Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

HH Sheikh Hamdan is the Crown Prince of Dubai and is popularly known as Fazza.

Reading hands of royalty is fascinating as the environment tends to change them, resulting in some differences in their left and right hands. The active hand (the one with which one writes) shows the current active personality while the other hand shows the subconscious or inherited qualities. 

Royals usually lead a life of luxury and don’t need to earn their living and this can change who they are. That is just one aspect of it. The second aspect is that royals generally get adulation from their people, more so if they are attractive, well-turned-out and active in social projects. Thus their primary motivation is different from that of the average person. 

In the case of Sheikh Hamdan al Maktoum, the crown prince of Dubai, the right and left hands do differ.

Friday, October 23, 2020

Joe Biden the democrat and statesman

Joe Biden has the hands of a statesman. He has a largish hand, pronounced first and second knots on his fingers and long, fine lines along-with a low-set thumb held a little apart. His fingers, though short rather than long, are not too short. His fingers are straight, except for the Jupiter (index) finger and the thumb is a balanced one with a slightly waisted second phalange. The mounts of Venus and Moon are most developed but the mounts of Jupiter and Lower Mars good too. 

The size of the hand matters. It is the size and shape of the hand within which the actual lines are to be interpreted. When the hand is large (relative to the body) it shows a thinking person. The developed knots add to the thoughtfulness. One cannot help but compare Joe Biden’s hand to Donald Trump’s hand which is supposedly small. People with small hands tend to be more emotional and tend not to analyse or think too much. People with small hands do not make great leaders. 

A large hand by itself does not automatically mean that the person is

Friday, September 18, 2020

Arnab Goswami – what lies behind his television persona?

Arnab Goswami has made a name for himself with a flamboyant type of journalism, heading/owning as he does two of the most popular channels in India, of the Republic stable. There are critics galore but then there are devoted fans too. 

One wonders what makes the man who he is. Shouting and being rude is a part and parcel of his grandiose television persona and at times the “debates” get so heated as to sound almost deranged. Some feel that Arnab is not altogether sane…well, his hands tell us otherwise! 

The shape of his hand is normal, in the sense that he has a rectangular palm and medium length fingers, tapering at the end. All of his lines – the head, heart and life – are well etched, although the heartline with its large fork dominates. The headline is clearly separated from the lifeline and is very high. Not only does it start high (at the base of the mount of Jupiter) it keeps going higher (not so common at all) and remains in this high position till around the time it reaches the ring finger. This narrows the space between the head and heart lines. It’s not too dissimilar on the left, passive hand. The Fate or Saturn line, though deep at the start,

Thursday, August 27, 2020

Kamala Harris – the woman with a future

Kamala Harris is a rising star on the American political horizon. Will she be good for America as a Vice-President, assuming that she and Joe Biden win? What kind of a human being is she? Her hands give us a general idea.

She has large hands and a rectangular palm. Both the Venus and Moon mounts are developed. The fingers are mostly straight and normally set, except for the Mercury (pinky) finger which seems a little low set. The second phalanges of the fingers are prominent but the first phalanges are not short, they are okay. The third phalanges are a good length and not too thick. The will phalange (first phalange of the thumb) is long, but not thick and the logic phalange (second phalange of the thumb) is slim. The Lower Mars mount is not very developed; Upper Mars is stronger.

These are positive hand features, showing a person who has her head on her shoulders, with the ability to resist adversity and someone who

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Sushant Singh Rajput - his suicide and his hand

Sushant Singh Rajput snapped at the promotions of 'M.S. Dhoni - The Untold Story' (cropped)

Sushant Singh Rajput's* suicide caught everyone by surprise. Celebrities killing themselves in the early days of stardom is rare but people killing themselves in modern times is not so rare. Pressures are high in several professions, particularly in the acting field. You are only as good as your last film!

What was it that led Sushant to take this extreme step? It is common knowledge that he had difficulties in his career. Did he imagine that he would never fulfil his ambitions?

His hand shows that he had the capability to reach the top. His sensitivity, creativity and talent are more than evident on his hand. Was his temperament not suited to the cutthroat, parochial world of Bollywood?

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

The hands of a handcuffed man...

There are hundreds of hand readings of famous people on this site and a few on palmistry as well. Some of the hand analyses are of notorious people like that of the serial killer Ted Bundy or this unnamed terrorist. Criminals hands make a fascinating study although the hands cannot show whether a person will commit a crime in the future or even whether has done so in the past. The hand shows personality characteristics, not actual actions.

But one cannot discount the fact that the hand shows up weaknesses of personality,  giving us hints about a person’s actions, criminal or not. 

Prints of criminals are not available freely and a quick of check of some hand-cuffed people on the internet was disappointing. A lot of these are “stock” photos so we cannot confirm that they belong to criminals. Even if genuine, some handcuffed people could have been handcuffed for minor reasons. Despite these reservations, after studying a few of these photos, my conclusions are that many of these hands aren’t “good” in the normal sense. They do not have the best lines. One of these hands stood out and this is the hand being analysed here. It belongs to an unknown handcuffed man. Whether or not he has committed a crime I cannot say, but his hand shows the proclivity. 

These hands were selected as both the right and left hands have poor lines and therefore we can disregard (for the sake of study) the differences between the person’s active and passive hands.

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Your hand shows you up to be whom you really think you are

Your hand reveals your true self –  not who you actually are but whom you think you are. In plain speak, it outlines your opinion of yourself – what you think of yourself deep down, at the bottom of your heart, maybe even in your subconscious. The hand does not provide an objective evaluation of an individual and nor is hand analysis about what you and I think of a particular person. Such evaluations emerge from outside of the person whose hand is being studied, and therefore, will not be shown on the hand.

Our hand shape and lines are formed by connections to the brain, our own brain. Like I have explained in this post:
Image by VSRao 
... Hundreds of nerves connect our brain to our body parts, including the hands. Why our conscious and unconscious thoughts are transmitted via the brain on to the palm is like asking why is it that we have ten fingers and ten toes. This is how our body is designed. Each body part has a function, sometimes multiple functions. The hand shape and palmar surface give us clues about ourselves and we can decipher them if we try."

That's why an outside/objective view of a person is likely to be different from what the person's hand shows.

This can be understood better if one takes racism as an example.

Friday, May 29, 2020

Jared Leto – a sensitive, generous soul

A few photos of Jared Leto’s hands on the net are quite clear, of both his hands. One doesn’t normally find such photos of famous people so freely available, but when they are, it’s an incentive to study the hand. Even the shape of the hand is distinctly visible – the broadish palm, slightly short fingers, slim, squarish at the tips and curved, except for the Mercury or the little finger, which is straight. The mounts of Moon and Venus are developed well and the first and third phalanges are long. Overall, the hand is good, in the sense that there aren’t too many lines cluttering up the palm, and the fingers are more or less balanced with each other as is the palm balanced with the length of the fingers.
Jared Leto as the Joker in Suicide Squad

What struck me immediately is the difference between Jared’s left (passive) hand and the right (active) hand. Three of the main lines, the Heart, the Head and Fate or Saturn line are markedly different on both hands. The lifeline is the only major line which seems similar on both hands. 

Friday, May 1, 2020

Uddhav Thackeray – practical rather than idealistic

The Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Shri Uddhav Thackeray calling on the Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, in New Delhi on February 21, 2020 (Uddhav Thackeray) (cropped)Uddhav Thackeray* has long hands, in particular, a long palm, and in comparison, the fingers are short with rounded tips. The first phalanges are long, and the second phalanges are average. However, his head and heart lines appear to be balanced with each other and straightish (one can never be absolutely sure of the lines with the kind of photos one has to work with). His Apollo (ring) finger is dominant and the Jupiter finger a little low-set. Both the Saturn (middle) and Jupiter (index) fingers are a little bent. The mounts of Lower Mars, Moon and Venus are the most developed mounts on the hand.

All these signs point to an enthusiastic individual, impatient at times, and certainly, quite action and goal-oriented, although with an intellectual and theoretical approach to problems. What saves him from becoming too theoretical

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

The hand reading of Xi Jinping, the Chinese President

Xi Jinping 2019China’s powerful President, Xi Jinping, has been criticized, particularly after the way in which China handled the Covid19 crises. But the President's hands show that he is a compassionate leader, with a great love for his people.

His hands have developed mounts of Moon, Venus and Mars, particular Lower Mars. The hand, squarish with a broad palm and short fingers appears to be stiff. The fingers, on the shorter side, are straight, have short middle phalanges, good first phalanges and developed third phalanges. Tips are conic, more so on of the Jupiter and Mercury fingers. The ring (Apollo) finger is a little too long and it’s possible that the index (Jupiter) finger is a little short. The heartline dominates, it’s dark, curved (which makes it long) but does not reach the Jupiter mount. The headline is straight and fine, though lighter than the heartline and not too long.

These hand features tell us about a person who is down-to-earth and for whom

Sunday, March 1, 2020

Why is Novak Djokovic less popular than Federer and Nadal?

Novak Djokovic Wimbledon 2017When one looks at any hand, a couple of things usually stick out and in the case of Novak Djokovic, it's his shrewdness and the edgy, defiant quality to his personality. If one compares his hands to other tennis greats, Roger Federer for example, Federer’s hands reveal an inner vulnerability of character and a cool intellectualism with a touch of cynicism. When it comes to Rafael Nadal, it’s his cleverness, agility and immense generosity of spirit that stands out.

Coming back to Djokovic's hands, they have broad, heavy palms and short fingers and well developed Venus, Lower Mars and Moon. His Saturn (middle) finger is a little shorter than normal and both the Jupiter (Index) and Mercury (pinky) fingers are bent. First phalanges of Mercury and Apollo (ring) fingers are good and the thumb is good, with a normal balance of the first and second phalanges and it is likely slightly low-set. The fingertips are rounded and the headline starts a little high and then slopes down across the palm. There is a gap between the life and headlines on the right, active hand but none can be seen on the left, passive hand. There are other differences between the passive and active hand. The Girdle of Venus is well marked on his passive hand but in most photographs of the right hand, it's missing, which means there must be a fainter version on the right hand. The heartline is longer on the passive hand, the life and headlines are joined and the Moon mount is not developed. That's a lot of differences!

What do such differences between the two hands usually mean?

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Was Nawaz Sharif a great Prime Minister?

Nawaz Sharif became the Prime Minister of Pakistan three times. People loved him but how right was he for Pakistan?

If one had to estimate the profession of Nawaz Sharif from his hand, a man who was born into a business family and became the PM thrice, it would be difficult to say that he was either a businessman or a politician, leave alone a head of state. Yes, his hand shows that he is a good man, but was he prime ministerial material?

His hand, with its broad fingers, a broad, fleshy palm has

Friday, January 17, 2020

Why Sonam Kapoor did not make it to the top in Bollywood

Out of the 19-20 movies that Sonam Kapoor has been in, only about 4-5 have been hits, according to Box Office India. She is not considered a super successful actor. She didn't make it to the A-list. But her hands show that she has the ability, the talent.

Does this mean that Sonam is an underrated actor? If this is so, what went wrong? Why did she not climb to the pinnacle that she rightly should have? Read on and you will find out why. Her hands give us some of the answers.

Sonam has long fingers, including a long thumb and a particularly long Mercury (little) finger, all with tapering tips and long second and third phalanges and average first phalanges. The second phalange of the thumb is broad and there is a gap between the head and lifelines at the start. The Moon mount is developed. The palm is longish and the heartline is curved, going in-between her first two fingers. The headline is wavy and darker and higher in the beginning. On the left passive hand (Sonam is right-handed) her heartline and headline are both straightish.