Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Is MJ Akbar a sexual predator?

After the spate of sexual harassment allegations faced by MJ Akbar (a newspaper editor and ex-minister in the Indian government), I looked at his hands to see if there was something on his hands which explained it. It was shocking to hear that a man with such a formidable reputation and a family, should get himself into the news in this unsavoury manner

His hands are a good size and the fingers long and slim, with significantly long first phalanges. He has sensitive pads on the tips of his fingers, and the main lines are fairly clear. The Saturn (Fate) line starts early and is quite dark until well into the forties. The Apollo (Sun) line is clear too and visible from a young age, an unusual marking for a journalist. The palm is slightly rectangular, not too much, and the lower mount of Mars is very highly developed, along with the Jupiter mount. The rounded tips of his fingers, the strong heartline (stronger than the head line) and the long thumb all tell us a story.

Take a look at his hands at the link provided here. (The photo of MeToo published on this post is a free photo from Pexels.)

These hands clearly belong to someone who has been
focussed from the start of his life, and determined to succeed. Clearly, MK Akbar’s ambition would lie in a field where he would be able to use his mind because his hands show him to be an intellectual. Not just that, his hand shows extraordinary talent and expressive ability. The fact that the headline is subservient to the heartline is something unusual for an intellectual and this rings a warning bell. When the heart line dominates, it is exactly what it shows – that decisions will be influenced by the heart. The intensity of the reading and how prevalent the behaviour is in day-to-day life depends not just on how much stronger the heartline is but also other indications on the hand. Akbar’s hand shows impulsivity and sensitivity, and one can surmise that this gentleman will not always use his head despite being the intellectual that he is. This can mean some questionable decision-making.

Aggression is another personality characteristic prominently shown on MJ Akbar’s hand, but aggression and persistence are traits commonly seen on the hands of successful people. Often, such high levels of aggression can make the person boorish in his behaviour. It can result in people around feeling intimidated.

But is there anything on the hand which tells us that these are the hands of a sexual predator? Well, the hand does show a healthy sex drive, but even when combined with the traits of impulsivity and aggression it does not necessarily mean that a person with this type of hand would woo a woman against her wishes, which is what a sexual predator is all about. A sexual predator behaves differently from a womaniser. However, Akbar's hand does not show impressionability, a common personality trait found in the hands of flirts and womanisers. Impressionable people can be carried away by beauty and outward appearances. They can be swayed.

But the question is: Do MJ Akbar's hands show that he is a sexual predator or otherwise criminally minded? Read on.

The hand can show whether a person is evil, but he has to be truly evil for this to be revealed. The hand is a reflection of oneself and what one thinks of oneself is shown on one's hand. If a person behaves badly and commits crimes but in his heart of hearts does not believe that he is doing anything wrong, then his/her hand may not show the darkness which lurks inside. For example, a revolutionary who kills may not see himself as a killer. His hand may, in fact, show idealism and nobility. A person who steals to fill his stomach may not see himself as a thief. And a person who continually hits on reluctant women may genuinely believe he is God’s gift to women and he is doing the women a huge favour by pursuing them aggressively. One cannot help but remember the Tarun Tejpal case. He was arrested for sexual assault but is now out on bail.

On the other hand, if a human being is cruel or without conscience, or if he is an outright liar or a hardened thief or rapist, then this will be seen on the hand in some manner. Such people hide behind a mask of their own making and deep inside they know who they are. Often, they are unwilling to show their hands.

So if one has to decide whether MJ Akbar’s hands reveal him to be a sexual predator – the answer is not really. But then, it cannot be ruled out either. It could have been ruled out if his hands not shown the high levels of aggression. It is not at all surprising that he is hitting back at his accusers. He is not the kind to take things lying down.

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  2. okay, will look for photos of his hand. But you need to wait, as already there have been two other requests.

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  4. I will keep it in mind and if the hand photos are available (I need several good ones) I will certainly do so.


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