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The magic behind Rajesh Khanna's superstardom

People agree Rajesh Khanna was the first superstar of the Hindi film industry but opinions are varied as to why. Maybe it was the whole persona - the mannerisms, the soft romantic voice and the expressive eyes, or maybe it was the romantic roles he performed, and the melodious music he acted out.

What was behind Rajesh Khanna's magical persona? What was he really like, and what was the secret of his success?

His hands and palmistry can give us some insight into the question, and tell us about his inner nature and why Rajesh Khanna moved the hearts of millions of people, especially women, young and old. 

To put it simply,
Rajesh Khanna was loved because he loved. His hand shows that Khanna was brimming with love and passion from the inside. His hands show that at heart he was loving, generous, and also compassionate. 

Check out a photograph of his hand here.

The Mount of Venus on his hand is well developed, and his heartline is long and curved. The Mars mounts on Rajesh's hands are well developed as well and also the Jupiter, Moon and Mercury mounts. The thumb is long but the first phalange is normal in length. The Jupiter finger on his hand is long and high-set, the Saturn (middle) finger a little bent, and the fingertips are either rounded or conic. There is a slight gap between his headline and lifeline and the headline is sloping. The gap between his head and heart lines is a bit narrow. The palm was a little long, the fingers short and the thumb likely a little low-set.

His hand shows love and warmth for people. A healthy sex drive is also shown and he had a strong sense of self...a kind of self-importance or maybe it can be called high self-esteem. This confidence and possibly flamboyance made him an attractive personality. No doubt his sexual energy was high and he loved people of the opposite sex, and he was the kind who would go out of his way to get what he wanted. 

Rajesh Khanna photoPerhaps this explains why beautiful women were attracted to Rajesh in his personal life. Not only did he genuinely love women, it was not just sexual. This love was emotional as much as it was sensual and he had a way to express this love. Being able to give expression to his feelings and being demonstrative of his passion, would have added to his charm. 

His imagination and strong emotions must have helped his histrionic ability. He was bold and dramatic as he was confident. And it was probably a gentle love, not the rough, crude variety, despite the high sex drive. 

Strong sexuality adds to “charisma” and in Rajesh Khanna’s case gives us a clue as to what made him a “phenomenon.” But raw sexuality without sympathy and love is plain old lust. As mentioned earlier, Rajesh had the right love formulae going for him. He could express an understated, yet intense love with his body and eyes. The reason he got it right was because of who he was in real life. Compassion and sympathy are all too evident in Rajesh Khanna's hand. People can sense a genuinely sympathetic nature. This temperament made it easier for Rajesh to feel and act. 

Yet, Rajesh Khanna led a lonely and sad life in later years. In a sense, one is reminded of Elvis Presley. The details may be different but both men were love/sex symbols of their day, both peaked early in their careers, and were unable to match earlier successes. Both men married beautiful women, and both fell in love with women much younger than them. Elvis with 14-year-old Priscilla and Rajesh with 16-year-old Dimple. Both men were abandoned by their wives.

What went wrong? 

When it comes to Rajesh Khanna, several personality characteristics led to his downfall. One of them was his dark imagination. It is the dark and moody side that some creative people possess – a kind of moodiness and cynicism. This quality by itself is not necessarily harmful and can, in fact, help an artiste if he can handle it. But there was also his penchant for being self-absorbed. That could put off anyone in a long-term relationship with him.

Everyone talks of Rajesh Khanna's ego and ego is present alright, although his other qualities could soften it. Rajesh had a strong, perhaps inflated sense of the self, perhaps it was more akin to narcissism, a word I am using here in a non-clinical sense. Rajesh was born with this characteristic. This gives the owner a childlike conviction in his own importance. It is pure self-love and people with this quality are often drawn into public life, either into politics or acting. It is a quality that can actually help an actor in his work because he enjoys being seen and watched. 

People have said that RK or Kakaji as he was popularly known was a shy man. There is evidence of slight introversion in his early years but by the age of 30 or so,  it was almost gone. Rajesh’s hands show his idealism, and worse, difficulty in seeing another’s point of view; he was a man pretty much difficult to persuade.  

Taken singly, none of the negative qualities makes him a tragic hero. But in combination, they can shake the balance of personality, especially when some of them are present in an intense way, like the ego and the head-in-the-sand attitude.  Despite this, a person can find a balance if he is an objective thinker. With pragmatism, good judgment and common sense, RK could have survived long-term. But in Rajesh Khanna's case, the heart was more dominant and thus life can become a roller coaster ride. 

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(The photo published on this post is a free photo by Bollywood Hungama [CC BY 3.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0)] 


  1. Thanks for this reading. :)

  2. That was detailed analysis. I guess the reason for his unhappiness in later years might have been due to the lack of attention. Fame is addictive. So, if a person becomes famous and gets a lot of adulation when they are young, they expect the same throughout their lives. Or more. It is required to keep them happy. As fame/adulation decreases, they become bitter and either do silly things to garner attention or become resigned unto themselves. The latter is better, and thankfully Rajesh Khanna did not end up embarrassing himself. Others in the movie industry are not so lucky.

    I have not seen any of his movies. Need to see at least one!

    Destination Infinity

  3. Thanks TN.
    DI, true, fame is addictive. I guess some people do not plan for the future in advance or plan any other life. When they are not mentally prepared the lack of attention will hit very hard.

  4. To manage fame is as tough as it is to achieve. Rajesh Khanna was no exception reached to pinnacle and than due to circumstances beyond control & some self created (ego, vanity, Vainglorious, etc) he experienced a sharp fall. But a true legend who will remain immortal in our memoirs. Thanks for the reading Nita.

  5. Nice Post. Thnkz for the illustration. A great personality, a phenomenon, and a legend. Too add a small question if our right hand or the active hand is bigger than the left hand or passive hand what does it signify in general. And a request can you please give a hand reading of Virat Kohli the Indian batting sensation. He has already achieved lot of records, I am just eager to know will he able to break Sachin's record as Sachin himself foretold that Virat has the capacity to break his record.

  6. Thanks Anonymous. Like you say managing one's fame is very difficult, and few people manage the downturn. The higher you go the harder you fall!

  7. It becomes difficult to answer comments when everyone has the same name which is Anonymous! Perhaps commentators can try anonymous2 or anonymous4 so I know whether the same person has commented earlier or not!
    Anyway, to your question about the right active hand being bigger. A bigger hand very generally shows a person who is more in control, for example the head vs the heart. But this is relative. For example one has to compare the hand to the size of the person. Secondly, one has to see how big the active hand is. If it is also small, although a little less small, it will not be significant.

  8. Every time u post interesting stuff ,,,this time also,,it was really interesting!!! ...love to read ur posts!! ....

    hey why don't u read the hand of Rajnikanth ( i am not this fan but i guess his hand would be interesting to read)

    here are some links (pics of his palm )..




  9. Thanks for you reply Nita. Please try to post Virat Kohli's palm analysis.

  10. Bob, okay. I shall keep his name in mind. Main thing is getting sufficient photos of his hand.

    FFH, thanks. Like you, I am quite interested in Rajnikanth mainly because he has a superstar status and more so because he came from a poor family but did so well in the film industry. One of the photos you posted was quite good. I need at least 2-3 photos which are similar and that's because the angle of the hand can be quite deceptive, with fingers and the palm looking different in different photos. However I shall keep looking. I have some photos of Rajnikanth too, and whenever I am ready I will read his hand.

  11. yeah sure take ur time ...and thanx!!!(*<*) ...

    here are some More link.. check it out ...



  12. Rajesh Kanna's heart line ending in Saturn mount denotes his very selfish nature.

  13. Selfishness is seen in the shape of the hands and fingers, and setting of the thumb.

  14. Rajesh khanna set a benchmark all other actors indian film industry never find superstar just like Rajesh Khanna

  15. RajeshKhanna remains the only God this film industry has ever had or will ever have the difference between him & all the other stars put together is he had devotees whereas all others fans

  16. His mannerism is his best asset. It is so genuine and sincere that one feels that he is the epitome of what a man should behave. His smile is simply breathtaking as it is a tonic to the soul. He makes you feel good about life, girls, family and all. He has the most lovable voice which is so pure and genuine and soothes the soul. Beautiful man..just like Shashi Kapoor.

    1. No doubt he had a great screen presence and charisma.

  17. Thanks for this analysis of his hand. I recently read 2 books on him. Deeply shattered to know about his loneliness and family life. He used to cry for his kids n due to being left alone.

    What I observe that he was indeed a blessed actor. His shaking head was unique. Although he couldn't dance well.

    I feel as a person. He never was able to take long term decision. Plus we know he couldn't take criticism at all. He constantly needed assurance. So his sycophants were always around. What I read that being given on adoption hurted him beyond repair n affected him deeply.

    He had inflated sense of ego which is fine. What made him suffer was good judgement for himself and situations.this thing was his biggest weakness . His erratic lifestyle was also his biggest enemy. In last years of his life he had became very bitter.

    he never was able to move out of superstar phase n move on in life. He never realised super star is nothing.

    He predicted that his grandson will be superstar. Finally He paid for his behaviour. Wondering what he achieved by entertaining his audience. Only loneliness and nothing.

    1. Yes indeed his last years were sad. It is important to remain grounded, but he never did.

  18. Thanks for quick reply.after reading how he used to cry missing his daughters in front of many people n even crying on his birthdays, When entire world celebrates on radio tv. It ended all his offscreen life for me. I pray for his soul.

    1. I loved his early films, I was in school at the time. I don't know too much about what happened to him afterwards, only that he never adjusted to not being a superstar.


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