Saturday, January 29, 2011

Idi Amin's hand reveals his lack of reasoning powers

While reading the hands of known mass murderers like Idi Amin or Adolf Hitler, one immediately looks for tell-tale signs on the hand. Perhaps Idi Amin and Hitler had some character traits in common? Well, apart from the brutish, coarse nature that they shared, they were very different people. Both Hitler and Idi Amin were aggressive to an extreme extent – such people roughshod over others to reach their goals. But the goals of these two were different and so was their thought process.

Idi Amin President of Uganda
With better hand photos of Idi Amin’s hands (than Hitler’s) it was easier to understand what made him tick. 

Idi Amin had a medium-length, wavy headline and the lines on his hand though clear, tend to be a little thick. The lifeline starts almost on the Jupiter mount, and the heartline is darker and deeper than the headline. The thumb though long, has a relatively short first phalange (phalanges are the partitions seen on the inside of the fingers), and the second phalange is a little thick. The base of the hand is also a bit thick and the first phalanges of the fingers are relatively short. The second finger phalanges are long, and the third phalanges are also developed. The first (index) finger is a little curved. The Moon and Apollo mounts are the most developed and the Jupiter mount is developed to some extent.

His hand shows average intelligence, and possibly a lack of basic common sense. His hand does not show true leadership qualities, in the sense that he would find it difficult to find people who actually admired him or were inspired by him. His hand also shows a manipulating and controlling nature.

Willpower is also not shown on the fact, there is a lack of control over his own emotions and discipline as such not present. The heart rules the head and there is impulsivity as well. Besides, the basic nature of the owner of this hand is coarse, revealing a lack of tact and elementary reasoning powers. This side of his dominates and he is not concerned with any elevated or noble thoughts. That is also why materialism would matter a lot.

Check out a hand photo of Idi Amin's here.

His hand shows a desire for power and fame but there is a lack of interest shown in mental pursuits, also a tendency to be consumed with the material things of life. And then, his temperament shows a tendency to excess in everything and so it will be for his desire for riches. However, it is unlikely that it was wealth which was a driving factor with him. His hand shows high ambition, and it was always to grab the limelight in some manner and thus, power. The way the hand is (combination of signs) shows that he will go to any extent to fulfil his high ambitions and this strong and intense ambition has been present from a very young age. 

There is an unwillingness to back down, and aggression as well and not much idealism.

If one has to sum up, Idi Amin had the unfortunate combination of extreme ambition, a base nature which was out of control, and a lack of a stable, reasoning mind. Such people usually stop at nothing to achieve their goals and have complete disregard for others...and for reason and common sense.

(The sketch of Idi Amin has been done by me in Photoshop from a photograph)

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  1. What I wonder is how such evil people reach those positions of power. People like him, or Hitler.

  2. Well, when the people are not empowered, evil people rule the roost.

  3. Nita, in Hitler's case, it was an advanced and modern civilization in central Europe that elected him to power in purely democratic means. (He did not have the absolute majority of votes, but his party had the highest number of votes polled). So, an empowered people had elected an evil in that case?

    I wonder what kind of risk analysis these kind of people have. If Idi Amin went to a war against Tanzania, wouldn't he even try to analyze the risks of taking such a course of action? Perhaps they act on impulse and think later!! Or they may be too over confident!! Does his hand say anything about this?

    Destination Infinity

  4. DI, that's a good point you made. This makes us question the nature of the people themselves. There must be an element of racism amongst Germans at that time. After all, even when Hitler was conducting his genocide, the majority of the German populace was quiet. However I do believe that the Germans are not like that now. It's like they say everyone gets the government they deserve! In India's case a lot of illiterate people swing elections and their poverty makes them susceptible to money power.
    About Idi Amin, he was incapable of strategy. He lacked the brain power. And yes, his hand does show impulsiveness and a certain amount of instability (both his thumb and headline. His hand does not show overconfidence per se, but his aggressiveness and ambition would make him proceed anyway. As he could not think, there was little to stop him.

  5. Perhaps a majority of the German population was quiet because he was showing them a way to world domination. Maybe that's what they wanted. And besides the SA and SS had total powers at that time - if anyone had dared to say or act against the Govt, they would have been in big time trouble. Its fear, that creates inaction. In a few cases, its also racism, as you mentioned.

    Destination Infinity

  6. Is he a doer., ? u say he is extremely ambitious., but will he be determined since he has a short will part of the thumb.?

  7. Mr Curious, sure, Idi Amin's hands show that he is able to get things done, but he is too impulsive to do the right things and also because of other signs on this hand. His hand shows lack of control and therefore his ability to get things done has little meaning in the positive sense.

  8. "When it comes to his desire for riches, only his libido would compete with the strength of his greed." very witty indeed.

    You said he has a high libido. Its a common belief that all men have libido and women lose interest. In your experience have you seen women with signs of high libido and cruel and couldn't mention.

  9. I am sure there are women who are cruel although there are not many famous ones! :) That is probably because throughout history it is men who had political power and it is power which gives you the opportunity to do bad things on a large scale.
    When it comes to libido there are ofcourse women with high libido and I have mentioned it on this blog. Priyanka Chopra and Princess Diana and also Deepika Paducone (I am planning to publish her hand reading soon) come to mind. However it is a quality that is a positive quality, not a bad quality. I have seen many men with poor libido and I think it is not a good sign in either men or women.

  10. Absolutely there are....I believe men and women are not as different as society portrays them to be. Beneath all the layers there are more similarities.Societal pressure forces men to brag and women to suppress :)

    But a general myth that only men have sex drive and justify for why they stray. I know many women who complain about their men's lack of interest.

    Waiting for your future posts...


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