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Vijay Mallya's hand analysis

Vijay Mallya
Indian industrialist Vijay Mallya is known to be determined, tenacious, and ambitious, and his hands seem to corroborate most of what is known about him. However, they also reveal an aspect of his personality that is not so well known.

The mounts of Jupiter, Venus, Moon, Mars, Apollo and to some extent Mercury, are highly developed on Mallya's hand, and in fact, his palm is quite fleshy, which happens when mounts overall are quite high. This tells a story. A story about the personality of a business tycoon, a personality which is excitable and charismatic, short-tempered, aggressive, moody, and ambitious. Of course, these traits give us an outer glimpse into Mallya's personality, and one needs to peel off these outer layers to discover
the man beneath. 

Check out a hand photo of his here and here.

Vijay Mallya is not driven by a need to amass money, perhaps because he was born rich? Money per se is likely to bore him; it's what comforts and lifestyle that he craves. He is ambitious certainly but there is more to him.

Mallya's palm is long and his fingers are relatively short. The Jupiter (index) finger is bent and most of the fingertips are rounded, but the Apollo (ring) fingertip is likely to be spatulate and the thumb tip is conic. The length of the third phalanges is rather long and the Apollo and Jupiter third phalanges are thick as well. The first and second phalanges are average. He holds his thumb fairly close to the hand.

Despite the fact that the Venus mount is high, it is not wide and the Moon mount is excessively developed. The lower part of his hand is thick but despite his mounts being so well developed, the Mercury mount is underdeveloped. The Mercury (little) finger is also low-set which reduces its strength.

The heartline is of medium length and the headline is sloping.

His hand shows that he likes to indulge himself and is impressionable as well, which means he can be carried away and his self-control is limited. He would want to do things he likes and enjoys and no doubt is a pleasure seeker, wanting life to be colourful and interesting. His physical side is a little too strong, and people with such a sign can waste their life. But not Mallya. Maybe it is because he was born into riches and had the right kind of exposure, but he is also hard-working and focused. While satiation of the physical self does consume him, for him, work is also important.

His hand shows skill of some sort, but business skills are average and analytical skills are below average. A true understanding of money is not present.

Sure, he has determination and can be very aggressive and pushy and he is a doer as well. He has his serious side.

He can be impulsive and moody, but the trait which I find the worst which is seen on his hand is that he does not really care for people. He is a cold man at heart although passions tend to run high. Cold and moody, that is what he is. For his superficial camaraderie, it is what it is. Superficial. Besides, Vijay Mallya is fairly secretive and difficult to approach. He would have few close friends. He can be fairly closed to diverse opinions; a type of narrow thinking and there would be difficulty in understanding/accepting another point of view. 

Although he is not obsessed with money, renown is important to him. 

Like many successful leaders, Mallya’s hand shows a very strong will and the ability to control others. He also has the ability to draw others to him and can be very persuasive and charming.

However, when combined with his aggression, his set and determined ways can make him despotic and manipulative. In fact, there is a certain crudeness in his personality and a strong desire to control others which will not be done in a very refined manner.

Although his hand tells us that Mallya would be the kind who is difficult to live with, he appears to have the qualities (high ambition, aggressiveness, willpower and focus) that a person requires for success. In his case, there was also the opportunity, as he was born into a business family.

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(Free photo of Vijay Mallya: Copyright World Economic Forum ( by Dana Smillie, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons)


  1. He is enigma :) heard that the planes he buys have to around thirupathi first...don't think it true though :)

  2. That sounds interesting! well, I wouldn't put anything past him. He is an unpredictable sort of person!

  3. Hi Nita very informative blog...have one doubt what is the significance of the line in the Sun mount...I can see a bold line traveling towards his ring finger...thanks.

  4. Green Umbrella, the presence of the Sun Line usually means status in society. However the strong line you see is his fate line, which is good and strong and travels up to the mount of Saturn (middle finger). This tells you about the career, academics, financial situation, the exact reading to be read from the other lines on the hand. It is clear from his line that he had a fairly comfortable career/finances right from his childhood.

  5. I have a sun line branch from fate line but sun line and fate line end on heart line . . . Could i become rich . ? I feel that i am not success in finance. . . Could u tell me?

  6. narin, it is not possible to tell from the information you have given here. Whether you are good at finance or not, can be told from seeing your whole hand from which one can make out the strengths and weaknesses of the person.

  7. nita is everything is hand lines...hard work is nothing

  8. Anonymous, our hand is the reflection of our minds and brains. It is not the other way round. Our mind is NOT the reflection of our hands! Therefore our hand only reflects who we are and only if we have the ability does it show on our hands.

  9. Dear admin
    Why couldn't you predict about him getting bankrupted ,even though the blog wsd written long back

    1. That is because I cannot predict anything unless I get a clear and high resolution picture of a hand. This reading is basically based on the shape of the hand, mounts etc.


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