I request some clients to allow me to use their feedback on this page. I am
posting some of their comments/testimonials here with their permission. Very few people wish to reveal their real names here and therefore you will find that either first names/nicknames/initials have been used.

There are six other testimonial pages and the links to the others is at the bottom of this post.

81) This recommendation is from O.M. from Chile, in February 2017.

My experience with Nita was excellent. She delivered everything as promised and earlier than the deadline. I requested the full reading. The personality reading was extremely accurate. I was very impressed. The Life Purpose was very helpful to my ongoing process of discovering who I am, and the Life Lessons provided absolute clarity and a better understanding of issues I’ve struggled with and what to avoid. Nita also patiently answered my questions after the reading as well. I highly recommend her.

82) S.M. from India sent me this in March 2017.

Undoubtedly your reading has been very accurate. In the life trend analysis as well whatever ages along with the event you have highlighted have been very accurate. Thanks for the same as it helped me immensely to understand where I am heading and on which all spheres I should focus to improve the quality of my life.

83) M.H from the U.S sent me this testimonial in April 2017.

Hello Nita,Your analysis is 100% correct. You are the very first person who know me more than myself. You have shown me my weakness and how to overcome.I m very thankful to you, Nita. You helped me a lot. In future, if I have any question, I will definitely contact you again.Thank you so much again.Regards,M.H

84) L. P. S from Singapore sent me this testimonial in August 2017.

You are amazing!! The reading is very insightful and detailed. Thank you very much for the advises, they are truly inspired and sure will be lifesaver of mine. I used to feel gloomy and confused about my future, the reading enlightened me. I now have faith in myself and my inner voice. This is definitely the best "aptitude test" that I ever have. You not only have the great talent in palmistry, your wisdom of life impressed me even more. Once again, thank you very much.

85) M. S from Indonesia sent me this in September 2017.

It was a random day where I unusually have the urge to look for palmistry, when i search for famous people's palm. I came across Nita's blog when i used google search engine. I read many posts, before I actually decided to have my hand read by Nita. She's a professional, she will meticulously read your hand and consider many aspects in your hand.

I asked Nita for what reading I should get, and she responded and explained many things. She's very generous, considerate and cooperative.
The reading was really eeriely accurate, she even mentioned something that I never told anyone, just by seeing my hands! I definitely would recommend anyone interested in palmistry to get read by Nita, she's an expert. Although, you should ask what kind of hand read you will need first. The reading was worth for every money i spent.

86) R from Tanzania sent me this email in February 2018:

Dear Nita,
I decided to contact you for a hand reading because of your pragmatic approach. I like that this was less a fortune telling exercise and more of an in depth reading from a third party to understand what had happened to me in my past and how those same character traits have led to certain decisions and will continue to lead me on the same path to which was made clear through the reading.
I also appreciate that you have mentioned that life is what you make of it and lines change as we change so what happens is not set in stone, but more of a choice if we actively seek another path.
Your readings about past incidents are very accurate, and your personality ready was spot on after some thoughtful reflection on my part.
I will definitely keep coming back for more insight!
Best Regards,

87) S from Australia wrote this in August 2018.

A very tailored and personal experience, with accurate details. The reading was worth the wait.


88) JN from India wrote this in December 2018:

I wrote to you a month or 2 back. With the quick passage of time I'm not quite sure if I thanked you for your palm reading.
I read my palm reading every once in a while. I find it very positive and encouraging. I'm glad that you fill your writings with so much of positivity. I'm sure I'll continue to read it in the years to come until I approach you for second reading :)
I'd like to thank you once again for the reading. Have a great day!
With Regards

89) AR from the US wrote in December 2018

Nita's hand reading was extremely detailed and insightful. I was really impressed that she was so accurate at so many levels - she definitely surpassed my expectations. It was a really good experience, and gave me a number of things to think about for the future. I highly recommend her services.

90) Rolf from Germany wrote in January 2020:

Every decade I ask for feedback from a holistic perspective of myself in order to check whether my self-perception is accurate.
So far I asked a card-reader and astrologers - but never for superstitious predictions about the future.
This time it was Mrs Kulkarni who read my palm and (as someone who does dig deep into my own personality by the means of daily meditation and contemplation) I can confirm that she was absolutely accurate about all major character traits and even past phases in my life!

The advantage of a palm reading with her over the other the previously mentioned disciplines is:
* Since the palm is not fixed, it gives space for self-improvement and does not impose a fatalistic worldview on anyone,
* in opposition to readings of intuitives she does not project any own personal views onto her clients,
* and she also did sum up the reading with very valuable keywords/affirmations which compress the value of her elaborate analysis into a concentrate of takeaways which can serve as subconscious guide-rails; easily to be memorised and to be worked with for a long time.

Nita Kulkarni also is very thorough and responsible and does not even start before all pictures are accurately provided to her (which at first is a pain but later a blessing).
And when she works, she is dedicated full-heartedly to one's case - like an analyst for a secret service.
I am glad that I chose the full package with her and every cent including a tip was well spent.

91) Anamika from the US wrote on 20th March 2020:

Dear Nita,
I was pleasantly surprised to receive a detailed report from you. I could not only relate to the aspects/milestones you mentioned in my life but also the report was much more than fortune-telling. I believe this is palmistry in true sense. Subtle detailing also ensures the fact that self-reliance is as important as getting any prediction regarding one’s future. I requested full reading and the prices were very reasonable. Fingerprints reading intrigued me. Life is a journey; if everything is predictable and known then there is no fun. The fact that the report is about being aware of one’s strengths, weaknesses, and finding that unique life purpose which is making you active and alive is praiseworthy. I liked the checklist you provided me to encourage me to be the best version of me, something I will follow for sure. It was an absolute pleasure to have communicated with you because of your professionalism, knowledge and warm and accommodative nature. Thank you".

92) VR from India wrote this in March 2020:

Dear Ma'am,
Thank you so much for your analysis...!!
I was super eager to read your analysis but I did not expect it to be this accurate. I was expecting around 70% - 80% accuracy, but it blew my mind when it was so close to 100%. I initially thought of colouring all the points that were accurate to me but I soon realized that I need to colour your entire analysis.
I totally agree with your analysis. It completely captures who I am.
I have been spending a lot of time… literally years in order to gain more self-awareness. I have read tons of books and articles, have taken up many online personality tests including the BIG 5 to figure out myself - my strengths and weaknesses, suitable career, etc but your analysis was more accurate than those tests.
Through these years I had already learnt a considerable amount about myself. But it definitely helps a lot to get reassurance from you.
Moreover, there were quite a few nuggets of advice which I had never thought before but am sure would help me a lot in my growth, like - having to rise above my professional skills and use my people skills to my advantage and separating my self-worth from my circumstances to build my mental strength, etc.
I also liked the checklist you provided at the end to track my growth. It would definitely be very helpful.

Also, I have already started recommending your services and sharing your info with my friends and relatives. I would get back to you on that soon.

I also have a request for you. If possible, kindly do a hand reading of Ramana Maharishi (I consider him as my guru along with Shirdi Sai Baba) and Andrew Yang (he gained prominence in US after his run for US Presidency in the upcoming general elections as a democratic nominee, he championed Universal Basic Income and seems to be one of the genuine politicians I have ever come across but I would love to hear your perspective on him) and post them in your blog sometime.

Thanks a ton again...!!

93) C from India wrote this in September 2020:

Thank you so much for your reading. i just read it 3 to 4 times over the last 2 days. i enjoyed it throughly. thank you so much. there were a lot of things that i felt applied to my life and i took some learnings also. the life lesson seemed eerily accurate for me, i feel the life purpose a) applied to me and b) i really like as well. ive always wondered about having two fate lines how they intersect and then go their ways and ive seen them change over time also. yes i did have upheaval in youth and yes i did experience a polarity of thought for approximately 10 years from 16 to 26. and focussing energies for activity b also seems valid. i could relate to activity a and activity b as well. thank you so much for your time and a pleasure to go through your blog and the reading.

94) Vikrant from India sent this in December 2020:

Dear Ma’am, Many thanks for the reading. Well done! I wish to take this opportunity to congratulate you on the accuracy, cohesion and consistency of your reading. You are a remarkable and gifted person doing everything you do in a meticulous and reliable manner; a charismatic professional, who delivered to me precise information about my innermost psychology, possible future, Career & relationship advice! Nothing more nothing less! 

Yours faithfully, 

95) IG from Russia has this to say (September 2021) 

Hello, Nita. 
Thanks for the reading. I've re-read it several times and I see that each reading attempt gives me one or another thing I've missed in the previous one. I see that it is as precise as it could be, given the theory of palmistry and the method that strives to be as close to reality as it is possible. Overall, I'm very pleased with it. You definitely don't do things on a level of guessing through tarot cards (or astrology). In a way your profiling is a good addition to psychological approaches (and at least you don't claim to know The Truth, as some psychologists that I've met, actually do).  
Again, thanks for your work and regards, 

96) FL from Brazil wrote this as feedback in December 2021


In this moment, I understood that it’s more important to live/feel the life rather a fictitious formula (as you said: “Life Purpose should be seen as a journey towards fulfilment, rather than a goal which will be accomplished a hundred percent. The aim is to never stop growing.”) and this have helped so much my mental health and live with positivity. 

And also, you have a perfect vision of palmistry for me. My life got more limited after I “learned” palmistry, like that I don’t have the control of my life. But after reading your idea about this study and your reading about me, I understood that palmistry works better in the aspect of character reading. Because the future and, even, the past, it’s relative. It depends the perception of each person. And this it’s the best part of the palmistry, because each person has, almost, total control of your life. We can even “change” our past. What we can’t to do? 

And finally, I want to thank you once again for the excellent work! It’s unbelievable what you get just by reading my hands. This is really fascinating (also, I will buy your palmistry book as soon as it launches). 





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  1. Testimony 59 is from Apr 17, and then the last one, No 60 is from Aug 17. Did you not read any palm in the 3 intervening months ? Just curious. When I read the book reviews on Amazon, I tend to read samples from all kinds of ratings to zero in on which book to buy. This practice has paid dividends. I would think so. I still cannot be sure, since I did not read the books I did not buy. But that frees me from any mischief my mind plays on me. Thanks anyway - onychotillomanic that I am.

  2. I read scores and scores of palms every month. It is my livelihood. There is usually a waiting list of a month of more when anyone comes to me to get their hands read, although short readings can be done faster.
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