Monday, September 5, 2022

Britney Spears - level headed woman!

Britney Spears is written about endlessly and one can’t help but be curious about what her hand reveals about her personality. The media often gives the impression that Britney is vulnerable and weak, and not too sensible. But this characterisation is likely to be wrong as her hands do not show this. Britney's hands reveal a stable, sensible person. Why this contradiction between the Britney persona created by the media and the real Britney? That is a difficult question to answer but likely because the media loves writing about celebs this way.

Britney has a longish palm with fingers on the shorter side and her head and heart lines are clearly etched, although the headline shows a slight waviness. A few of her fingers appear bent, particularly the pinky which is also low-set. Her fingers are tapering at the end with a few sensitive pads. The thumb is quite good with a nice balance of the