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Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson - are they compatible?

The hands of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson show that these two people have very different personalities, especially at the deeper, emotional level. Whatever they have in common would be at a superficial level, if one goes by their hands. This could lead to serious issues in a long-term relationship. It's said that "opposites attract" but they
do not necessarily make ideal long-term partners.

The main features of Kristen’s hands are her slim tapering fingers with square tips, two low-set fingers of Mercury and Jupiter, the excellent mount of Venus, the slightly long hand and broad palm. Her headline is even but sloping, and her thumb is long, and a little low-set. Quite different from her ex-boyfriend Robert Pattinson’s thicker and shorter fingers, thicker palm, straighter heartline which ends on the mount of Jupiter, and a longer headline. It's rather surprising to see how different Kristen Stewart is from Robert Pattinson and it's odd that they became a couple, even if temporarily.

Check out Kristen's hand photo here and Robert's here. The photograph below is a free one.

Kristen and Robert from Twilight movie

Robert's hand reveals that while he is the more steady one, he is also the more difficult one. He has more of a moody, emotional and idealistic nature, and is less social, more reserved and cautious, more sensitive, less secure, and less open. However, while Robert’s hand shows a broader understanding of issues (maturity, perspective?), a d Kristen’s hand shows a narrower worldview and a penchant for seeing issues from her own point of view, leading to a certain amount of self-centeredness. But this does not mean that she is selfish...in fact, her hand shows unselfishness.

Kristen's hands, also show that she is warmer, more loving, more talkative and the more extroverted of the two. She is the kind who would love very deeply and wear it on her sleeve. This is probably one of the reasons why they were attracted to each other. One partner complementing the other. She would be a contrast to Robert's more reserved character, a personality in control of his feelings, and more head than heart. But this does not mean that Robert is a cool customer...he can be moody and emotional. 

A stark difference lies in their sexuality. Robert’s hands show a more mental type of sexuality and Kristen’s the physical type. This can lead to sexual incompatibility in the long run because for one person (Robert) sex is closely entwined with love. Without feelings of comfort, love and the right ambience, such people are not comfortable with love-making. Kristen’s hands, on the other hand, show stronger physical passions and it would be possible for someone like her to be involved with someone in a purely physical way. Such people require to have greater self-control than the average person.

Those who are physically unfaithful to their partners while claiming that they still love them are not necessarily lying. It is possible for some people to separate sex and love but this is not to say that it is the correct thing to do. Strong physical sexuality needs to come hand in hand with strong self-control and a moral code otherwise relationships can go awry.

Unfortunately for Kristen, her hand does not show any great self-control, and in fact shows some inconsistency. Her hand also shows some deficiency of self-esteem, and perhaps this had a part to play in her infidelity. Did she feel in her heart of hearts that she did not deserve to be loved by loyal and sensitive Robert?

As for Robert Pattinson, it would be difficult for him to forgive Kristen. No, this is not because he is mean, but because for him everything has to be right when it comes to a love relationship. He is idealistic in love and his not-so-healthy imagination would make it very difficult for him to believe that Kristen would never be unfaithful again and it doesn't matter to him how long she was having the affair. Her claims that it was a "one-off" situation would be incomprehensible to him. Also, even if he decides to be with her again, the thought of her with someone else would be unbearable for him. He would also find it difficult to believe that she feels nothing for the other, and also find it hard to accept that Kristen loves him. But loves him she does.

Kristen's hand shows her to be amazingly talented and committed, someone who will keep perfecting her talent at every opportunity she gets. Her artistic bent of mind and talent can take her to great heights if she allows it to. She certainly wants fame a lot more than Robert does.

(Kristen and Robert are movie stars and became famous because of the movie Twilight. Kristen has worked in Hollywood movies as a child).

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  1. I like the way you analyze stuff Nita. Makes very interesting reading even if one is not interested in the stars!

  2. I too am not aware of these two people but the compatibility discussion was interesting. In a way, aren't we all incompatible to someone else? Two people are always bound to be different or they tend to change drastically with years.

    Destination Infinity

  3. TN, thx
    DI, I guess it is a matter of degree!


  5. Thanks Anonymous. About the book, it is going very very slow, mainly because of the daily work grind.

  6. Hi Nita,

    Sent you an email asking for the inquiring about price of the hand reading a while ago! I emailed at blog.nita@gmail.com.

    Also sent pictures :)

    Let me know if you got a chance to look at it!

    Waiting to hear from you

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  8. Hi Nita!
    I often read that, why males cannot accept the girl if she has cheated or has a sexual past, is because of their ego!
    What do you think, ego has a role to play or it is something else like in Robert's case it was because he was idealistic at heart. Idealism is definately not always the answer as their are men who will keep cheating but will not accept their girl back if she has cheated.

  9. In Robert's case, his hands do not show an egoistic personality so that cannot be a reason. Idealism I am sure plays a part.
    But generally speaking, a person even if he/she is not idealistic nor egoistic may still not accept an unfaithful partner. If he himself has not cheated, he may feel that he is not loved by the other, or trust is lost. There are usually multiple reasons why people break up after a partner cheats. It can also be due to the existing relationship, their closeness etc. One never really knows what goes on in an intimate relationship.

  10. No I disagree with this reading. I believe in their Natal comparative birth chart... They are a bomb of sexual feelings and a complex and unnatural attraction. They understand each other in a great way from looks and without the need for words. This has been seen a lot between them. A deep relationship between them. ��


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