I request some clients to allow me to use their feedback on this page. I am posting some of their comments/testimonials here with their permission. Very few people wish to reveal their real names here and therefore you will find that either first names/nicknames/initials have been used in most of the cases.

There are six other testimonial pages and the links to the others is at the bottom of this post. The testimonials on this page are often excerpts from the other pages.

1) Orko (from India) wrote in November 2010:

I'm amazed by your highly accurate description of most of my strengths and weaknesses. The hand analysis was an interesting and revealing experience. It accurately identified many traits about me allowing me to reflect on my strengths and weaknesses and explore some certain latent traits that may be developed. Overall it was illuminating, though one shouldn't expect 100% accuracy.
On a slightly different note, I see you often acquiesce to readers suggestions regarding hand analysis of famous people. I've been highly inspired by Swami Vivekananda's writing. I came across an image of his palm impression on the net. He should make an interesting study.

Thanking you for your time and effort.



2) Here is what abasic (from the UK) wrote in September 2010):

Thank you for excellent reading of my palms. I would agree with a lot of information that you have provided me. It has helped me get to know myself a lot better. I will recommend you to some of the people I know who wish to learn more about their character. I was able to learn a lot about myself and about some of my strengths and weaknesses. In fact i was disillusioned with my career path but your reading helped me find out what i am naturally good at doing. Your reading was accurate and well-structured and you didn't mind answering follow up question if i had any.

Thanks again

3) Kiran (from USA) wrote in June 2010):

Thank you so much for my hand analysis. The whole experience was enjoyable from beginning to end. I took pleasure in the character analysis portion as it was filled with exceptional details that were right on point. I discovered that the past analysis section of the reading to be quite accurate. I found the future analysis section of my reading to be quite illuminating. I liked how you offered suggestions for me to further develop my potential in certain areas based on my personality and what you were able to interpret from my hands.
I definitely recommend anyone who wishes to have their palms read to consult you. Not only are you highly experienced and accurate, you make the whole experience easy and enjoyable! I learned a lot about myself, and I have no doubt that others will find great insight about themselves and their potential future by utilizing your skills of hand analysis. You are truly a talented palmist and gifted artist! Once again, thank you so much!


4) Vishesh (from India), a regular reader and blogger gave me point by point feedback and does not mind if I use his real name. He gave this feedback in January 2010. I am shortening what he wrote after I sent him the reading:

Hi Nita,  
      99/100 :) I can say you are very very accurate. confirms many things to me  personally.

Thanks a million, billion, trillion, zillion. This has been extremely insightful and useful to me. The accuracy of your reading is awesome.

The light shines the brightest

5) This is Darren's (from USA) feedback in March 2011:

Wow what an excellent job, I would say your 100% correct but Im sure you already know that. Thanks so much for everything Nita, clearly you have a most beautiful talent, one that you've honed to perfection. Your depth and intuitive knowledge of me, without evening knowing me, left me dumbfounded. Thanks for everything.


6) Nitin (from India) wrote in March 2011:

My decision to hire Nita for her palmist services was based on a strong research and she has well performed on it. She was not only prompt in answering but also thorough in her analysis. I did not expect her to give me pin point directions but identify areas of caution to which I must compliment her analysis went beyond giving not only areas of caution but actual pin point directions. Her blog has intrigued me since the beginning and the faith I have developed hiring her for palmist services, I will be continually following it. Thank you again for your services.
Nitin G.

7) Kiran M (from India) in March 2011:

It was my very clever decision to do the analysis by Ms Nita as there were many things she helped me figure out via palmistry. It gave me a clear perspective on how and why certain things worked for me and didnt in the past. A lot of points did surpise me in terms of the accuracy level and that made me believe that it's a science you could trust and the credit goes to the palmist ofcourse. My reading was done with utmost sincerity and honesty. It cleared a lot of confusion in my mind.
Wish you good luck and happiness.

8) Johanna (from Sweden) wrote a long note in May 2011, most of it too personal to reproduce here. I am reproducing the first paragraph of her email:

Hello Nita, I read the handreading with great interest. I am delighted to see that you were able to fully unravel me, cause it means you are the first person to recognise my dilemma. It has been disturbing for me that no one ever could understand me, almost including myself.
And last I want to tell you, that your reading has changed something in me. You managed really to point important things out. I feel extremely lighter and optimism comes to me without effort. For the first time in long time. I am so excited to develop myself and I so feel I am on the right track for once. Thank you so much! 
9) Will from the UK in May 2011:

Your reading is very useful! Even though I do track down my weaknesses from my mistakes, you pointed out the root of it all from just reading my palm! I'm flabbergasted by such detail and accuracy you could provide for my aspirations, strengths and weaknesses, it gave me a much finer direction to do better in life. It was like having a mentor but even a mentor would have taken much longer to notice them. I made a wise decision to come to you.
Thank you very much for replying with valuable advices to all my questions. I wish you many better returns for improving my life.

Thank you very much indeed Nita.
Best regards,

10) Susan from Australia in June 2011:

Thanks so much for the palmistry analysis that you did for me. Curiosity about the mysteries of life prompted me to have a reading and I am very glad that I did.

The service was prompt and dealing with Nita was a pleasure.

The reading itself was fascinating and intriguing and confirmed some of my innermost thoughts and feelings regarding areas of my character that are not usually discussed with other people.

I was very impressed with the depth of the analysis of certain traits, the subtleties and nuances that were noted, revealing deeper motivations and shades of desire, deeper reasons for being here on earth. This was an excellent reading.

I would happily recommend a palmistry reading from Nita to anyone interested in this area.
kind regards

11) Xintia from Portugal in July 2011:
I am profoundly thankful for Nita's hand reading. So much of what she said was instantly recognisable that I have to respect and learn from the whole reading. I had to chuckle at some of the details she was able to spot, such as my seldom losing things except when I know exactly where I lost them!
There is great value in getting a perspective on oneself from someone else, and in reading my hand, Nita was able to give me this without the emotional dangers that a friend or colleague might fear in giving this kind of feedback. Nita often says in the blog that nothing is cast in stone, we can control our fate by managing and changing our character, and her analysis of my inheritance versus current state helped me to appreciate that statement much more clearly. Her reminder of how far I have come gives me renewed confidence and courage for the future. She is even handed, presenting both positive and potentially negative aspects, without judgment, very kindly and respectfully.
She was able to give me some clear examples of how qualities I possess could take me astray if I am not aware of my weaknesses. Based on her insights, I have been able to look back over my life and realise, "oh THAT's why that happened..." and now can work to prevent those kinds of errors recurring in the future. She has revealed to me what lay in my blind spots, and I am very grateful. I can recommend her without reserve.

12) This is what Guitarz from the U.S. wrote to me after she received her hand and fingerprint reading in September 2012:

The way you’ve described me here is the way I know myself to be, but growing up I was raised to be the exact opposite! The way you can read the events in my life is amazing. Wow, if I’d known all this at 18, I’d have gone to music school and never felt guilty for wanting to be a performer. Thanks for all your great work. I wish everyone could get this analysis while they are young so they can make the most of their lives, and know who they really are even if family/friends always tell them different. Blessings, Guitarz 

13) This is what Sid from India wrote to me via email in September 2012:
I must say, im really impressed with your accurate analysis.I must say you are 98% correct with my reading.I find that amazing!! i mean just looking at my palms!! I never thought i would ever consult a palmist,cause most of them are the so-called fraudsters. Infact i had to do some frantic google search before i came across your blog.I read a couple of articles(myths about palmistry) and i was convinced that you are the right person to consult.Some of the other blogs i read online really freaked me out(and none were consistent).thats why i was eager to know about the crosses..I think your blog should be on the top 5 of the google search list for Palmistry/Hand reading.
Thanks and regards

14) A.G. from India sent me this testimonial in September 2013:

I was initially skeptical about what to expect from the readings, but decided to go ahead none-the-less. The readings are very accurate and Nita is quite clear on what to expect and how palmistry works. I really like that she focuses on "Life's calling" rather than the future - as the future changes as we make amends to our life. The readings are accurate to the extreme, charges reasonable, and services very professional. Thanks a lot Nita and wish you all the very best.

15) RR from Brazil wrote in July 2013:

Thank you, your analysis is very accurate and i loved that it matched my characteristics, somehow it revealed something i was already feeling deep in my heart, especially for the Heart & the Service part.

yes, you are right with the changing of path when i was 20 , cause i moved away all alone and went living in Germany and lived there till last year,  far away from my family and living a total independent life.

thanks so much nita!!!! for all the answers and the amazing analysis!congratulations for your well done job , i really appreciate it! it did help me already and it definitely will in the future!

16) This testimonial is from GM from Australia, in August 2014.
"Free will is your mind’s freedom to think or not, the only will you have, your only freedom,the choice that controls all the choices you make and determines your life and your character"Ayn Rand's hero John Galt said this.
Understanding this quintessential truth is the essence of Nita's approach to palmistry and that's what captured my attention .Her readings and analysis helped me to look deep within myself and reflect . Knowing oneself is the biggest good a person can do to himself and Nita has set that stage for me through her knowledge of the subject and careful analysis.I would echo the statement, that your palm is a reflection of your thought energies and it changes as you change. Thank you Nita..GM, Australia

17) Jins Varghese is a young man from India and is one of these rare people who have no objection to me using his real name. This is the testimonial he provided to me in November 2014:

Dear Nita Ji
It was really a wonderful experience. Your analysis were close to meticulous. I am quite impressed with the character analysis and was surprised that how accurately you were able to figure out my personality. But the best part is a genuine and real knowledge imparted by you that our future lies in our own hands. thanks again.

Above is my testimony and i dont mind if you use my name.
I hope to be in touch with you.
Thanks again
       with regards,

18). Rik from the Netherlands wrote this in March 2015

"This palmreading was better than I thought was possible. It's as if miss Nita studied your life for a few weeks/months and made an analysis about the core of why and how you do things. If someone handed me this reading without me knowing about it being taken from my hands, I would feel disturbed as there are things in there that you just cant know if you haven't met that person , or in this case , studied their hands.All in all it was very spot-on , although I find the part where the age is being incorporated a tad vague, time will tell though and I have faith the reading will prove accurate.In my opinion , and as far as I am aware of, Nita is the best palmreader around and she also has a genuine interest in letting you get to know yourself , which radiates from her reading."

-Rik Noorhoff , the Netherlands."

19) Lee from Singapore sent me this in October 2015:

Thank you very much for the in-depth reading done. I have been reading it for numerous times and almost all of it resonates greatly with who I am. It felt as though you were my life coach giving me advice. Certainly it will enable me to be mindful about aspects in my life which have room for improvement. Feel free to post this paragraph as one of your testimonials on your website. May you and your loved ones be blessed with Love and Light.

Warmest Wishes,

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