Thursday, August 15, 2013

Arvind Kejriwal's hand reading

It's not surprising that Arvind Kejriwal from AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) and Anna Hazare, the social activist, did not see eye to eye. Their hands show that both of them are headstrong but that is where the similarity between them ends.

Kejriwal's hands show an energetic, strong, intellectual, balanced and focused personality. It also shows a fine calculative mind, even if a little headstrong, and an independent, original mindset. People skills exist side by side with compassion.

Arvind Kejriwal has a rectangular but broad palm and the fingers are a good finger length, with rounded tips. The hand is firm and the thumb is slightly low-set and quite long and the phalanges are balanced with each other. The lines are long and deeply etched. He has good first phalanges, especially that of the Mercury (little) finger, which is also quite long. The mounts of Moon, Venus and Jupiter are developed.

Arvind Kejriwal September 02, 2017 cropIn addition, everything about his hands, from his lines to the shape of his fingers and hand speaks of his pragmatism and this can be seen as a strength because with his head firmly in control, he will try and keep the balance, and everyone (whom he believes to be useful) on his good side. In another sense, it can be seen as a weakness because it shows limited idealism (as compared to Anna Hazare's idealism). Kejriwal may believe in a cause, but he is not predisposed to righteousness or highmindedness of any type. This means that it's the end which matters, not the means.

Manipulative and shrewd behaviour is a part and parcel of his personality; it is his second nature. Kejriwal's hand shows that he is unlikely to do anything without a motive. Besides, he will do what he has to do even if he does not like it because pragmatism prevails. He is articulate and oratory is one of his skills.

He has the hands of a career politician, and thus is as different from Anna Hazare as chalk from cheese. Power is important to him. Smart and calculating, he makes a good politician even if he is not nice. 

But we cannot forget that his hand shows a humanitarian approach, even if he sees himself in the thick of it. For this reason, perhaps he deserves to succeed because not many Indian politicians have this. He will do what he wants, even if he needs his daily dose of attention and can be vindictive too. People who are currently in power should be afraid of him because Kejriwal is in it for the long haul.

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(Free Photo from the Wiki: Vice President's Secretariat (GODL-India) [GODL-India])


  1. I hope he creates an impact in the upcoming Delhi elections. His party deserves one chance. Idealism Vs Motive-based action was interesting to read, but what's the use of idealism in this world that is filled with selfish people? I feel that kejriwal's approach is more practical.

    Destination Infinity

  2. He will be successful in the long term, although it is difficult to say about the short term. However, my feeling is that he is going to be successful here too. Without a clearer hand photo I could not make a decent trend analysis of his career.

  3. I know you already have dozens of hands awaiting analysis on your queue list yet,Can you still read the hands of dwayne the rock johnson.(Yes,the Rocky baby,you smell what he is cooking!)

    Here is a snap:,or.r_cp.r_qf.&bvm=bv.50768961,d.bmk&biw=1366&bih=653&pdl=300&um=1&ie=UTF-8&hl=en


  4. Karthick, I will look for photos of his hand. True, I have a long queue of requests, but at times it also depends on how good the photos are. If I find good photos of Dwayne I will do it quicker.

  5. I was quite surprised by the last 2 paras of his reading. You stated that :
    "His hands also show that manipulativeness is a part and parcel of his personality; it is second nature. "
    As from what i have seen of him , he comes around as one of the most simple & straightforward person in politics . Look at his behaviour, tactics or body language , its really hard to believe thats his hands put out otherwise.
    Further you added that :
    "Power is important to him"
    But in what way? Power is important to bring change, as well as power can be important to serve his selfish motives.
    B/w -- I suggest the following hand readings , if you may try :
    Mike Tyson (Boxing Great & very controversial.)
    Vishwanathan Anand (Indian Chess Champion.)

  6. Hrehaan,You write as if I know Arvind Kejriwal personally. I have never met him or any of the people whose hands I have analysed on this blog. I do not know him or anyone else. You are telling me about his behavior, body language and political ideals, none of which I can know and frankly I do not want to know. I do not want to debate with you his behavior and body language, all of which gives certain impressions to people. This blog analyses the hands of famous people, hands only..
    Everything on this blog is based on the hand. The idea of these hand readings of famous people is to tell people what the hand of the famous person says, and this way the people will able to see the real person. But ofcourse hand reading is a matter of belief. Not everyone believes in it. I do, a hundred percent.
    If there is any sign on his hand which you have seen which says something contrary I am willing to debate this matter further.
    Also, wanting power is not necessarily a bad thing. :) All politicians want power. Otherwise they would not be politicians.

  7. Also thanks for the suggestion about reading the hands of Tyson and Anand. I will certainly keep those names in mind.

  8. Rahul, I have given a link in the second paragraph to a very clear palm photo. As I have mentioned several times on this blog, I do not publish photos here unless they are free photos or they belong to me. Publishing photographs which are not free is illegal. However, I always give a link, and nowadays have started to give a link to both hand photos.
    Photographs of celebs whose hands I read on this blog are easily available on the net as well, in case you find a photo to which I have linked is not satisfactory.

  9. It wasn't plain luck at Delhi elections. Remarkable confluence of his ingenuity or simply cleverness and opportunity! Seems accurate.

    Why not do Raghuram Rajan's hand? Or Ram Jhethmalani's

  10. Suggestions are always welcome Swati and I feel sorry that I cannot always oblige. I get a lot of suggestions by email and frankly lose track. Also, this last couple of months I have been tied up, not only because of the holiday season, but because of a lot of private readings. Will certainly keep those two names in mind.

    1. Hi, will you be able to tell about his long life
      everybody is so scared of this, hope palmistry can help.

    2. Interestingly he seems to rely on palmistry for his no security decision.,d.c2E

    3. I read that article. He is making a big mistake because if he changes his way of thinking his future will change.
      And more important, death can be marked on any line. Unnatural deaths like by assassination are rarely marked on the lifeline. A person with a long and strong lifeline can die at 25.

  11. Please read my post on Death here:
    and that will explain it better.
    Even if I could see Death on Kejriwal's hand (if I get to see his hand in person ofcourse or get high quality prints) I could never be sure. Suppose death is written on his hand because he is careless about security then if he improves his security then death will not happen. Nothing is written in stone. Kejriwal is a the master of his own fate.

  12. Hi,
    many of us are doubting his intentions today because of his political decisions. but what matters to me at the end is he a corrupt person? or will he really be the kind of leader India needs?


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