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I request some clients to allow me to use their feedback on this page. Here are some of their comments/testimonials posted with their permission. Their real names are not given for privacy reasons. Either first names/nicknames/initials have been used.

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67) GN from Canada wrote this in July 2015:

Hello Nita,
I thank you for giving me the complete reading before the due date. It is much appreciated. I applaud you for the thorough reading as it's so spot on as if you know me very well. I won't hesitate to take your service again and refer you my friends.
As I read your personality analysis again and again, it allows me to understand myself better and the best thing is to have certitude about my own perception of my personalities. Thus, I can't thank you enough. This is a great treasure as I know where to stir my life now. The doubts are gone and I'm armed with answers.

Thanks again.
Best regards,

68) Dr. G.V from Kerala wrote this in August 2015:

Hi Nita,Thanks so much for the help. Your analysis was helpful and as you had said it helped me to identify my strengths and weaknesses. I thought the finger print analysis was the most helpful part which actually gave me an insight into what I am basically. So I understand that the life purpose is predetermined and the career and other choices which we make are to be treated as channels to fulfill the life purpose. Also I understand that the success in a chosen field is purely arbitrary as it only means achieving a level of satisfaction in what somebody does for a living. A labourer who is satisfied with his work might have the same palm lines as a high flying businessman provided they both perceive their individual successes to the same satisfaction levels. Do I get it right??Any way will recommend you to my friends and family for sure and as somebody interested in this science would keep in touch.Regards

69) RJ from Massachusetts, USA wrote in September 2015.

Hi Nita,
Thank you so much for the reading. You are right on dot for almost everything. I'm also realizing my life purpose through meditation from last couple of years so it all made sense.

I'll definitely contact you in future if i have any further questions and also recommend you to my friends.

It's amazing how you know so much about a person from their hands., you are really good at this, may god bless you!



70) This is from BT from Kerala in South India, written on September 2015.

Guess I know myself better now. Thanks a lot Nita for enlightening me with your analysis. Really appreciate your commitment and honesty shown during my consultation. The time line you provided was pretty accurate and I really admire your knowledge on this. Surely will look forward to meet you in person someday.



71) Priyanka from Delhi wrote in October 2015:

Dear Nita,
The reading has been quite interesting more so because there have been so many points which have been so true and which I’m struggling to come out from and also some points which I’m sub consciously aware of but haven’t had a good hard look over.

This has been a very rewarding experience and again, thanks a lot for all the efforts taken for my reading and I wish you the very best in all avenues of life.

72) Lee from Singapore sent me this in October 2015:

Thank you very much for the in-depth reading done. I have been reading it for numerous times and almost all of it resonates greatly with who I am. It felt as though you were my life coach giving me advice. Certainly it will enable me to be mindful about aspects in my life which have room for improvement. Feel free to post this paragraph as one of your testimonials on your website. May you and your loved ones be blessed with Love and Light.

Warmest Wishes,

73) Sophia from wrote this in March 2016 from Illinois, USA.

Dear Nita,
I read your report and I am truly in awe of your skills. What drew me to request you for a reading was your blog where you mentioned a couple of points about Aishwarya Rai and Jennifer Aniston which struck me as extraordinarily fine observations ( I understand I am younger to you by many years and dont intend to be patronizing .. :P ..but couldnt help sharing this one with you :P ) .. especially the one about aishwarya where you mentioned that she seems extremely uncomfortable in the eyes of the public and would have been more comfortable in an introverted profession ( i had a similar thought when i observe some of her interviews where she gives extremely guarded answers and also when she walks the red carpet despite all the couture finery and confidence of having been there and done that , there is still a tiny bit of discomfort reflecting in her eyes )... Thanks a lot for the detailed reading .. I will let you know if iam interested in any more of your services and also refer people known to me in future to you.. It was a pleasure having my hands read by you Ma'am.
Regards, Sophia

74) DY from Canada wrote this in May 2016.

Hi Nita
Thank you for the hand readings. They are surprisingly accurate and detailed. I was totally intrigued by the character description you provided and read it a number of times to fully recognize the nuances you were able to identify. Your reference to the somewhat contradictory qualities of practicality and creativity in my character were particularly interesting. I have never really considered how these qualities might impact my behaviour but the situations you describe sounded very familiar. I also did not expect your readings to include useful advice but you have made numerous suggestions that will provide opportunities that I hope to take advantage of. The practical and sometimes cynical side of my character was very impressed.

75) VT from Russia wrote this in May 2016

Thankyou Nitaji for the great fingerprinting and hand analysis provided. The reading has increased my understanding about myself and some of the potentials which were at very sub conscious levels but got clearer when gone through the reading. It has also shown me that finger prints and hand line analysis is very scientific as we change when our thoughts and actions change. This aspect was very clear from your hand analysis as some of the things which you mentioned are coincidentally happening in my life. I think such readings are very helpful for all the generations to understand their true potential and apply to them without any delay. I would also like to mention that your approach to the reading is very scientific unlike other people who think that destiny is certain and everyone is born with a set of results. Hence, they fail to understand that these lines are very dynamic and what matters anytime is that if you are living upto your true potential or not. Thanks again! I am hoping to live upto some of the learnings about myself from your analysis in the years to come.

76) FH from Dacca wrote in June 2016

Hi Nita :)

Hope you doing good! I am not sure if you remember but I got a reading done from you last year. And you had mentioned about some disappointments and issues which did happen!!! I must let you know you are really good at what you are doing.. I like how positive you sound in your reading and how you never claim hat future is certain and we are indeed masters of our destiny if we decide to make a major change in our personality/actions.

77) MC from the Philippines wrote in June 2016

Nita's in-depth fingerprint reading shed light on the challenges I am experiencing in some of the most important relationships in my life right now. She provided me with such clarity on my life purposes and life lessons that I now know better how to face the challenges and solve the problems. I would recommend fingerprint reading to anyone who is interested in gaining a deeper understanding of one's life purpose and lessons. Thank you Nita!

78) SD from India wrote this in July 2016

Dear Nita Mam,
Thank you for providing me the detailed hand reading report. It is actually the true reflection of my daughter’s personality. I am really astonished to find her report so perfect describing her personality. I really appreciate and respect your in-depth knowledge, accuracy, expertise in this field.
As a parent it was a real eye opener for us. Yes, we need to introspect ourselves and find out why some of the qualities are developing/developed in her. We are now aware of her strengths and weaknesses, her Life Purpose and Life Lessons, the obstacles she is facing and how we as a parent can help her, support her from our side to achieve her life purpose and tackle her life lessons.
Mam, once again I really appreciate you and respect you, you are doing such a great job. Thank you so much.

This is not a testimonial so it is not numbered. Instead, a client gave negative feedback. I am posting it here. It is from N. Ahmed from the UK and sent in September 2016. I do not deny anything he has said.

I am not happy with my reading. More than half is full of psychological stuff. I did not get enough information, the type I wanted and it was too expensive. What I was looking for was specific information regarding my career, not just trends. I also wanted to know about my marriage and relationships and specific information on my health. I was also expecting an explanation of each of the lines on my hand, like the head line, life line and health line, as well as the meanings of the fingers and phalanges. To me most of your reading makes no sense because what I was looking for was about the matters going on in my life, and not the psychological stuff and advise.

79) This was sent by WhatsApp to me today, October 1, 2016, from Sanjeevani from Kolkata, India.

Hey Nita, thks for the amazing reading. 98% right on my personality and the past was pretty accurate too. That’s why it’s given me confidence to get on with my life, as the future reading is positive and I know this difficult time will end. I cannot thank you enuf.

80) RM from Czech Republic sent this to me in October 2016.
For my reading were choosed these options: Personality Analysis+Fingerprint Reading+Life Trends. Have to say, I'm amazed how accurate can hand reading really be. Nita is very precise in her work - that's always the good sign. Everything what was written in my reading is true at least from 95%. Considering how imperfect can be photos compare to the reality it is astonishing result. Thank you Nita!

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