Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Sreesanth's folly

It is believed that Sreesanth the cricketer succumbed to temptation when he fell prey to bookies. That he was a "weak" personality. The weakness of character appears to be a widely held belief, mainly because of his known outbursts on the cricket field.

Actually, Sreesanth's hand reveals a far more complex mindset. He has a
normal thumb with a good balance of both phalanges, a good hand shape (broad with good finger length and slim fingers) and a long, deep headline which is not just curved, it is also uneven. It's length balances well the heartline. Some of his fingers are bent however and mounts well developed, perhaps too high. The mounts which are developed are that of Venus, Moon and Jupiter and Mercury also seems developed. The Jupiter (index) finger seems a little short and the Apollo (ring) finger is dominant. It is actually more than dominant. It is the leading finger of the pack.

All this shows that Sreesanth is a smart and capable man with the ability to plan and get into the details. He has sufficient willpower, and the ability to focus and act with goal orientation. He also has the ability to make decisions. He cannot be called weak.

It is doubtful that it was weakness of character that got Sreesanth into trouble with the police. His hand tells us that it was his craving for name and fame. Another factor that comes into play is a lack of logical or consistent thinking. This makes it difficult for some people to take the right decisions. Regarding the great desire for material things, sure, many famous people have it and it can be a great motivator. However, in this case, this is higher than normal, it is a kind of craving over which there is almost no control. Combine that with a high risk-taking ability and a high degree of competitiveness and it can result in disaster. Whether there is any evidence against him or not, this is what his hands show of his personality. Whether he acted on his instincts or not, only he knows.

Such people also tend to possess an optimistic outlook and are seekers of wealth, leadership and success. They often have a nose for business if confirmed elsewhere on the hand. 

This trait in Sreesanth is quite out of sync with the rest of his personality and it puts his personality out of balance because of the significantly disproportionate amount of the qualities mentioned above. His hand does not show the wisdom or the self-pride to keep this quality in check. Any character trait in excess can result in seemingly irrational behaviour unless alleviated by other qualities, or controlled and directed by extraordinary willpower. 

His hand shows materialism and a desire for wealth and fame and in addition, there is a tendency towards envy, a desire for attention, and also significant cynicism. While being a cynic by itself does not make a person behave irrationally, the quality of cynicism if allowed to take hold makes it easier for people to rationalise their actions. Cynics tend to have a slightly scornful attitude towards others, and a belief that people are inherently selfish and/or without ideals. The attitude is "everybody is doing it so what is the big deal."

However, finally why people behave the way they do is not an easy question to answer as it is usually because of an interaction of complex personality traits and the environment.

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(Free photo of Sreesanth from the wiki by Harrias / CC BY-SA [https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0])


  1. Many people in India carry on with their dubious activities, but only a few people are caught. Sreeshant just happens to be among that unlucky few.

    Destination Infinity

  2. A pity that the IPL has become a corrupt institution. I think those who bet are guilty too. If betting is illegal, why do it.

  3. how do u see a trait like cynicism..is it the over development of moon mount combined with the thumb type..because in his case the base of the third phalange of saturn seems fairly tapered i.e in case u include this sign into ur reading and when is your book coming out...i hope u have touched in details on things where others have missed out...another question i was always curious about is the interpretation about the influence lines running around the upper mars mount ..some say those can be interpreted as subconscious influences pertaining to people who have had major roles in our lives such as our parents(i tend to agree with that view)including the lines running horizontally across sometimes touching the life line..can those lines reflect early turmoil conflict..if yes then when do these lines first appear...in my view these lines appear way before a child or a person becomes conscious of those conflicting elements in his or her life..in fact a lot of the hand is layed out subconsciously as u have observed urself...in some sense it over exerts the notion of a deterministic world view and its awfuly scary if u think about it..but one cant live life that way i certainly do know u dont advocate these notions but for someone like you who has delved into hand reading to the extent that u have ..i think u still might have some unanswered questions left at bay..that we as humans could never know...see im the last person who would want to argue on stuff like deterministic way of life and fatalism..but i sometimes i do ask myself..i did not choose this life and certainly didnt choose the kind of brain i would be born with...the kind of neurological framework that allows me to assert my view about the world...sometimes one does ask who's in charge i was actually watching a documentary which proved that a lot of our thinking and decisions are made way before we decide to act or speak out..not a lot of people change see its so easy for u tell them well ur hand reveals this negative trait act on urself try and change ..not because they didnt want to..because they couldnt see these ideas resonate anything new who is not ready for such changes doesnt know wht to do with that information.may be they dont need it..who knows ...i hope i dont bore u out with this philosphical mumbo jumbo...

    1. atlantis,

      As I am doing some extensive research on certain elements of the hand, my book will take some time,maybe at least 2 more years. I think the original research will make it far better. I am going to publish something that is original and authentic, and also different from the stuff you see today.

      I do not consider the lines on upper mars as influence lines, unless you mean lower mars? I would consider the lines on the Mount of Venus as very important and to be considered as strong influences. Horizontal lines are not influence lines, but disturbances in the lives of the influences which affect the owner of the hand.

      overall, the lines on our hand exist from the day we are born. We are born with some inherited tendencies, and thus an inherited future too! These lines can change rapidly in childhood. And yes it is the subconscious which maps out a future, which ofcourse is subject to change. I do not believe in a fixed fate. However people who believe in it, tend to get it as they do less to fight it.

      Sure, you did not choose to be born the way you were. But the answers to why you were born the way you are lies in genetics and science, and ofcourse chance.

      Our decisions and actions are certainly affected by the way we think, and the way we think is determined partly by our genes and partly by the way the environment shapes the genes.

      When it comes to a trait like cynicism, I do take into account several signs and yes the Moon Mount is to be considered, as well as some other signs which I prefer not to talk of here.

      I agree that its easy to tell someone to change, easier said than done. People with will power and motivation change for the better, and weak people change for the worse.

      And no you do not bore me. I welcome questions like yours because it helps a lot of those who come to this website and try to understand what hand reading really means.

  4. yes i meant the vertical lines running along the lower mars mount down to the mount of venus..my bad...are those always people...or familiar set of circumstances..if they are people...then certainly we are dealing with things on a much deeper scale...showing their impact on our lives...to be much more then we are consciously aware of atleast till the time we become self sufficient...i intuitively believe this as a strong sign between a parent and a child...especially the mother...especially the kind who are more sensitive to their offspring and are attached on a much more deeper level.

  5. These influences are people. The influences can be anyone, friends, parents, siblings, lovers. Remember these lines show a one-way influence only. If the line is on a child, it may or may not be present on the parent, or at least not until the child grows up and starts to influence the parent, if at all. These lines show influence and impact and also very close emotional connections, and their absence does not show an absence of love.
    So in a way the influence lines tell you a lot about the person on whose hand they are found. The more the influence lines, the more the subject is connected to people at a deeper level.

  6. Amazing analysis,Cant wait for your book I believe it will be available on all online marketing stores in our country ex: Flipkart.

    BTW nita who do you think is the best politician for our country I have read your analysis on akilash yaduv, nitish kumar all seem to be very positive,who do you think is the best I mean the best ?

  7. Yes, people like Nitish Kumar and Akhilesh Yadav have some positive traits, but unfortunately their circumstances and the type of politics in our country (sectarian) is a great limiting factor for them to do really something great.
    I think we need a very strong leader with great integrity and also someone who is a very good administrator, and I am not sure whether we have anyone like that.


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