Monday, November 8, 2010

Priyanka Chopra's hands show her to be a passionate woman

Priyanka's hands tell us that she is a complex personality. Someone who is warm, loving, romantic and straightforward, but also manipulative and quite impractical at times. One cannot help but wonder: Who is she really? What is she really like in her real life?

The shape of the hand is an important indicator of personality and Priyanka's hand shape shows her to be a
thoughtful person; someone who is sensitive and concerned about what others think.

Her pride and strong self-esteem are evident in the shape of her Jupiter finger, but it also reveals a tendency to be controlling. PC has strong Jupiteranian qualities, like ambition and a desire to lead (strong mount). There is also certain boldness to her personality (start of her life and headlines), a great asset to anyone in public life, particularly an actor. She also enjoys attention, in fact, thrives on it, and there is a tendency to be carefree and optimistic. Check out a hand photo at this link:
Priyanka Hand photo

Just fame and money would never satisfy Priyanka however. The quality of work she does matters a lot to her (evident in the shape of Apollo finger) and she is the kind who will strive to better herself. A great quality for a professional to have. She wants to be known for her work and there is a desire for excellence.

She has the mental strength, will, and the consistency to accomplish her dreams (long thumb, its shape, length of its phalanges and strong Upper Mount of Mars). She has power over others (Thumb, Jupiter Mount and Finger) and is very ambitious, but she has her weaknesses. One of them is that she can be too amenable at times, too agreeable and too emotional, and can thus get trapped in situations and relationships. She is also often far too straightforward in her intentions and speech (from the shape of her Mercury Finger, and the shape of her Thumb).

Her strong sex drive, passion and emotions are an important part of her personality (the developed Mounts, and strong Heart Line). Luckily, she has the determination to control the Self, and her square tips tend to keep her in the real world.

She has to be careful after the age of 33-35, as she is likely to get more ensconced in her own world and this is shown by the Head Line. She will shed materialism to a large extent. One is not sure why this happens. There are indications that spirituality might become attractive to her later on in life.

For Priyanka to be happy in a relationship she has to rein in her tendency to be controlling, and also be content even if she is not the centre of attention. This is what her hand tells us.

Overall Priyanka has a good hand. It shows her to be a loving, deeply feeling person with strong concentration, ambition and ability.

(picture is a free photo from Bollywoodsargam)

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  1. what is the shape of her hand?

  2. The answer is complicated and that is why I didn't mention it. Her hand is on the longer side, her fingers tapering at the ends but they are not conic, and in fact the slimness of the phalanges if combined with the tips and the shape of the hand shows sensitiveness and refinement. Her Head and Life lines are joined in the left hand but are separated in the right, which means the sensitiveness has been conquered to some extent, but not completely. The lower phalanges of both hands show a person used to comfort and people like this usually care about money and this is confirmed by the shape of her Head Line in the first half. The practical tips of her fingers show that she will want to make money as well and her ambitious nature means that this will be an important goal. However this is before she is 33-35, because after this she becomes less materialistic.
    Anonymous, a personality is a complex whole and different characteristics are tied to each other. It is at times difficult for me explain the connections. At times because of my experience it comes instantly but I do not always get into the details. I am sure I left something out!

  3. The cinema personalities ought to be complex! The glitz and the glamor quotients are very high and its natural for people to get attracted to it. I have always wondered if an anonymous profile is unimportant to them. I love being anonymous, one in the crowd! I don't think she has the looks or the charm of a big heroine, but some how she has managed to capture a lot of attention till now!

    Destination Infinity

  4. I think that most good actors have a certain amount of narcissism in them, otherwise they wouldn''t enjoy being in the limelight all the time. I think mostly they hate being anonymous, unless it starts intruding in their private life in a big way. They want both. Privacy when they want it, and most of the time they love to be recognised and adore the attention. They seem to thrive on it. This can have an adverse impact on their personal life if they cannot draw the line. There are some actors who can draw the line and I can think of Madhuri Dixit who went into an anonymous life after a successful filmi career. I don't know if she is happy though. About Priyanka, I think she has some sex appeal.

  5. she is realy a miracle of god

  6. Hi, why don't you post her palm picture????????

  7. Anonymous, if you own a picture do pass it on and I will gladly post it. The pic I posted is a free pic from Bollywood Sargam (they allow it if you give a link to them which I have). Nowadays I have started to link the palm photos and maybe I will do so in this case as well as it is a better option. I never post pictures which do not belong to me. Not only is it illegal, it is also unethical.

  8. Very interesting. I always felt she could be so many things at once. Sometimes she can seem very arrogant about her achievements and abilities. Other times she comes across as nervous and unsure. She is not much of a risk taker because success is so important to her that she won't do something that would push the envelope too much. I never thought she was exceptionally talented, but I guess her looks and going the conventional routes have given her a lot of stardom. She reminds me a bit of Shahrukh with her workaholism to the point of not questioning the truthfulness of what she is doing.


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