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I request some clients to allow me to use their feedback on this page. Here are some of their comments/testimonials posted with their permission. Their real names are not given for privacy reasons. Either first names/nicknames/initials have been used.

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29) Raj Kumar (from India) wrote this to me after he received the analysis (March 2011):

Hi Nita,

Thanks a lot for your analysis. It is a well written analysis which looks very close to reality. I am really surprised!

Wish you all the best. I will continue to follow your blog. Could you see whether you can cover Swami Ranganathananda and Swami Chinmayananda too in future blog?

Raj Kumar

30) Destination Infinity (from India) wrote in April 2011:
Though Nita had given an accurate picture of my strengths and weaknesses, what impressed me most is the distinction that she was able to make between the qualities that were inherited by me (and) developed by me. I knew most my my strengths before, but the weaknesses part surprised me and made me realize their existence! The best part about her analysis is - it's not overly positive. She presents both positive and negative things, which enables us to get a true picture of ourselves. I think we exchanged about five mails after the analysis and I should thank her for her patience in answering all my questions and for those valuable suggestions.

31) This testimonial is from Gustaf from Spain (July 2011):

This analysis is an aid to getting to know the nature of the individual, today given the patterns imposed by society is difficult to get to know one's moral motivations, understand human behavior and thought. This analysis allows us to discover strengths you have this in your nature and for whatever reason you could not develop or, conversely, too. It can also be useful to know what career you should take to help you understand the strengths you have inside of you. It will help you know your weaknesses, and your own nature.
Thanks and regards.

32) This feedback is from Preet, a young working professional in India (October 2011):

Thank u very much for the analysis. It helped me a lot to know some aspects of myself and make a decision with regard to my career. Your analysis was very apt and each and every word about my trait was absolutely correct. As you already know, I was stuck with the career choice, I intended to make. I am glad i opted to contact you and it has helped me a great deal. Once again thank u.

33) This is what young woman from the United Kingdom wrote after she received her reading (October 2011):

i would just like to say thank you. i really appreciate your effort, you did a wonderful job. i'm amazed and in awe of what i have just read. some you of the things you have said is like a wake up call, which i need. everything you've written sounds like me to an extent, never the less i am truly grateful you really have helped me out in a big way. from the bottom of my heart once again i thank you.
take care Vicky

34) Here is what Rupesh Mishra has to say (November 2011):
I am an engineer at a multinational company and have strong belief in analytical reasoning and scientific aspect of understanding any phenomenon. With that I will begin with my understanding as to how the palmistry lines are related to critical thinking happening in any ones brain cells. Our thoughts control our actions and the most physically active part of body is our primary active hand. It is no brainer as to the lines formed in ones active hand are culmination of one's thought over a period of time. With that it is inherent to understand that by examining one's lines and shape of hand the personality traits and attitude rather temperament can be guessed. Now with all these variables in equation it is very crucial to know ones basic temperament, potential and aptitude towards situations. That is something which is controlled by sub conscious and lot of times is a constant thing. Here comes the fourth quadrant of Joharis window - the aspect of your personality which others don't know and you also don't know. That is called your hidden potential and must be tapped to take you to desired level of achievement. Nita has done a phenomenal job in understanding and describing my potential through acumen of her wisdom in hand analysis. She has been more than accurate in describing my inherent nature and providing me with the knowledge of my true potential which I can use and explore to achieve the level of success I need from life.
She has been patient to entertain more questions during the hand analysis which sets her as a professional yet curious palmist who is always on the voyage, sailing through this mysterious yet interesting subject. These aspects uniquely separates her from other palmists who use their knowledge just to make money and in the process they often are left behind with limiting knowledge of subject.
Rupesh Mishra.

35)  This is from Roma from Singapore (March 2012)
Hi Nita Ji, Roma here. Prashanth and I have read your readings on the 31st. It was an extremely unique and special experience. Lots of emotions were expressed, from confusion to shock and even a break down to explain certain inner turmoils. I am glad that after doing thorough research, I wanted to get you to read our hands. Many things were very true and proved to be a good medium to let both of us know more about each other. At the same time, new things also surfaced that allowed us to understand our own self better. I am really glad that I went through my decision of getting read. Both of us wish to make improvements in our weaknesses and focus in developing our strengths to better our lives. We will take your advice seriously and perhaps even get a reading done again, after some time, to see if we were successfully create positive changes. Thank you once again for everything.
With Love, Warmest Regards, Roma

36)  From V Singh, Vishwas Khand, Lucknow, India in March 2012.
I came to Nita's palmistry website after being impressed with her journalistic blog where unlike others, she always used hard facts, research and logic in her analysis of issues. Her approach to palmistry accordingly was refreshingly honest and grounded in the real world. I do not believe in set future predictions, but I do believe in our power to change for the better and thus change our future. Nita's reading helped me to recognize and trust my inherent abilities, tendencies and weaknesses. It calmed me down and helped me in reassessing goals in the light of this knowledge of myself. I can say that quite a few of the things that Nita wrote, were known to me somewhere in my subconscious mind/heart but I was full of doubts and could never accept them fully. The reading was something I needed and very helpful for me.
I was also surprised at Nita's accurate reading of past events in my life that have left their mark on my personality. Her approach to the reading, is one of helping the client to understand, accept and improve him/herself for a happier existence. I especially loved the checklist Nita provided to me at the end of my reading, to help me check my progress. I will highly recommend this reading to anyone looking to get their palms read. This is what palmistry is meant for... not to predict your future , but to help you shape a happier, content future. 
        Best regards,
        V Singh.

37) From Frank from Cambodia in April 2012
Hi Nita, I find your hand reading to be very accurate and precise. I mean you know how my mind works by just reading my palm even though you don't know me at all. If I change, my line will also change. I don't know that before. What's more, you can help me find my natural talent to succeed in life and make the best of my potential. What shocks me is you can tell the impressionability of my personality and after some reflection, I am really like that. It just goes to show that you have a very high skill in palm reading. I would recommend you to anyone. All in all, it's a very amazing experience and an eye opener for me.
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38) From David, United Kingdom in July 2012.
Dear Nita, Thank you very much for my hand reading. It's surprising how much you picked up on and i could relate to everything you wrote in my personality reading. The fingerprint reading has a lot of information to think about. The house of service, the life purpose and life lessons you pointed out make sense to do with my life. I'm very impressed how accurate palmistry can be and how much infomation you were able to give me.
Best wishes David

39) From Susie in Europe in June 2012
Thank you for this long reading. I am very happy with it, learned some new things. I enjoyed your writing style as well. The information you gave is insightful and will help me a lot in my growth (especially the fingerprint reading). I never knew I had qualities of leadership, it's hard to believe that I have that in me. And from this reading, I understand that it's a quite important part of me too. The part about my life lessons (hiding out) explained very clearly why I never discovered this. Although I would love to have the courage to speak in front of a group of people, I prefer to stay in the background because I'm shy. And also afraid to be rejected. So it all falls into place now. This life lesson will be a tough one to learn.
The personality reading was helpful too. I thought I knew myself well, but I wasn't aware of some of the things that are shown in my hands. Like the pragmatic side, ability to express myself well, the research and academic ability. And also the arrogance. This will be the first thing on my list to work on. It's always nice to know about past and future trends. I'm 24 years old and I'm often told that I can be a bit childish. So I am happy to read that my attitude and thinking will change around the age of 30 (I hope in a positive way). Thanks for answering my questions and for your advice on the last one. It has motivated me. 
warm regards, Susie


40) This is what Rishab from New Delhi had to say in August 2012:
I feel guilty writing this testimonial for Nita. Words cannot, at all, be able to describe the power of her analysis to transform one's life for the better. The awareness about my intrinsic qualities  being that she brought to my realization is a life changing phenomenon. The analysis was spot-on, on almost all fronts. I am 23, and I can only imagine of what value this new-found awareness will be of.It's not just her capability and experience to carry out a near-flawless analysis, it's also the way she presents it. The way she follows-up, with utmost humbleness and understanding.I was skeptical about getting my hands analysed and thought, "predicting future based on hand-reading is fake". But being a playful and not-so-serious guy by nature, I went ahead. "It won't harm, at least", I said to myself. And the rest is history.I, personally and honestly, feel that everyone deserves to benefit from this. While there maybe other good palm readers too, I know only Nita. And, as you can also figure out from her blog, I also know that, she's definitely one of the most genuine and talented people in this field. Her passion for Palmistry shouts out clearly from her blog.Thanks for everything. It's just been a couple of days, I have, already, started seeing the difference in many dimensions of my life. I am working on what I need to. Today was a brilliant start. 


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