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Katrina Kaif's hand reading

Katrina Kaif is a bold and independent personality with a big heart, but at the same time, she is reserved, likes her privacy, and is fairly engrossed in her own internal world, and does not give out her affections very easily.

The main characteristics of Kat’s hand are her rather long hand, developed mounts of Jupiter, Venus and lower Moon. Katrina has good thumb, a curved and long heartline, a long stable headline slightly sloping, with a significant gap between it and the lifeline. The Jupiter (index) and Saturn (middle) fingers are bent, and her Mercury (little) finger is average and a little low-set
Check out a hand photo of Katrina Kaif here.

All of this tells a story – of a person who is kind, giving, and passionate, even if cynical and controlling.

Katrina Kaif promoting Bharat in 2019When it comes to acting talent, it’s certainly not lacking (in her hand), but it’s present only in an average way. However, this is compensated by another aspect of her which is not shown on her hand – her looks.

Her hand shows that she is a clever woman, with the ability to reason. She is bold and able to recognise and grab opportunities. She is also ambitious and has been so from the start, with good willpower and a steady focus.

While reading the hands of famous people, one always wonders – what is it about them that has made them so famous and successful? Is it their talent, their cleverness, their personality, their contacts or their hard work? There is usually a critical factor. In Katrina’s case, I believe that it is her personality. She is not shy at all and can approach people easily, is fairly confident, able to manipulate and influence people and is a fairly calm and focused person, bold and fearless to a large extent and she is strong-willed as well. She is not that great at understanding people though and can be a little naive. Her boldness and self-confidence are an important part of her success and complement her acting ability. Shy people do not make good actors.

There is a dark and melancholic side to Katrina’s personality. It gives her a tendency to brood, and this can give rise to fears and insecurities in her. This is partly what could prevent her from opening up her heart, and being more than just superficially friendly to those she does not know. This negativity will be a burden to her when she enters into an intimate relationship. However, her passionate and deeply affectionate nature can compensate. Many actors have a strong passionate side to them, and it adds to their sex appeal.

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The photo used in this post is a free photo by Bollywood Hungama [CC BY 3.0 (]


  1. Thanks for this reading Nita. I think I pestered you too much! Katrina is my favourite actress and I always wondered what type she was. This helps.

  2. TN, this reading was brief, due to poor quality hand photos available. However one can get a gist of who she is. Overall I did not like what I saw on her hand. I would not think that she is a very nice person, but then that's my opinion. One has to be a little diplomatic while reading hands, and I hope that people can read inbetween the lines!

  3. How do you do such sketches? Do you keep a transparent wax paper over a photo, draw the outlines following the photo and then keep a white paper behind it? Just curious...

    I saw one of the interviews she gave, on the net and was pretty impressed by her frankness. When asked whether she was learning hindi, she says not any more... when asked what her favorite past time is, she says sleeping and resting at home. She also refuses to accept a gift. Just imagine how any other hypo-critic actress would have answered such questions! Maybe she had manipulated and influenced me!! :)

    Her success should be due to her stunning looks. Maybe being clever and being lucky adds. Would like to see hand readings of Hemamalini or Sridevi sometime.

    Destination Infinity

  4. DI, there are various ways of sketching, but I used Photoshop. There is a option there which does it automatically. Illustrator from Adobe gives a better result and I use it sometimes. In Illustrator you have to trace it yourself line by line - the software allows you to do that. It gives a wonderful result but I am not that good at it yet! So I use Photoshop.

    About Katrina, I also think that her looks and grace played a very important part, and she used it well. About the influence, well I am sure just her smile is good enough to melt some people! :)

    And I would love to do Hema and Sridevi or Madhuri. Unfortunately the older they are, the more difficult it is to find their hand photos! There are less photos and they become outdated and I think Google doesn't bother about them. If you ever find any good photos of their hand, pass them along.

  5. If Photoshop can do this, I guess even GIMP (Linux equivalent) should be able to.... I will check it out. Thanks, for the info.

    Google is trying to digitize whole libraries, so that those books can be accessed by everyone on the Internet! But I guess photos need to be digitized by people and uploaded.... I will give if I get anything...

    Destination Infinity

  6. Great post! So you really think she is not a very nice person and her persona is fake. I think she is just a clever person who can use people for fulfilling her purpose. Can you tell how bad she can be and can she go to any extent for getting what she want?

  7. Rohit, you have said it exactly. A clever person who uses people. Her hand shows shrewdness bordering on dishonesty. However she is not a bad person. She has a good heart, although selfishness is a strong trait with her.

  8. i love her,she iss an angel for me i don't know why i am crazy for her?i don't like her beauty i like her soul

  9. she is the worst acters so called rajineet i can't find her any were oooopppp ever women looks pretty
    how is a model but she just a other heroine not actress if any one can see Kurbaan the acting all is the best even kareena & Ash in Robo far better than rajineeti & tees mar khan

  10. She has really messed up her face with so many surgeries, a confident person should have no business going to this extent. She looks like Mickey Rourke these days!

    I'm really in awe of her, not because of her remarkable talent ( she has some talent but it's certainly of a mental kind !) but what she's achieved. Many insiders believe that she has a sketchy and seedy past, but one can not overlook that it must have been more than being an arm candy to Salman ( who's no saint himself) or just donkey grind. A lot of people work hard but to still keep making all the right moves, it's fascinating.
    A lot of women try to work their away up the ladder through questionable means but in my experience that never helps, as just being someone's arm candy won't ensure whether you sustain or not!! It infuriates me especially when credit is taken away from a woman's own merit (of some kind)very conveniently and in Katrina's case it happens so very often.
    What does her hand show about her motivations? is it materialism? is it fame? is it love for perfection/craft?
    is she as cut throat as Kareena who's known for being extremely bitchy and sabotaging to her contemporaries?
    If it can be answered by the hand, could you shed light on the fact that whether or not she has scruples/ value system?

    There are better lookers, more talented actors, people who can speak the language etc. She's been around for 18 odd years , getting films with top directors and stars. I'm extremely curious that how has she managed to do so, she must have a very sharp brain.
    In another post you mentioned she has a short mercury finger and underdeveloped mount, well don't people skills/adroitness/shrewdness mercury qualities? Plus her long heart line , low set thumb developed venus and jupiter should show a good person and not a conniving selfish person who schemes and uses others. What according to you describes people intelligence in palmistry?

    Please take this objectively but despite your amazing and insightful reading , one can detect heavy bias sometimes. It's just an observation which you can reject, but i feel one looks for what one would expect to find :)
    I have a request, in your comparative post can you also put the new actresses for Hindi Film enthusiast like me :)


    1. Katrina Kaif's hand does not show a materialistic personality but there is a strong desire for fame and name. That coupled with her outgoing personality would have helped in her success. And she can be quite manipulative even if she is not a bad person. Many good and successful people have this quality. About sabotaging contemporaries that is behaviorial and very difficult to confirm from the hand. If you ask me whether she is capable of it, I would say yes but she wouldn't be that good at it. And yes her hands do show scruples and to some extent, idealism.
      And thanks for pointing out a mistake in this post, she does not have a long mercury finger. It is only because of readers like you that these mistakes come to light.
      And yes I agree I can become biased, though I try hard not to. At times I go back to old posts and delete things where I feel I have become biased. I feel I used to be more biased a few years ago, but in the more recent posts I make a conscious effort not to be.

  11. Hmmmm she's never been my cup of tea. It's India's twisted fascination with white skin that gets her attention.theres something really mean spirited and negative about her aura that turns me off. The look in her eyes is very cold and disinterested. She really wouldn't be a pleasant person to be around. I also don't like the way she jabs at other actresses, even if it's subtle.


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