Monday, May 14, 2018

Mark Zuckerberg's hand reading

Mark Zuckerberg, the young technology billionaire entrepreneur has a good set of hands – broad palms, longish fingers, and a strong thumb with a good balance of both phalanges. In fact, the phalanges of all his fingers are well balanced. He has sensitive pads at the tips of his fingers (an unusual sign for a businessman) and a slightly short Jupiter finger. He has good Apollo and Mercury fingers, with the latter slightly bent.

It is difficult to see the palmar lines, but from whatever little is visible from the photos on the web,

Friday, April 27, 2018

Why do you want to know your future?

People want to know when they will die (even when they are healthy); if they will get divorced (even if they are in a happy marriage); or if they should start a business. Queries like these are very common.

My response is usually an apology. I tell them that I am unable to answer their questions because the hand cannot reveal the answers with any accuracy. Not surprisingly, I never hear from them again.

I know they will go to others who will give them exactly what they want. These predictions can come true 50-70% of the time, the accuracy depending on the guesswork of the person who is doing the guessing.

I regularly get emails from people who are frightened out of their wits, asking me whether they will really die in an accident next year or whether they will have three marriages - because someone predicted it. I assure them that nothing of the sort can be predicted, and I hope that they believe me.

But why do people want to know the future? And why do people allow bizarre predictions to scare them even though they know in their hearts of hearts that they are untrue?

The answer to the first question is that it is more than just curiousity. We human beings want to feel secure, and want to do something to prevent bad things happening to us. We want to feel in control, just as driver does. But if you think of your life as a journey, and you in the driver's seat, safety precautions can be taken even without knowing the future. Even after taking all the precautions like wearing a seat belt and driving within speed limits, you cannot be 100% sure of what will happen, because you have no control over other people.

Similarly, if you want to start a business, ensure that you get into a field you have expertise and experience in, and study the market. If you are afraid of divorce, the best thing to do is select the right partner and be a good partner yourself. To do this all you need is self-knowledge. Without true self-knowledge you will make mistakes.

Going to a hand reader or astrologer to tell you whether you will have a divorce or succeed in your business is futile. For one thing, he/she cannot answer this question with any certainty. Secondly, whether you will have a divorce or not depends on whom you have married, and what your circumstances are, not on the lines of your hand.

We Indians are curious about the future, more so than other people. So much so that we even want to know what will happen after we die. If you believe in re-birth and this motivates you to lead a good life, there is nothing is wrong with it.

But when this starts translating into anxiety about our future in our present life, then it can spoil our happiness. It prevents you from living in the present. Instead, just take the necessary precautions! Whether it is to prevent crime, or to prevent bad health or prevent job loss or prevent an unhappy marriage, you are in control. Some circumstances can never be within our control, but knowing that you are trying your best is good enough.

Believing in "fate" makes people not try hard enough to improve their life. And getting the future read by astrologers and palmists increases this sense of fatality.

To live a good life, self-knowledge is the greatest weapon that you can have.  Whether you get this from meditation and spirituality, or through hand-reading, it is your choice. As this Delphic maxim says: Know Thyself.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Ashton Kutcher's hand reading

Ashton Kutcher has a broad palm and fine lines, with a gap between his head and lifelines, a larger gap on the left, passive hand. His Heartline dominates the hand. He has a strong Apollo finger, and a slightly bent, low set Jupiter finger.

Although there are plenty of photos of Kutcher on the net, unfortunately there are few which show his hands clearly. However, some broad personality characteristics can be seen from his hand.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Ten Frequently Asked Questions about Hand Reading (PALMISTRY FAQS)

Here are some FAQs on Palmistry or Hand reading. And the answers to them. 

1) Is palmistry a legitimate, proven science or an art of intuition? Even worse, is it merely unreliable speculation? 

There is a vast ancient knowledge about hand reading and this knowledge has been built upon by many good modern authors on palmistry. When it comes to actually using this knowledge, some palmists and hand readers use intuition, astrology, psychology and superstition, and combine it with tidbits of ancient palmistry knowledge to draw conclusions. This tends to discredit palmistry.

Even if intuition is accurate at times, to rely on it or to act as if it is about hand reading is not correct. From the number of emails I get every week from people who have been victims of palmists who make dire, frightening predictions,

Monday, March 19, 2018

Swami Prabhupada, founder of ISKCON

Swami Prabhupada* has a large hand, with long, clear lines, more or less straight fingers which are neither short nor long. His head and heart lines are balanced with each other. The lifeline is strong, and the palm, though rectangular in shape, is big, and not narrow. He also has large nails, pronounced knots, and good first phalanges. His thumb seems to be a little low set, even if held close to the hand.

These hand features tell us that Swami Prabhupada was clear-headed, and

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Meghan Markle's personality as revealed by her hands

Meghan Markle has a long hand, with shortish fingers. The phalanges of her fingers are slim, often waisted. She has a distinctively long first phalange of Jupiter (index finger), and also a long first phalange of the Mercury (little finger). Both the first and second phalanges of her Apollo (ring) finger are good. Of the mounts on her hand, the Mercury, Jupiter and Moon mounts are the most developed. There is a Simian line on her right (active) hand which is not present on her left (passive) hand. It is not possible to see the other lines very clearly but she has prominent Saturn and Apollo lines on the respective mounts.

If one has to choose one word which describes her, from studying her hand, it would be

Saturday, January 6, 2018

The hands of M.I.A Mathangi "Maya" Arulpragasam

It is always interesting to read the hands of those whose passive and active hands are different. It is so in the case of Mathangi M.I.A (also known as Maya)*. It generally indicates an unusual (and at times tumultuous) life, emotionally speaking. The active hand (the writing hand) reveals the current self, while the passive shows the subconscious personality.

Mathangi has longish fingers and a longish palm, and this shape points to a sensitive, vulnerable, and intuitive person, a person for whom feelings are important. Her Heartline is strong, on both hands, and this fits in

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Nirmala Sitharaman's hands

The shape of the hand is the most important aspect of hand reading because it is in the context in which the lines are read.

*Nirmala Sitharaman’s hand is on the larger side, firm, with a good thumb, and the fingers are a decent length. The palm, although not broad, is large, and rectangular. Her fingers are mostly straight, with long second and third phalanges. These hand features reveal some broad personality characteristics like a balanced, straightforward

Monday, September 18, 2017

The hand reading of Jackie Chan

The main features of Jackie Chan’s hand are his broad palm, slightly short, broad fingers, a dominant Apollo finger with a spatulate tip, a shortish, bent and low set Jupiter finger, and developed mounts of Moon, Venus and Lower Mars. He has a good thumb, low set, and the top phalange is a little thick, and his little (pinky) and Saturn (middle) fingers are short. His lines are finely etched and the Headline sloping in the second half of his life.

These hand features give a glimpse as to Jackie Chan the man, and explain, to some extent at least, certain controversial things he has done in his life, like not batting for freedom, as you

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Chester Bennington - Suicide and Hand Reading

Chester Bennington, a famous musician, committed suicide at 41, leaving fans shocked. Was there any indication on Chester Bennington’s hand which gave a clue as to why he did it?

Famous palmists like Cheiro have written about suicidal hands and such hands were mostly of people incapable of living a normal life due to their precarious mental state, unable to function in real life. It was rare for successful and famous people to kill themselves at the time.

Today it is more common. It may flummox ordinary people as to why a successful and famous person would want to die, but the pressures they face are high, and if their self-esteem is tied to continued success, it can lead to depression. Today, in modern times, success is transient, competition ruthless, the public fickle, and drugs and alcohol freely available and used without social stigma, particularly by the rich and famous. Whether related to this or not, the suicide rate amongst famous and successful people is rising, and some of these celebs have been known to suffer from depression and addiction issues.

It is known that Chester Bennington suffered from depression off and on from a young age, and also battled issues with addiction. Is this visible on his hand?

Chester Bennington has a broad palm, a long low-set thumb, and a very highly developed Lower Mars and Jupiter mounts as well as bent fingers.

Check out a photo of his hand here or here. (as he was left-handed, a link to his left hand photographs is provided)

The bent Saturn and Jupiter fingers are similar to that of Kurt Cobain (who also is believed to have committed suicide) although Cobain’s Saturn finger appears to be more severely bent. A significantly bent middle finger does point to a critical, negative attitude, and in Bennington’s hand is exacerbated by the developed third phalange of Saturn, and Moon mount, and poorly developed Upper Mars. These signs can indicate feelings of solitariness and moodiness and lead to feelings of discouragement. These characteristics do not necessarily point to a depressive personality, because finally it depends on the mind. In Bennington’s case the Headline is not clearly visible in photographs on the internet but if one has to guess from one blurred photo, he could cope with reality.

Was his suicide an impulsive act then? There are indications that the suicide was not planned. His hand shows impulsiveness.

If one has to sum up one can say that Bennington’s hands show him to be a moody, lonely person, and a very compassionate one as well. However, his hands also show him to be an extremely aggressive, pushy, controlling and ambitious go-getter. Almost like he was two different people.

People kill themselves when they feel they have no hope, and my theory after studying his hand is that he killed himself because his temperament was at odds with itself, unable to handle the ups and downs that success brings with it in the modern world. And he wanted success like no other.

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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Virat Kohli's personality reading

Virat Kohli’s hand with its broad square palm and the well developed Venus, shortish fingers, strong Upper Moon, good thumb, and strong main lines, shows a healthy, energetic, creative, talented and hard working individual, loving, warm and generous. These are the personality characteristics which leap out at you with a casual glance at the palm. 

The fact that his hand has few lines, and they are strong, unbroken and without defects, shows the focus, self-control, and clarity in thinking, and this adds to the determination shown by the thumb. It’s not just that he just good at what he does, he is a good human being, the kind of person who endears himself to others.

Check out a photo of his hands here, and here.

It is said that he aggressive and ambitious, but oddly enough these characteristics are shown as subdued in this hand. They are present, but in moderation and in a healthy proportion, and are not what define him. This means that Virat Kohli the human being is not the aggressive, ambitious ‘A’ type personality that he may appear to be. It is a positive indication in my opinion, as he would not rub people the wrong way due to a bombastic approach.

His hand shows humility, a good characteristic for a leader to possess. What is not so good is that his Jupiter finger is a little weak, but taking into account his other characteristics, it does not make him a weak leader, certainly not in the context of his profession. It just means he is a sensitive, humble person, without ego, and willing to accept his mistakes. Along with his talent and determination it does show that he will want to grow and improve himself.

If he were not talented, then these personality characteristics become a hindrance. But cricket captains are where they are because of their sheer talent and thus they do not need a forceful or aggressive approach to demand respect. They automatically command it.

The vulnerability shown by the Jupiter finger and the average or below average Upper Mars, can be countered by outside support in some manner. Whether it is in the form of a person or guru, or an idea. This will increase his self-belief.

Kohli’s hand also shows a kind of flair in the personality, a kind of dramatic style, and this will conceal the insecurity.

(Virat Kohli is an Indian international cricketer who currently captains the India national team).  

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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Yogi Adityanath's hand reading

The main features of Yogi Adityanath’s* hands are his squarish palms, fairly straight, shortish and rounded fingers with thick third phalanges, well-developed mounts especially that of Venus, Mars and Moon, and a few dark, well-etched lines, including a ram-rod straight Fateline, but one which does not start from the base of the hand. The Heartline is a little more pronounced as compared to his other main lines, the thumb phalanges are slightly thick and the Headline and Lifeline are joined considerably.

What is clear from his hand is that he is a