Saturday, January 29, 2011

Idi Amin's hand reveals his lack of reasoning powers

While reading the hands of known mass murderers like Idi Amin or Adolf Hitler, one immediately looks for tell-tale signs on the hand. Perhaps Idi Amin and Hitler had some character traits in common? Well, apart from the brutish, coarse nature that they shared, they were very different people. Both Hitler and Idi Amin were aggressive to an extreme extent – such people roughshod over others to reach their goals. But the goals of these two were different and so was their thought process.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Katrina Kaif's hand reading

Katrina Kaif is a bold and independent personality with a big heart, but at the same time, she is reserved, likes her privacy, and is fairly engrossed in her own internal world, and does not give out her affections very easily.

The main characteristics of Kat’s hand are her rather long hand, developed mounts of Jupiter, Venus and lower Moon. Katrina has good thumb, a curved and long heartline, a long stable headline slightly sloping, with a significant gap between it and the lifeline. The Jupiter (index) and Saturn (middle) fingers are bent, and her Mercury (little) finger is average and a little low-set

Friday, January 14, 2011

Kurt Cobain of Nirvana - hand reading

Kurt Cobain’s hands point to a personality that was bitter and melancholy. I hesitate to use the word “suicidal” because not all people who think negative thoughts commit suicide. There is some controversy as to whether Kurt Cobain committed suicide or was murdered, and a study of his hand can offer us some clues.

The shape of his palm is large and square, his thumb tending to be low-set and long, his finger phalanges slim or waisted, and he has a fairly balanced headline, from what is visible of it. All these are excellent signs on any hand, and tell us of a person with an inclusive, broad perspective on life, very generous and compassionate, giving, and with above-average will-power and self-control. Certainly not the signs that are found on the hand of a suicidal person.
The tips of his fingers are square and spatulate and the first phalanges are long. The second phalanges of his fingers are average. The Saturn (middle) finger is bent as is his Jupiter (index) finger. The Apollo (ring) finger is dominant, as it is on the hands of many famous people. The Upper Moon and Lower Moon mount on his hand bulges out and the Jupiter mount is developed as well. 
Cobain's creativity and talent are boundless, and of an elevated nature. Money by itself is not that important to him but fame and name, yes, that was important. 

You can check out a photograph of his hand here or here and the left hand here. 

However, his hand also shows critical, negative thinking and extreme cynicism. This was inherited, but enhanced in his current personality. The passive hand shows the inherited characteristics and the active hand, which can be right or left, shows the current one. Combined with a morbid imagination, it paints a grim picture of his personality. He had control alright, and this means that if he committed suicide, it was a deliberate, well thought out act
It wasn't as if he wasn't prone to depression. It was just as that he would think too much.
He wouldn't be easy to live with and had a habit of tearing everything to pieces. He was probably dissatisfied with his fame as well! It wasn't enough and he was cynical about it. 
The general moroseness of personality tends to give rise to a desire for solitariness and a general shying away from society. The hand also shows a person who nurses wounds, possibly even basking in the state of solitariness and sadness and maybe there is sense of martydom of some type. There could be some self-esteem issues. Such people find it difficult to get along with others, even superficially. It's a vicious cycle really, because it makes them withdraw into themselves further. He was not the type for keeping loved ones around him. He never would make it easy for anyone to give him the support he needed. The negativity of his personality can, in fact, be infectious.
Cobain's hand shows low mental resistance and inconsistency of personality. This vulnerability adds to the other traits, creating a personality which could easily sink into “suicidal” and “depressive,” but actually he wasn’t like that. He always knew what he was doing, he was intelligent and had the clarity of mind and the willpower, to bring himself back from the brink. But he didn't want to. That was the crux of it. 

(Cobain is a music artist, known as Nirvana. The photo used is from the Wiki: (Julie Kramer / CC BY-SA [])

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Friday, January 7, 2011

Rahul Dravid's hand reading

Rahul Dravid is known as “the wall” for his enormous resistance or staying power. Is this personality trait present on his hand? Generally speaking, the “resistance” that people have can be due to several overt reasons – strong willpower and determination, a cool head and inner mental strength. In Dravid’s case, it is more to do with his extraordinary willpower and less to do with mental strength.
Also, his hand has some features which are quite unlike the hands which are found on highly successful people.