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Raj Thackeray's hand analysis

Raj Thackeray’s hands were a surprise. I was expecting someone with narrow views but his hands do not show this, unlike that of his mentor, Balasaheb Thackeray. As Raj is known for his narrow politics, one wonders why it's not evident on his hands? My reading after studying his complete hand is that, unlike Bal Thackeray, Raj is perfectly able to see
the broader perspective but consciously and deliberately chose narrow politics as a way of getting ahead. The reasons become easier to understand as one delves deeper into his personality.

Raj at MNS Koli FestivalRaj Thackeray has well-developed mounts of Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars and Moon. He also has a strong heartline, long and curved, almost reaching the Mount of Jupiter and this line dominates his hand. He has broad palms, medium length fingers which are more or less balanced with each other in length. He has a reasonably good thumb, with a good balance of both the phalanges. Several of his fingers are tapering and the second phalanges of his fingers dominate. He has a long, but low-set Mercury (little) finger. His head and lifelines are joined considerably and the headline is a little wavy.

The hands show him to be an emotional and perhaps even volatile person. And there is no doubt that this hand belongs to a sentimental and idealistic person. Raj is someone who has a great love to give to people and compassion for the underdog. It's likely that he needs to believe in some cause to channel this. His hand does not show a craving to be in the limelight and nor does it show that he is manipulative or a cynic, and that is a good thing for a politician. However, a cause he needs to have.

Check out a hand photograph of his here and here.

He is aggressive but not unreasonable. Besides, there is compassion and warmth shown on his hand. He very likely understands people and charisma is likely to be present to some extent. He is also likely to be able to inject emotion into his messages as he feels so strongly himself. Such people have the power to sway and influence others to a high degree.

He is, however, not likely to be very open as one should be if one is a leader, and is also cautious, a little introverted, and possibly changeable and moody.

He does have talent and ability although he is more of a doer rather than a thinker - which is just the opposite of his cousin Uddhav Thackeray! Uddhav is more of a thinker rather than a doer! 

Raj Thackeray has the willpower and determination to get things done as well, as long as he gets his ideas right and remains consistent with them. High ideals are good, always, but they need to be thought out. One cannot get by on temporary emotions and one has to do something one genuinely believes in, or it results in changeability and a wavering mind. His hand does not point to a steady personality.

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  1. Well, I agree with you on one thing, he's dangerous alright!

  2. interesting. He also seems to have respect from people..and well he does talk well.

  3. What he needs is a good set of advisers who will give him the independent thinking etc that he needs. Does he have the sense to do that and can he listen?

  4. Vishesh, yeah I guess he has a large following and it's because of his magnetism.
    Anil, Unfortunately he is not particularly amenable to listening. He is rather bull-headed. However this does not mean he does not listen at all. Just that he needs time. But then I am not sure any of his advisors have too much merit, from my observations.

  5. I thought people fake a cause to instigate and control the masses... He himself needs a strong cause came as a surprise to me! Is this the case of a leader believing in his own cause and making people believe in it as well? If so, its quite a rarity, esp. for the current Indian politicians!!

    Destination Infinity

  6. I guess it's easier to make people believe if one believes in it oneself. But yeah, a lot of politicians do fake, manipulate and use their money power.

  7. i have a smilar heart line, are such people hardworking towards achieving their dreams.?

  8. Mr. Curious, the heartline does not show any career indications. It shows one's attitude to others as well as loved ones.

  9. well, how will be such persons attitude.?

  10. Mr. Curious, I am not sure what you mean. When I talked of Raj T's heartline I was referring to the length of this heartline, the place where it begins and the strength of the beginning and also the relative strength of his heartline to his other lines. The way it is on his hand, it shows an attachment to family. I have also taken into account the width and height of the Mount of Venus on the hand to confirm the conclusion. As mentioned elsewhere on this website, just one sign does not give an accurate indication as other signs could contradict it. Thus, there is no way I can comment on your heartline.

  11. where did you got his line patterns .. did you meet him ?

  12. I have not met any of the people whose hands I have analysed on this blog. I read hands from photos.

  13. hey nita could u tell me about how much importance thumb has in determining ones personality ? and what are phalanges and how do they affetc the bearer???


  14. The thumb is the most important of all the fingers in determining personality.

    Think of the shape of the hand (fingers and palm) as the framework of the personality and the lines fill in all the little details.

    The phalanges are demarcated on the inside of the fingers by short lines and thus we have 3 phalanges on each finger. They are critical in personality analysis because the phalanges tell you which world you move in. The mental, the material or the physical. But remember the mounts have to be taken into consideration too, and also the lines to some extent. In addition each finger tells its own story as a long second phalange on the middle finger means something different from a long middle phalange on the index finger.

    We can either have a fair balance in the length of the three phalanges, or one phalange can dominate.

    The reading of the phalanges has to be done by noting which mounts are dominant because mount development can alleviate the deficiency of a phalange or it can enhance the importance of one.


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