Monday, August 17, 2015

How hard is it to change the future?

The future is a mysterious and unknown thing and people flock to palmists, astrologists, card readers and psychics hoping to get a glimpse of it. But the future cannot be read with certainty because it changes. And we should be thankful for that because in our hearts of hearts, none of us wants a fixed future.

That said, we should not assume that it is easy to change our future (and thus our lines). Our life can take a different course in the space of a month or it may
remain on its destined path for decades and decades. Human beings tend to become fairly fixed in their personality patterns and their future is unlikely to change.

Anyone seeking to change their life (and the lines on his/her hand) has to ask this question of themselves:
  • Am I making an attempt to change my thinking?
  • Has any major trauma or event changed me forever?
In the movie Back to the Future by Stephen Spielberg, the lead character Marty McFly changes his future. Here is an excerpt taken from this wikipedia article:

His {Marty's} major character flaw is his pride, which causes him to take unnecessary risks to show others that he is not "chicken" ... During a visit to 1885{to the past}, Marty meets his great-grandfather Seamus McFly who points out that his {Seamus's}brother, Martin {who Martin McFly's is named after} was killed in an argument when someone questioned his bravery. Marty begins to re-think his stance on what other people thought of him. Doc (Marty's friend and mentor) had also told him that Marty could possibly have a similar fate {like that of his great grandfather's brother}. This (and other events) changed Marty.
This was highlighted when Marty refused to race his school rival, even after goading, thus avoiding a tragic accident {Marty was seen to die tragically in the future}. Marty learned how to base his decisions and actions on his own terms instead of being influenced by others, therefore changing his future.

That was fiction. In reality, pride is a difficult characteristic to get rid of.

Only when major personality traits change does it impact the future. Superficial personality changes will not affect the major events in our future, and will not change the lines.

In other words, only when a person makes a huge effort to change, does his/her future change.

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  1. Astrologers here seem to predict the future fairly accurately. That makes me wonder, even if we work hard and smart, would we be able to change it?

    Destination Infinity

  2. Astrologers usually have a 50:50 hit rate I think. In fact in my case they have been wrong about 90% of the time, and also the same experience with my close family and friends. Some have had the astrologer predict properly about 30-40% of the time. Yes, I have heard of times they have predicted accurately, but from what I hear they are wrong half the time! And if they are right more often, it is usually because of their acute observation of their client, and good guesswork. Most of us reveal a lot of personal things to the astrologer. It would be interesting to see if the birth chart was given without the astrologer actually meeting the person. If a astrologer was given about 100 birthcharts without ever meeting the person and not knowing the gender, I would say he/she would be wrong about 90% of the time.

  3. Ma'am,

    I think the right word for such changes in Hindi would be sanskars. They are difficult to inculcate. But are changeable with right effort.
    But the real question is, what is right effort, that will bring about definite change in one's character? How is one to know this is THE RIGHT EFFORT?

    Secondly, Why should one change at all? Nobody is perfect,Everybody is different in their own ways.Therefore, why try to be perfect ? What would we achieve after the change? Probably,a temporary satisfaction and a ground for another change.There does not seem to be an end to what one can desire to be and hopefully become.

    And in fact if I am the culmination of what I already did or thought in the past, how would changing it in the future bring about? A different ME? No , I don't think so. It would rather be a me with a different set of behavioral patterns and habits."I" never changed. My habits,feelings,beliefs,sanskars and behavior did. So why change at all ?

  4. Very philosophical indeed. And you have a long as you are happy the way your life is going. If you are happy and at peace with yourself, and are content with your life, why change at all?
    Unfortunately people are not happy with their life, they are always striving for something which is out there...and it is not easy for them to change their high expectations because all of us are very different. Our Life Purpose is different. Their "I" doesn't really change but with a change in behavior, their future might..

  5. how about altruism ...why r certain men and women born with a sense of detachment and go on to life of spirtual awakening (if there is anything like that) seemingly some of them are worshipped like demigods in our country but i highly doubt such people ever set foot on the right path or achieve anything .and these people still die unsatisfied i am just fascinated by such people because i just dont understand the existence of such human beings who r born amongst the common average lot struggling to make means yet here their are these people.who.r not inspired by pragmatic way of life or digest the idea of of an ordinary working culture what makes certain humans ...shed the worldly ways ..are they really just bored people with low inspiration instilled with further lazyness the heck r they supposed to survive ..i am just asking because it fascinates me that a brain that is designed to give a human being all the needed antics to survive in this world just doesnt work in these people...i know einstein was like that..but he was a genius so he got by ..through life ..his inspiration was still intellectual in nature ..chiro again without his second head line rising on the mount of jupiter wouldnt have been able to survive in this world..but then there r these genuinely ..over enlightened beings who were these fakirs like osho or other peer baba's altho shrewd enough but yet their life goal or purpose seems ..implausible ..what is the purpose of such existence to lead every cell in ur brain to fancy theories...why r such humans on the planet i am asking this because even i feel such a sense of ditachment with the world .and the constant look out for fancy theories or ideologies .what is wrong with my it depression it something else..its seems like anomaly .which needs to be recognized i hope u get me

  6. Every human being is wired differently. Some people are above material gain and live in the intellectual world. It is very different from depression. People who feel depressed are just the opposite. They get buffeted by their surroundings and are unable to cope. They are not detached in the true sense. Depressed people feel detachment, losing interest in life, that is a very different type of detached. It is not nirvana.

  7. At any cost, God's will works we can change nothing
    results r in the hands of God

    1. Gurmeet, it is very comforting to have faith and admirable too. However faith in God does not necessarily mean faith in Destiny. It does not mean that we have to be fatalistic. I personally believe that God does not lay down our individual paths. He has given us the freedom to choose our own destiny. A strong belief in Fate often results in not trying hard enough to make changes in our lives.

  8. Ma'am, could you please read Sandeep Maheshwari's palm?! He seems to have very good oratory and communication skills.

    1. Well, I can read hands if I have sufficient photos of the hand. These can be found if the person is famous enough so that he waves to fans etc. As the photos on the internet are of a low resolution, and from different angles, I need not just one or two, but at least about a dozen or so. If these are available then I can read the hand.

  9. I had a question regarding saturn lines. Why is it that having only one Line on saturn mount is considered better than many lines? Does multiple lines indicate too much seriousness(depression)?Thanks.

    1. Not at all. Having a couple of lines is not a bad thing at all. It does enhance the Saturn qualities but then whether these are present in excess also depends on the strength of the mount of Saturn, the length of the finger and which part of the hand is most prominent (the upper, the middle or the bottom.) Generally speaking, if the lines on Saturn are clear and without defects I would see it as a positive sign.


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