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I request some clients to allow me to use their feedback on this page. Here are some of their comments/testimonials posted with their permission. Their real names are not given for privacy reasons. Either first names/nicknames/initials have been used.

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56) Mary Ann from the Philippines sent me this Testimonial in February 2014.
In my personal opinion the main reason why I find palmistry the more appealing tool in getting to know oneself is the idea of how realistic it is as compared to the normal fortune telling although it is not 100% accurate as only you (yourself) can tell the validity of the reading.
I must admit that it was an eye opener (in a good way) and overall a fascinating read. The report was straight forward and mostly spot on. The professional reader behind the reading both accommodating and patient in answering any questions you might have. It was definitely a good first experience for me. The reading served as a good guide to where you stand but like what the reader often reminds us(even in the reading), we have the choice to make the changes.

57) S.T. from the UK sent me this email in June 2014:

Dear Nita

Thanks very much for the report. I found it fascinating and admire your skills and accuracy. I am still reflecting on a few life trends you suggested.Sincere appreciation of your talents.

Fondest Regards  
Sent from iPhone

58) This testimonial is from GM from Australia, in August 2014.
"Free will is your mind’s freedom to think or not, the only will you have, your only freedom,
the choice that controls all the choices you make and determines your life and your character"Ayn Rand's hero John Galt said this.
Understanding this quintessential truth is the essence of Nita's approach to palmistry and that's what captured my attention .
Her readings and analysis helped me to look deep within myself and reflect . Knowing oneself is the biggest good a person can do to himself and Nita has set that stage for me through her knowledge of the subject and careful analysis.I would echo the statement, that your palm is a reflection of your thought energies and it changes as you change. Thank you Nita..GM, Australia

59) This is what E.Y from Greece wrote to me in September 2014:

Dear Nita,
Many thanks for the reading. Well done! I wish to take this opportunity to congratulate you on the accuracy, cohesion and consistency of your readings that enhance what I said in my previous communication; that you are a remarkable and gifted person doing everything you do in a meticulous and reliable manner; a charismatic professional, a perfectionist! Nothing more nothing less!

Yours sincerely

60) This testimonial, written in October 2014, is from a college student in the U.S., whose initials are V. P.

Hi Nita!
I have just finished reading… it was almost like you know me very good. I'm amazed how much is possible to know about someone from his or her hand. Specially the final part made me think. That was powerlessness as a life lesson. I can say that this is actually a problem for me, but now I'm more aware of it, so I will try to do my best to set my own goals, be more confident and not care so much what others think. Your report was very accurate, but most of all very helpful. I was very satisfied with the reading, it gave me so much information to better understand myself. Thank you again!

61) Here is a young man from the Philippines - J.S. He wrote to me in November 2014:

Hello Nita,
Thank you so much for the reading. I am very happy and amazed that you read my hand with great accuracy.
Actually, It is my second time to consult a palmist but It's you who gave me detailed and very accurate description of my personality. You made me believe that hand reading is legit and you are certainly one of the best in this field.
Thank you.
A very satisfied customer,
J. :)

62) Babs from the UK wrote this in December 2014:

Hi Nita,
It was pleasure receiving my detailed multi-page report... It was fascinating & elaborate in every sense.
All my post report questions were answered to the fullest in a sweetest possible way.
Best of luck on your upcoming book.
Babs from UK.

63) Jaspreet from New Delhi wrote this in March 2015:

Thank you so much for your very insightful and in depth reading of my hand ... this is one of the best perspectives I have got on myself and a very important one too, considering what is and what is possible and the fact that we control our fate and so the lines change. And the best aspect of the reading has been the hidden potentials that one needs to tap in to which are clearly laid out along with both the positive and negative qualities without any biases/ judgement. A must for getting back on track ... the check-list with the finger print analysis is a great tool ! Many thanks Nita.

64) N. S from Delhi, a young doctor, wrote this in March 2015.:

m really grateful to you for such an explicit and we'll explained analysis.....First of all I would like to mention that evrythg I read abt Me in the report is absolutely true to the core. .undoubtedly u are the best at your work. Thank you so much ma'am for all your patience and help...It was wonderful interacting with you..-I would also like to mention that not only you guided me well according to the indications depicted by my hand prints but more so interacting with you felt very comforting and enlightening. ..you have a very beautiful and simple way of uncomplicating our lives for our benefit...Indeed have strtd following a thing or two like not being bitter about past memories has actually started making me feel better and view things in a brighter spotlight. ..thnku immensely for all this.
Loads of regards

65) M.A, a young software consultant from Tempe, AZ, in the US wrote this in June 2015:

Thank you Nita for the readings. I'm really surprised that hands can reveal such an accurate analysis of a personality. Reading personality excerpts from the document I felt like reading true myself. I can only imagine how much commitment and hard work you must have put in mastering this science. Greatly appreciate it. Thank you so much for your patience and prompt replies.It was great having conversation with you.


66) PG, a lady from Mumbai, India, wrote this testimonial in June 2015:
Nita's readings open up a whole new perspective on understanding yourself through the fine prints of your hands. Her interpretations are intelligently articulated and are empowering in nature, making them extremely valuable for optimising one's potential in life and steering it in the right direction.


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