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Michelle Obama's hands match with Barack Obama's

Michelle Obama’s hands show her to be a balanced, refined and intelligent human being. In fact, her hand and finger analysis shows her to be superior not just intellectually but also in terms of sensitivity and sensibility. She does seem well matched to President Barack Obama, who is of a cerebral bent of mind as well. Further down in the post I will write about some personality traits the two have in common.

Michelle Obama’s double headline is intriguing, and while one wishes one could get a better photograph to study it, it is clear from the little one sees that she has more
or less re-invented herself sometime in her teen years, through her own efforts. This double headline is missing from her left hand, which in her case tells us of her inherited qualities. She has achieved what she has through a great deal of hard work and determination. She has a good brain and this means more than just intelligence. It means a brain with staying power, focus and concentration.

You can find Michelle's hand photo here and here and Barack Obama's hand photo here.

She has long first phalanges, long, slim fingers, and conic tips to the Jupiter (index) and Mercury (little) fingers. The lines are well-etched, with the headline going across the hand. Her palm is on the narrower side, and the Moon mount is developed and the thumb seems a little thick and the Mercury and Jupiter fingers low-set. Overall, her mounts are not highly developed and this is what shows that she is not excitable.

She has a thoughtful, analytical, calculative and logical mind, ideally suited for professions like accounting, engineering or law. Her idealism could come in the way of her reaching the top, but then making it to the top at the cost of her scruples is not what she wants.

What is quite charming about her is that despite her superior ability she remains a reserved, non-egoistic and non-aggressive person (overtly). And a straightforward one as well. This one can see from the way she holds her fingers, their shape as well as her lack of developed Mars mounts. Not only is she self-contained, she is a calm person and also disciplined and controlled.

At times she can be gullible, too much for her own good. This trait is related to her intense idealism and belief in the goodness of human beings although by nature she may not be a particularly warm person. The qualities of impulse, idealism and impressionability tend to sway her, and in the process take away from the strength of her leadership ability. And diplomacy is not one of her traits. Her thumb and headline show a strong, willful personality. She can be quite obstinate and headstrong once her mind is made up and this is where she differs from her husband who is more accommodating. Luckily her idealism softens her personality.

Michelle and Barack Obama together
There are a few commonalities in the hands of Michelle and Barack Obama which point to some similarities in their basic temperaments which in turn point to increased compatibility. Both of them are highly intelligent people, intellectuals so to speak, and in temperament, both are fairly calm, disciplined and emotionally controlled. They are also straightforward. These qualities would make it easier for the couple to understand each other and communicate as their values are likely to be similar.

Barack Obama is more shrewd and also more aggressive than Michelle is. Both are inwardly vulnerable, and perhaps these are some of the qualities which match. Both being sensitive people they can understand each other.

Another reason why they should get along like a house on fire is that both have a high sex drive. They must have been strongly physically attracted to each other no doubt, but overall their personalities are the pragmatic type. It is possible that when they married they looked at their union from the practical standpoint at as well.

They would have realistic expectations of each other. Neither of them is the type who will demand attention or crave for love and romance. They can make do without all that somehow. Neither of them is people-oriented as such, and this quality does sits oddly with a politician like Barack Obama, but it means he is a good fit with Michelle. Maybe this attitude can be attributed to a certain coolness in their temperaments, maybe even a certain selfishness. It’s how you choose to look at it.

Other qualities:
Power does not mean much to Michelle and nor does money. However, she does want it, because of her pragmatism. But hoarding wealth or revelling in status symbols is not her style. At heart, she is a simple lady when it comes to her tastes.

Her long Sun (ring) finger shows her to be a fairly happy and positive thinking person and it also shows a strong desire for success and name.

The shape of her hand, the long palm and fingers, shows her to be sensitive and intuitive and receptive.

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