Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton?

Who is the better candidate – Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders?*

Hillary Clinton is the practical, dependable sort, and the more aggressive, stronger personality. Bernie Sanders is more of an intuitive, ideating kind and certainly more of an intellectual. However, his headline shows pragmatism and common sense; he is level-headed and sensible, with stable, clear thinking, although he can be a little moody.

Clinton has a broad palm with short fingers, and Sanders has a longish palm, with short fingers. Both of them have long fine lines on their hands, with square tips to their middle and ring fingers, and conic tips to their Mercury (little) fingers. Both have good thumbs, though Sanders possibly has the better one, showing greater

Monday, March 7, 2016

Love, Marriage and Relationships - what the hand reveals

Questions on the burning topic of love, relationships and marriage are eternal. I receive requests to answer these questions almost daily. This post is to clear doubts that interested readers have on the subject.

Some questions are edited for clarity. Answers are at the bottom of the post.

The Questions:

I am a 24 yr kayasth girl and in a relationship with a punjabi khatri boy for the last 4 yrs.... My family is financially very weak they are not capable to do my marriage but my family is very well educated and in opposition of a love marriage. plz mam tell me is my marriage possible with this guy.... We can't live without each other.

My lover had our palms read by a palmist and when she read my partner's hand she said that he would marry early. When she read my hand, she said my marriage will be very late and I would marry at about 29-30yrs of age. This has me worried because this would mean that me and my partner will be marrying different people. What is your opinion?

Can you help me to read my marriage lines? I have 3 lines, and the middle line is going to the heart line and I also have a lot separate lines rising from this third line. I am a little bit confused.

Can u pls tell me if a boy has two marriage lines on his right hand and one marriage line on his left hand, does it mean he will get married twice?

I want to show my hand to you...the major issue is of my 2 marriage lines on my both hands, 2 on each. Please provide me ur view on this.

Ma'am I am really confused about the marriage line. Please help me out. I got married to a guy at a very early age. Now we are separated. Will we get together again in future ?

What will my married life be like? The love line doesn't touch the fate line and it runs parallelly (horozontally) under the little finger but it is very short. Does that mean I will not have a love marriage? Also, please can you tell me whether I will get married soon.

I heard from one astrologer that there is possibility of divorce in my kundli.
I want to check that if my palm lines tell same. I am unmarried girl currently and want to plan accordingly.

I am already married and in an unhappy marriage. I want to divorce and marry again and want to know if I have a chance of that. I want to know if two marriages are shown on my hand. I have two marriage lines.

When I was 15 years old, a palmist had read my palm and told me that I would have a divorce at age 40. Can you look at my hand and tell me if this is true?

Does the light line beneath the marriage line always signify a relationship or can it also indicate a one sided love?

The Answers

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Is Donald Trump a bigot?

Some people may love Donald Trump, the potential Republican nominee for the US President, but others call him a bigot and a racist.

This post is not about Trump’s chances of winning the Republican nomination, leave alone his chances of becoming the next President of the United States. This is about what his hands tell us. Is he really the racist bigot that he is accused of being?

Trump’s hand broad, thick palm, short fingers (some bent), long lines, and the supple, waisted thumb all tell a story, and a very revealing one! The mounts of Mars, Venus, Moon and Jupiter are heavily developed. The Lifeline sweeps across the palm, the Headline is gently sloping, and the Heartline goes up in a curve, reaching the area in-between the first two fingers.

Trump’s lines are quite good, fairly clear, and show capability, intelligence, and a good heart. It is not surprising that he makes a lot of money because not only is he smart and shrewd, he is aggressive, ambitious, and quite a go-getter.

The heavily developed mounts and the developed third phalanges tell us that he is a very passionate, energetic and emotional man, and quite excitable too. At the same time he is warm and giving and yes, compassionate as well.

Donald Trump’s hands do not show him to be a narrow-minded bigot. On the contrary, his hands show that he has the ability to

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The hands of a serial killer – Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy was executed in 1989 at the age of 43, but his evil is recorded for posterity. He confessed to 30 gruesome murders, but is thought to have committed many more, maybe around a hundred.

Will the known psychological traits of this notorious murderer/serial killer/rapist be visible on his hands?

Ted Bundy was known to be:
  • Violent
  • Sexually deviant with a remarkable lack of guilt
  • A pathological liar
  • Manipulative
  • Organized and calculating
  • Charming, also appearing as kind and empathetic
  • Narcissistic, with poor judgement

From this photo

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Shrimad Rajchandra's hands

Shrimad Rajchandra was a godman/guru who died young. His hand is an unusual one. It’s a long, large hand with deep lines. Even more interesting is the difference between the two hands. Not discernible at first glance, but looking closely one can see that the Headline on the right hand is longer, reaching the percussion. The other notable differences are a longer middle (Saturn) finger, a more pointed first (Jupiter) finger, a lower set Headline, and a longer Will Phalange of the thumb.

Both hands appear to have what looks like a second Heart line or Girdle of Venus, and such a clear line in this position is an unusual sign.

The differences between the two hand tell their own story. Although

Monday, September 21, 2015

Prabhas Raju Uppalapati

Prabhas Raju Uppalapti is a popular Telugu actor, smart, good looking and successful. He is apparently still single although he is well into his thirties. His fans are curious to know why. His hand reading can shed a light on this.

Prabhas’s hands are slightly large, with long fingers and a long palm. His fingers are quire flexible, and the thumb is slender, supple, a good length with balanced phalange length. The index (Jupiter) finger is a little bent, and the little (Mercury) finger a little short. Nails are a little small too. While most of the fingertips are rounded, the ring (Apollo) fingertip is spatulate. The lines on his hand are well-etched, the Headline forming a nice curve, and the Heartline on the straighter side, and not long enough to reach the Jupiter mount.

From the shape of his hand/fingers it’s clear that Prabhas has some serious trust issues, probably because

Monday, August 17, 2015

How hard is it to change the future?

The future is a mysterious and unknown thing and people flock to palmists, astrologists, card readers and psychics hoping to get a glimpse of it. But the future cannot be read with certainty because it changes. And we should be thankful for that because in our heart of hearts none of us want a fixed future.

That said, we should not assume that it is easy to change our future (and thus our lines). Our life can take a different course in the space of a month or it may

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The hand of Evo Morales

The hand of Evo Morales, the President of Bolivia, is astonishing for a Head of State. Most world leaders have a strong need for power and control, possess high self esteem, and feel driven to seek out leadership positions. Large thumbs, long Headlines and good Jupiter fingers are often found on these people. Morales has a very unusual hand for a world leader.

His hand shows him to be a simple and humble man although a very aggressive and strong one. There is no greed for power for power’s sake. No manipulative tendencies, no ego centrism. There is some showmanship though,

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Mark Twain's hands

Is it possible to find out the kind of hand a person has from past events and also known behavior? In a broad sense, yes. This is nicely illustrated in the hands of famous author Mark Twain.

Mark Twain was an amazing writer and that's a well-known fact. What is less widely known is that he was a poor businessman and had to file for bankruptcy due to bad investments although he recovered his fortune because of his writings.

His hand shape and fingers are unusual. All his

Friday, April 3, 2015

Lee Kuan Yew - Hand Reading

Lee Kuan Yew was the founder of a world class country (Singapore), and known to be incorruptible and a visionary.

He has an ideal hand (links to three hand photos are in the last paragraph) in some respects: a large broad palm, fingers of medium length, mounts neither flat nor over developed, well-etched long, balanced lines on a firm palm and a good low-set thumb to boot. All these signs point to a balanced character without personality quirks or eccentricities, a broad, progressive outlook, strong purpose, and a clear head.

Lee Kuan has been criticized for being a dictator and curtailing freedom of speech. Where is this shown on his hand?

Actually, his hand does not reveal him to be of a dictatorial temperament, not in the sense that people

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Kishore Kumar's Hand Reading

Kishore Kumar was a singing legend - a great and renowned Indian music star. Besides his talent, he was also a very loving, generous, and passionate human being. However, in this post I am looking at another aspect of his personality which is revealed by some interesting lines on his hand. Fascinating from the point of view of Palmistry.

While it is well known that he had a turbulent personal life (4 marriages), it is less well known that he was considered a little eccentric as well.

This is seen by the double Headline on his hand. While a double Headline shows more than ordinary intellect/capability, if any of the Headlines are oddly placed

Monday, February 2, 2015

The Myth of the Marriage Lines

There is a belief that hand reading can unravel the mystery behind relationships and marriage. To do this traditional palmists relied upon the so-called “marriage lines” on the edge of the palm, underneath the Mercury (Little) Finger.

The onus placed on these “magical” lines is that:

  • Each line represents an actual relationship
  • The strongest line denotes marriage
  • The higher up the “marriage line" is (towards the base of the little finger) the later the marriage or relationship. In other words, the age of the marriage is seen on these lines.
  • Absence of “marriage lines” means that the person will never get married or lacks libido
  • The “marriage line" turning upwards at its end indicates that the person will never get married
  • Faint or weak lines indicate weak relationships
  • Small vertical lines rising up from the “marriage lines” indicate children
  • Divorce is always marked on these lines either by large forks or the line plunging downwards.

My research after seeing hundreds of hands (some of these over many decades) tells me that none of the above is true. I know several people with two equally strong marriage lines who have never had more than one partner. I also know several people with the so-called children lines who have only one child. I also know someone with a long “marriage” line which turns upwards who is happily married. I also know people with weak “marriage” lines who are happily married. And I know people with normal “marriage” lines who have never married! And some with these normal lines are divorced!
Marriage line
The picture on the right shows the hand of a man who married early, had an unhappy marriage for several years and is now divorced, all before the age of 28. The "marriage line" is clear, well etched and shows no sign of divorce.

That said, if a marriage line under the Mercury finger plunges downwards and cuts the Heartline it can indicate serious heartbreak, but age cannot be read from this. And from my experience, 90% of divorcees do not have this sign. A gentle downward curve does not indicate divorce.

The "marriage line" splitting into a well marked fork can indicate differences but not necessarily divorce. One has to be cautious while reading such forks because many marriages have issues which are resolved amicably as it explained here. Or it can perhaps mean widely different temperaments in a fairly happy married life. Different or opposing temperaments do not mean unhappiness in marriage. Some even believe that opposites match. Besides, I know a couple in a very unhappy marriage and neither partner has the slightest fork on the "marriage line". Both have strong and clear marriage lines!

So, if these lines are not infallible indications of marriage or relationships, where is this aspect of oneself marked?

Some people have strong influence lines on the Mount of Moon which go on to join the Fateline. This usually does indicate a strong influence of the opposite sex, and if such a line joins the Fateline it can indicate an union. Going past it, cutting the Fateline can indicate a disappointment in love or a broken relationship. Age is difficult to pinpoint on the influence line. However these lines are not usually present. Their absence has no bearing on marriage or relationships. At times the influence can be of an event, not a person. Therefore these lines are not absolutely reliable.

The influence lines on the Mount of Venus, which run parallel to the lifeline are influences in the life of the person, and these are the most reliable. However, they are not necessarily of a partner. They can represent parents, friends, relatives or mentors or gurus. This is where you could possibly find a line representing your partner, but only if there is a close and intimate relationship over several years and the partner exerts a significant influence on the life. At times it is found on one partner, and not on the other. And at times neither partner has it, though they have a reasonably happy married life. This is because happiness means different things to different people. Many couples are not emotionally dependent on each other and at times can lead fairly autonomous lives. This does not indicate unhappiness. It finally depends on the temperament of the person on whose hand these lines are found. Strong, autonomous people have few or no lines. They influence others, rather than be influenced themselves.

Divorce or serious break-ups can be found marked in some hands, on the main lines. For example if the impact of the divorce is financial then the financial trouble will be marked, not the divorce. The cause of the financial issues may not be easy to decipher. The emotional impact of the separation/divorce can be marked on the head and heart lines too. Defects in the main lines indicate emotional disturbances, stress, and tension but it is not possible to relate the breaks/dots/islands/bars/crosses on the main lines specifically to marital troubles.

This post on Love and Marriage is about what the hand actually reveals about the subject.
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