Saturday, February 19, 2011

The character of an unfortunate street urchin

The little boy in the sketch is not famous and never will be. He is a contrast to those who have found a place on this blog because he has little chance of becoming famous. Born without inherited wealth, with no access to education, without the caring environment of a family to nurture his hidden talents and help him control his weaknesses, he is probably doomed from the start.

I saw him on the streets begging. Either his parents have pushed him into it or he is an orphan. He is just one boy amongst thousands of street children and by reading his hand I am no way implying that the others on the street are like him. 

This boy has one of the saddest hands I've seen. His right hand tells us what his character is likely to be when he becomes an adult, based on his status and circumstances today. Sure, he could change, although
it’s unlikely that Danny Boyle will discover him and change his life.

The main characteristics of his hand are his short fingers with developed phalanges, with the little finger shorter than normal, a strong Apollo finger and a slightly curved Jupiter finger. He also has a slightly supple but good-sized thumb with a short plump first phalange and thick second phalange. The mount of Venus is developed and wide. The boy has few lines, but the main lines are dark and well etched. The heartline is long and curved, starting on the Mount of Saturn, an unusual end for a heartline. The headline is high set and does not have a smooth path. The lifeline is drawn towards the mount of Moon.

Each of these signs by themselves do not signify anything awful, but in combination, these markings are not good.

The boy's hand reveals him to be a restless and impulsive person with a strong sexual appetite and limited will power. It shows a person who equates the idea of love with sex and other pleasures of the flesh. He likes his physical comforts, enjoys luxury and hankers for money and attention. The strong Apollo finger gives him an attractive personality at a superficial level - pleasant, fun-loving and a little carefree. Perhaps that was why he saluted me when I fished out my camera. He posed for the picture, a hint of a smile on his dry lips.

His thumb tells us that he is stubborn. He attempts manipulation but falls short due to his limited understanding of other people’s motives and lands up being the sucker. He can be naïve and cunning at the same time and finds it difficult to understand logic and reasoning although he is not stupid. He has an ability and skill of some kind. As he has a creative side to his personality and a risk-taking attitude, he could make money as a small-time street entrepreneur.

What is his future? As mentioned in this blog, the future as told by hand reading is inexact because lines can change and behaviour cannot be predicted. Where this boy is concerned, his physical needs are too strong and his desire for money too much and he is likely to live on the edge. Add to this fact that he is stubborn and unreasonable, and this makes family life difficult as well.

His career/work should be okay, in the sense that he will survive, make some money. However, people could take advantage of him. He craves for security and stability, but this will not be a consistent factor in his life. His good health in his youth will enable him to survive the rough life.

Long-term success is not seen on his hand. Greed being a strong factor with him means that he could be short-sighted. For him, a bird in hand is worth far more than two in the bush.

It's unlikely that he will become a thug or criminal, but this cannot be ruled out because of his circumstances. He is certainly capable of aggression. His short fingers, supple thumb, thick phalanges, a strong mount of Venus and the heartline show less control over the self.

(The sketch of the boy has been made on Photoshop from photographs I took of a street urchin in Mumbai last month)


  1. A very different analysis from the rest of them... As you point out, there are some basic qualities that seem to be strong in his personality. Is it not possible to control it, if one takes a conscious effort?

    Destination Infinity

  2. Its really sad but then everyone has to live through what is destined for them..
    thats the irony of life...

    n i have some pictures of Farhan Akhtar hands..if u would like to do an analysis of his hands..Very interesting are the links...,16715&chk=sbg&um=1&itbs=1&iact=hc&vpx=576&vpy=269&dur=3339&hovh=183&hovw=275&tx=122&ty=150&oei=kRxhTaGbK4TnrAezpOWqAQ&page=31&ndsp=13&ved=1t:429,r:2,s:407&biw=1024&bih=677


    regards revathy

  3. please read the hands of muammar al-gaddafi

    here are some pics i found

  4. DI, yes I think it is possible if one has the right environment. But I think in his case, he will always live on the edge, just to survive. When it comes to survival, people act differently.

    Revathy, the first picture in its original has been removed but the second one is there. It is definitely useful, but I will have to look for other pics too. Whenever anyone suggests a person, I always search for the hand photos, and in this case too I will. Farhan is definitely a very interesting personality and I would love to read his hands.

    Anonymous, those are excellent quality photos. I will still look for a few more, but I think I can certainly read his hand from the pictures available. I need to find more photos to see if he is right handed or left handed.

  5. how can you spot someones sexual appitite? i see the heartline of this kid is not so unique one, is it his mount of venus that makes u say it?
    u said d same about tiger woods. whats the difference between them?

  6. Mr. Curious, sexual appetite depends on various things, not just the heartline. As I keep emphasizing there one cannot go by just one sign or line on a hand to come to conclusions. Even more important, one has to take into account the shape of the hand and the relative strengths of the mounts. A lot of people's hands show sexual appetite but in some hands I prefer to call it passion because it is kept in control by the will power and the sensibilities of the person. Passion is shown by both the heartline and the mount of venus but it is tempered by the headline, the thumb and the shape of the hand, as also the fingers and also which other mounts are strong. For eg, some mounts like mercury show more of the mental qualities, and therefore a strong mercury is a tempering factor when it comes to any type of physical appetite. There are many variables, and it is only by practice that one can come to the right conclusion.

  7. what does it means if fingers are slightly bent inwardly from the upper side of finger (from first phalanx ) i have often seen this in index finger can u tell what it mean .actually i have read many books on palmistry but i couldn't find my answer .can u

  8. In all my 35 and more years of experience I have never seen a finger bent inwardly except in the case of accident or birth defect. Very often it appears as if the finger is bent inwardly, but it can be straightened out. However, fingers bent laterally are very common and these fingers cannot be straightened out.


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