidebar, just below the "About me" section. Please check the howto on sending photos. The link to that post is below the header.

  14. Hello Nita Ji
    Can You Please tell me what type of readings you undertake As your blog illustrates the character and character plus. Actually I will be first time availing such studies so there are no preferences for particular type of study. However i need all that i can know and all that you can tell.(If i can afford to)
    Please tell me specifically if there is some classification of the study you so, to choose from. Pls also send me the details if possible.

    Thanks so much

    Manoj Upadhyay
    Agra U.P

  15. Hello Manoj,I have replied to you by email.

  16. Please do a hand reading of Rajnikath!!!

  17. I have been wanting to read Rajikanth's hand for some time now. However I am unable to get the kind of photographs I need.

  18. I sent mail with my hands pictures please reply on email

  19. hello Nita ,
    please will you mail me payment details at
    and how much time you'll need for a complete
    analysis ?

  20. Evaldas, I have replied to you by email.
    Anonymous, I have replied to you with the details you require.

  21. Hi Nita how do I e-mail you

  22. Anonymous, my email id is given on this blog on the right hand sidebar in the form of an image, right below the About Me section. I am not typing it here because of spam bots which pick up written email ids.

  23. Hi Nita,

    I have started taking interest in palmistry for past few months now. I have been doing research on my own hand...My heartline is chained under the ring finger and it starts from the middle finger. Everywhere its saying that its not a good sign.

    My mount of venus is full of grid. Is it true that because of all these things I will be unlucky in love.

    Thank you

  24. Anonymous, a chained line can show either character weaknesses or health issues, but this is not easy to determine. Also, the most difficult thing in hand reading is actually deciphering lines, where they start from, where they end etc, so I cannot take your word for it when you say that your heartline starts from the middle finger. At times the girdle has been mistaken for the heartline. At times the fate line joins up with the heartline and climbs up under the middle finger. One has to be sure that it is the heartline. In any case it is absolute nonsense that these signs mean being unlucky in love. The person who said this is a fraud.
    Also, there are no signs indicating luck on the hand! And certainly there is no sign which tells you that you can be unlucky in love.
    And then the last thing, our future is not pre-determined. Lines keep changing as we change.
    My advise to you is that you stop reading your own hand if you are an amateur palmist because it can be disturbing. When you are learning you should get hand prints/photos of those you know well and see what you can learn by comparing what you know about them to what you know about hand reading. However you should tell these people that you are using these hands for research, and do not tell them your conclusions. That is how I did it. I collected hundreds of prints from people I knew over the years, and mostly told them nothing! I stashed away their prints, learnt from them, and followed the lives of these people. I don't know whether you are from India, but in India we have the advantage of having a large network of close relatives and friends so it is easy to get hand photos for research.

    1. Thank you Nita..that helped a lot...I have been very disturbed by finding out.. as everywhere on internet it said that it means unlucky in love....

      I will send you a hand print soon to get a good guidance...:) Again thank you....:)

  25. Hi Nita...I really like your blog...and have been following it for a while now.:)

    I had a quick question, I have a chained heart line with a island under the ring finger. Another thing is one parallel line is cutting my heartline. I have read that this is a bad indication in terns of love matters.

    My headline joins my heartline under the middle finger but my life line is solid without any breaks or island. Will that help?

    another thing is that I have 2 solid marraige lines...second one is slight shorter but same depth....does that mean I will have 2 marraiges?...they are sold straight lines with no breaks or islands

  26. Neha, I cannot read hands this way, by descriptions. If you have read my answers to various comments on this blog (and in fact the answer to a previous comment on this post) you will understand why. In short, I'm sorry but I cannot take your word for it when you describe your lines. In any case a hand has to be read as a whole, as lines often contradict one another.
    As for marriage lines, there are no such lines on the hand. If you are referring to the lines on the edge of the hand, then they do not even indicate relationships, neither long-term nor short-term, and can be used as best as confirmatory signs and this too can be most unreliable.

  27. can you please read the palm of rahul gandhi ? whether he is going to die in 2014 or not?? and yes, if time permit do read the palm of afzal guru, when he is going to be hanged?

    A frustrated Indian !

  28. I have already read the hand of rahul gandhi. About future trends, yes, I can give you high probabalities of certain events happening or not happening but not without getting a clear hand print. If by chance you have clear hand prints of either of the two, kindly send them across.

  29. Hi Nita........what does pentacle under headline line below Apollo with a single line from it going to Apollo mount ending in a starburst . Pentacle drawing from moon and venus over life line starting from base of thumb

  30. As I mentioned in reply to your comment on another post, there are no pentacles on hands. A pentacle means a circle enclosing a star, and there are not circles on hands. However there can be stars, but they need to be separate from the main lines.

  31. Jai Shri Ram Nita,

    I also study a bit of palmistry though not professionally. I am not clear how time is read on the hands.

    Do you follow the 7 principle of Chiero or have some other method.

  32. Hullo Anonymous. It is odd to discuss professional matters with an anonymous and faceless person. The only reason I allow anonymous comments is because I wish to encourage people to react to my posts without leaving their name.
    Why don't you email me, and I will let you know. Thanks.

  33. hello madam i wanna send my hand picture how cani ? i mean any email or what?

  34. Sushmita, you need to write to me at blog(dot)nita (at) gmail (dot) com and I will give you information about the different types of readings I do and the charges for the readings. I will also let you know the types of photos I need.

  35. Hi Nita, thanks for sharing these interesting insights. You site is truly unique.
    I wish to ask you about my funny little fingers that are curved towards my ring fingers. The upper section of the lil finger is curved in a pretty pronounced way..why is that so and what does it signify.

  36. Anonymous, the finger could be simply leaning or at times pronounced knots make it look bent. Unless you show me your hand I cannot say whether it is bent, and how bent it is. In any case, I do not read signs in isolation of the whole hand. The meaning of a bent finger varies greatly depending on the type of hand.

  37. Hi Nita, I am looking to become a career diplomat (26 year old male indian). I have a pronounced girdle of venus in right hand (dominant hand) from between base of index and middle finger upto the base of little finger (ending below the affection lines). I have developed mount of jupiter and moon (several horizontal lines are present on mount of moon). I also have a prominent semi circular line of inuition in my left hand. What do these indicate please could you indicate?

  38. Hello tc. If you are right and this is indeed a girdle of venus (I cannot say unless I see it for what it is), what it shows is emotional sensitivity. Now, whether this emotional sensitivity is good for your personality, just right for it, or excessive, can only be determined by the rest of the hand. The quality of the girdle of venus needs to be seen too. A line should never be read in isolation because different signs balance each other out.
    A line of intuition is again not a sign to be read in isolation although it does enhance the intuitive qualities of the person. As it is present on the dormant hand, the qualities would be dormant, but still available.

  39. hi mam,
    i m a good follower of palmistry.can you give your details payment structure about palm reading ?
    i will be appreciated if u mail me asap.

    regards :

  40. Sudip, please write to me at blog (dot)nita(at)gmail(dot)com and I will provide you with the information on the different types of hand readings available and the prices. Thanks.

  41. Dear Nita,

    I have a fate line which is clear till the head line.
    But then past the headline it branches out in three different directions. one towards Jupiter, one towards saturn and on branch which runs longest goes in between the two fingers.

    I also seem to have a parallel line running from mount of moon towards saturn finger.
    This is all complex.

    Could you put some light on that.

    it would be really helpful


  42. Dear Balu, I am not sure whether the branches are of the Fateline. You need to examine with a magnifying glass to know whether they are the branches or just some other lines. The meaning will then be different. Often a branch from the Heartline or a line from the Headline is mistaken for a branch of the Fateline. Or they could be standalone lines. It is very rare indeed to have a sign like you have described.

    About the parallel line running towards the saturn finger, I am not sure what you mean.

    Also remember that the worst thing one can do in hand reading is to read a line in isolation of the other lines or signs.

  43. could you please give me the details of payment...I would like to send you the pictures of my hand..

    kindly let me know..

  44. could you please give me the details of payment...I would like to send you the pictures of my hand..
    E-mail -
    kindly let me know.

  45. Dear Madam,
    I am going through some big trouble in my life, i would like to have your help, but before that can i have cost of complete palm reading, so that i can decided weather i can afford it or not also i would like to have some kind of assurance before i pay such as some of my exact past event, i hope its not annoying.
    Mail me at

  46. Not all Amit. It is not annoying as I understand your doubts. It is natural for you to have doubts as you do not know me personally. I have put up testimonials so that people can decide whether they wish to avail of my services or not. It is not possible for me to go beyond that as I do not have the time to undergo tests from prospective clients. What you can do is go through some articles on my website and read the testimonials. If you still have doubts I am sorry but I cannot help you further.
    Regarding the costs I will email you. If you are interested we can proceed further. Thanks.

  47. I have a question,
    i have a sunline which starts from fate line ends with a trident on the plane of mars, and that trident is covered by a line which makes it a triangle too, i have lines emergening from that triangle to mercury
    and i have a triangle on sun mount,
    Does this signify anything?

  48. What does a trident on sunline ending on on the plane of mars enclosed with a line forming a triangle? with a triangle on mount of sun?

  49. I have no idea what you mean rishi. In any case any line ending on the plain of mars cannot be considered a sunline. Also I do not believe in "tridents" or "triangles" meaning anything.

  50. hi nita,
    I want to know if life line throws an off shoot towards fate line and joins it. And the point at which life line throws an offshoot, after half centimeters life line stops . But as i said earlier other part of line is joining fate line which goes towards jupiter mount.
    Thanks in advance

  51. Chandra, the life line stopping and throwing an offshoot are two separate things. The offshoot could indicate an event at the point of time it joins or cuts the fateline. It depends from where exactly this line comes from, Venus mount or the actual lifeline. You have not mentioned whether this line is a downward of upward line. What I said only applies to an upward or horizontal line.
    If it is a downward line it means the lifeline has a branch and the meaning is entirely different. The meaning depends on the strength of the line, its direction, from which point on the lifeline it leaves, whether there are other lines near to it etc.
    Overall though I think you should not worry about it. It does not seem to be anything very significant.

  52. Mam can I consult u personally also.

  53. Bharat, please write to me at blog(dot)nita(at) and I will send you the different types of readings and the charges for them. I do the work online.

  54. Hi Nita,
    My life line Is broken. Starts again but overlaps in parallel, overlapping by about half centimeter.

    1. A broken lifeline is nothing to worry about. Usually all it indicates is a change, to be confirmed by other signs. It does not mean an illness or accident in any case, if that is what you are worried about. So relax!

    2. Thanks for reply ... But what type of change do you mean? I am very worried

    3. I would like to know your email. To know the consultation fees.

  55. Its just a change Randa, and its has nothing to do with bad or good. And I have received your email. Will reply to you there.

  56. Hi Nita
    I m facing many problems in my carrier please help me to built up my carrier with few tips..

  57. If you are interested in a hand reading please write to me and I will send you the different types of readings available and the charges for them. Thanks.

  58. Hello Mam,
    I posess a 'La Croix Mystique' on my right hand between the Heart and the Head Line, I've heard it's a good sign, but I can't seem to find any proper explanation of it's significance anywhere.

  59. Well, I am certainly glad you cannot find a proper explanation for the La Croix Mystique, because if you had, it would have been erroneous. This sign belongs in the realm of ancient palmistry, probably the world where they believed the earth was flat. Like any body of knowledge, the knowledge of palmistry has grown too.
    You need to read the actual lines, and the whole hand, not just one tiny sign in any case.
    I suggest you read this article:

  60. What is the mEaning of half moon formed or not formed by heart lines of both the hands when joined together.

    1. Nikita, the two hands have to be read separately and there is no meaning if they are joined together. To read a heartline one has to to notice its shape and quality. The two hands have entirely separate meanings because the left hand (if it is the passive hand) shows your inherited tendencies, and the right (if you write with your right hand) shows the current self.

  61. What is the meaning of having no fate line on one hand(passive) and a chained fate line on the other (active)?

  62. Saumya, one cannot isolate one line and read it. That would be a big mistake. It all depends on the type of hand you have, and your other lines.

  63. Mam tell me a little thing im intrested but i cant find yr email its wrong when i male it please give correct email and what it means in my both hand my all three lines heart heat and life ar joinet at starting....and have two fath lines

    1. The email given is absolutely correct. It is on the right sidebar. You can write to me. If you want a hand reading, I will email you the rate card after I receive your email.

  64. My marriage line is curving downwards ( not touching heart line by some margin ).....I have read in many articles that this indicates death / sudden death of life partner ( due to sudden accidents or disease ) ...Is it true ?

    1. There are certain people who become widowers or widows and on some of their hands I am sure you will find the sloping marriage line, but on the others you will not. So the presence of the sloping marriage line does not mean what you read. These articles are written by those who believe in the knowledge of ancient palmistry. We have increased our knowledge in all fields, including palmistry. I suggest you read modern authors, and reliable ones. Besides the shape of the marriage line also tends to change over the years. I have seen this on many hands. So I suggest you stop believing anything about marriage lines because it has no basis in fact.

    2. i was reading this comment of shimki sen...this exact line i have mariage line on left hand is slopping downward touching the heart line while on my right hand its straight...what does this means?? bcz even i read many articles which tells that you become a widow if you have such line

    3. I suggest you read my reply to Shimki.

  65. Hello,

    I've gotten about 3 readings over the past years which all said that I would have a love filled marriage, my clear X on the mount of Jupiter is an indication of that. However, with my last reading, they mentioned that my marriage will not be good or bad, but okay. Which is troubling for me because love holds very prime for me. So I was wondering which one is it? Please let me know, it would be very much appreciated.


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