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Ustad Zakir Hussain's hand analysis

Zakir Hussain’s hands reveal his enormous talent - and more. They show that his talent was inherited, and then developed and honed to an extraordinary degree because of his early environment. The combination of an inherited talent plus intense training from childhood can lead to only one result –
pure genius. 

Zakir Hussain is the magical result of nature and nurture. He is the son of the legendary musician, Alla Rakha, and it is said that he practised 18 hours a day from childhood. It is no surprise that he became a child prodigy. It was difficult to get good pictures of his hand and it took time to combine the meanings of different photos to write this post. Thus, a brief reading as there were too few good photographs of his hands available.

Ustad Zakir Hussain famous tabla playerYou can check out some photos of Zakir Hussain's hands here and here.

Zakir’s hands are that of a successful artist. Fine texture, a slightly conic shape to some of his fingertips, and a good Upper and Middle mount of Moon. The Mount of Venus in his hand is developed as well as the Moon mount. It is his Upper and Middle Venus which is developed, not the Lower. The Apollo (ring) finger has a spatulate tip and he has long second phalanges to his fingers. Besides, his hand has strong lines, a good thumb, a broad palm, and long fingers with knots. 

Most of these signs are seen on his left, passive hand as well as the right active hand, and this tells us that he inherited them. The active hand shows the current personality while the passive one shows the inherited/subconscious qualities.

Zakir's hand reveals shows his refined, idealistic, impressionable nature, and a superior level of creativity. But talent and artistic temperament are not the only aspects of character that took him to the great heights he did. His hand also clearly shows his willpower, energy and analytical thinking ability. Unlike some creative people, Zakir Hussain is a deep thinker and planner. He can make detailed plans and likes to lead a well-ordered, regulated life. For him, there is a time for everything, and everything has its place.

In fact, it is clear from his hand that he has extraordinary creative talent, great originality, and musical ability. He has a deep passion and talent for music. 

The more signs that point to a particular trait, the more pronounced the personality feature is. 

Zakir Hussain's successful collaboration with western artists is also in keeping with the signs on his hand. He has produced some extraordinary amalgamation (in music) of the east and the west. The shape of his hand shows that this was natural for him, as the barriers of religion and country mean little to him.

It is interesting to note that there is an aspect of his character - the desire for wealth and fame - which was not inherited. This is a quality he developed. From this one can surmise that probably neither of his parents possessed this character trait.

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  1. Hi Nita,

    Please read the hand of Swami Vivekananda as his hand print is available on the internet.

    Thanks and Regards,

  2. Ananth, I have checked for his hand photos earlier but most of his photos are with his hand hidden. The others do not show his full hand. Another reader had requested me to read his hands some months earlier. If you have any photo do send it to me. I need a photo with his whole hand visible from the front.

  3. I love his music. sometimes it is the love for something which makes us keep doing it. Like say playing music or writing. And that in the end is called 'practise' :)

  4. You hit the nail on the head Vishesh. If he was not born with a love for music there is no way his father could have made him practice!

  5. Nice one Nita. In general,I am fascinated by musicians and 'artists'.What most have in common is that they thrive while performing. It's almost as if they live only for that moment - all the practice,'sadhana' is geared toward that climactic moment. The mundane everyday existence is not for them although they have to go through the motions.The interesting question to ponder is,do true artists really care what the public thinks of them? Do they create a work of art with an audience in mind or is it the love of the art that drives them? I think in Zakir's case that it's both.He loves to play which is evident in every performance. At the same time, he has also crafted and honed his skills to produce shows that thrill the public.A wonderful combination in this case.

  6. Hmm, I am fascinated by these people too, far more than the spiritual types.
    And as for the question you asked that is indeed a very deep one! I think you are right about Zakir though. He does enjoy the audience. But finally for all true artists, the love of the art does drive them.

  7. Hi, can you analyise the hand of Rajeev Gandhi please? Thanks..Monisha

  8. Hi monisha. Sure, I will analyse his hands sometime in the next few weeks. It will probably be a brief reading as there are no clear photographs of his hands available. However will keep trying to get better photos. Recently I read Khushwant Singh's remark that Rahul Gandhi is a better leader than his father was. After that I have been collecting a few pics of Rajiv's hands and from a cursory glance at his hands I feel that that Khushwant Singh is wrong. I will explain in my reading why.

  9. Hi Nita,

    You can see the Swami's handprint in this page.


  10. Dear Ananth,
    I am not sure that this is the hand print of Swamji and therefore I would hesitate to analyse it in public. And I am not saying this because the hand belongs to a selfish human being but because the signature is fake. Another reason why I feel that this is not his palm is that although in Swamiji's photos his hand is not visible, the thumb is. The thumb in the photos I have of Swamji is different from the print you said belongs to Swamiji. However, at times the thumb can look different in a print as a supple thumb does not come out clearly.


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