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Salman Khan's hands tell us that he is impulsive

Salman Khan's* personality is known to be a little volatile and his hand seems to bear this out. His fingers and palm have a good shape from the palmistry angle, but some of the mounts seem overdeveloped. The mounts of Venus, Lower Moon and Lower Mars are strong, and this indicates that his personality is strongly influenced by the qualities of these mounts.

The question that arises is: Are there other character traits shown on this hand, which will balance this out?

Deep passion, fighting qualities, a high level aggression and pushiness need to

go hand in hand with a strong mind and self-control. 

Salman has a deep headline although it is a little weak in the latter half of life. The heartline is stronger, and good till the end and although both lines are clear and deep, neither the headline nor heartline is long. The thumb is a good length though, and a little low-set, although it is supple as well. Also, the will phalange is a little too long. His palm is squarish, and his hand has short fingers which are a little thick and the tips are rounded. The palm and fingers are both fleshy. 

The first and second phalanges of his fingers are quite long, relatively speaking. And the Saturn (middle) and Jupiter (index) fingers are bent a little.

His left hand (which shows the inherited qualities) is a little different from his right active hand (which shows his current self). On his left hand, both his head and heart lines are longer and the heartline goes downwards to touch his lifeline.

Salman Khan picture
Check out hand photos of his here and here. His left passive hand is here.

A strong will and aggressiveness are assets if used to take forward well-thought-out decisions. If the decisions are emotional in nature or taken too quickly or in a temper, then a strong determination can be counterproductive. In Salman’s case, his impulsive nature could result in an impulsive determination.

Besides, he is imaginative, creative, moody as well as changeable. He has a dark imagination. He also has a strong physical and sensual side which could make him appear crass to some people. He can become excitable.

This does not mean that Salman’s hand is that of an unreasonable man. He can be reasonable and amenable as he has a practical outlook on life and his attitude towards most matters is pragmatic. He is not overly sentimental either. 

His hand shows altruism of a kind and he inherited this personality characteristic. He likes people, and has a humanitarian outlook, according to his hand. Besides, he can be impulsively generous as well. He is also very broad-minded and liberal thinking. He can be compromising, and flexible, and his ego will not be a hurdle for him. He also has the ability to be charming and diplomatic, if he wants to be, although diplomacy is not one of his better quality.

Salman Khan Tiger movie poster
Luckily for people around him, one of his negative qualities is dormant today. He inherited a nature which is very controlling of loved ones, and thus someone selfish in love. Such people invariably have unhappy home lives. Inherited qualities, even if not seen in the current personality often lie under the surface and can show themselves in unusual or stressful circumstances. But somewhere along the way, Salman shed this part of his personality, although he retains some of his manipulative abilities, which are also inherited.

Other positive aspects of Salman’s personality (as shown by his hand) are his compassion and pragmatism. He also has leadership qualities and is, in fact, a natural leader. His compassionate and generous nature will tend to attract others to him.

The shape of Salman Khan’s hand, palm and fingers reveal overall that he is good at getting things done, and is active and quick thinking. He has a good mind and is mostly clear-thinking and analytical.

After the age of 60/65, he would have to take greater care of his health.

(The photos published on this post are free photos, and the first one is from Bollywood Sargam)

*(Salman Khan is a popular Indian actor from Bollywood, the nickname for the Mumbai film industry).

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  1. In the spirit of the open source revolution, people should voluntarily make their photos copyright free (perhaps a link back should be enough). I wonder why website owners don't do that. I for one, don't have a problem with that!

    I have not followed bollywood industry well enough to comment on this particular profile, but all the press coverage about Salman Khan seems to be on the negative! Wonder why!

    Nita, can you do a hand analysis of Aamir Khan? He is respected even in Bollywood unaware places like TN. Wonder what qualities makes his personality so.

  2. DI, I think Picapp is in a way a beginning of that. Only that one cannot always find a picture which is suitable. But Picapp is just ideal for my site and I hope they don't close down one day! I personally do not mind giving my photos if people link back, but my experience is that no one gives a link back. They just take without informing.

    I think Salman Khan lives the kind of lifestyle one associates with spoilt brats, you know the hunting, the rash driving etc. There is little to admire about the man as far as I can see.

    I have done Aamir Khan. He has a very good hand. The link is here:

  3. I would like to know about his talents. You have not mentioned them. Does this mean he lacks talents?

  4. Usually when I read a hand I mention aspects of character that stand out. In Salman Khan's case his talent was not something that stared you in the eye. This does not mean he lacks acting talent or other talent. As I mentioned he has leadership ability. He also has an average acting talent but has a good personality which helps him in the acting. He is also an active person and is a doer. He also has excellent will power. Such people are usually achievers and make the most of the talent they possess.

  5. Hey, it would be better if we could see a picture of salman in which his hands are visible clearly. The pic that you have used hardly shows his hands. Thanks

  6. Hi Rahul. I would love to do that, but as I have mentioned in a note at the bottom of the post, I could not publish a photograph of Salman's hand here as I could not find a copyright-free photo. Photos on this blog are copyright free. I use Picapp which provides free photos. If a photo is not available on Picapp I try for a thumbnail image from the person's site, but often I do not get a decent photo of the person's hand. However any individual can get Salman's hand photos on the web as long as it is for his/her private use.

  7. am no fan of his :)

    and Happy Birthday to you :)

  8. hey pls its a request to u .. why don't u read the hand of shahid kapoor, i am a huge fan of him..(*,*).pls,

  9. FFH, I will look for his hand photos and if I find several of them I will certainly read his hand.

  10. hey here's a pic of shahid kapoor hand

    pls read his hand if u can ...i really like ur reading ....plz its a request ...thanks

  11. Thanks for the image FFH. The photo is okay. I think I can read something from the hand although the relative length of his fingers is not visible (which is important for the reading). However I think there are other photos which will give me this. I'll read his hands soon.

    1. oh!!! thanks alot nice of u .....i will be waiting for it ...:)

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  13. Swati, you have asked some questions, and actually answered them yourself. :) There is never one answer to a question, it is usually a combination of both as people are very complex and have complex motivations. And when you ask about what got him where he is, there is one more factor you need to add. He is from a Bollywood family. That is an important factor. With a lack of seriousness that he himself has said he had, he would never have made it if he was a nobody with no contacts.


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