Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Chester Bennington - Suicide and Hand Reading

Linkin Park-Rock im Park 2014- by 2eight 3SC0327Chester Bennington, a famous musician, died by suicide at 41, leaving fans shocked. Was there any indication on Chester Bennington’s hand which could have given a hint as to why he did it? Is there a clue in his personality?

Famous palmists like Cheiro have written about suicidal hands and such hands were mostly of people incapable of living a normal life due to their precarious mental state, unable to function in real life. It was rare for successful and famous people to kill themselves at the time.

Today it is more common. It may flummox ordinary people as to why a successful and famous person would want to die, but the pressures they face are high, and if their self-esteem is tied to continued success, it can lead to depression. Today, in modern times, success is transient, competition ruthless, the public fickle, and drugs and alcohol freely available and used without social stigma, particularly by the rich and famous. Whether related to this or not, the suicide rate amongst famous and successful people is rising, and some of these celebs have been known to suffer from depression and addiction issues.

It is known that Chester Bennington suffered from depression off and on from a young age, and also battled issues with addiction. Is this visible on his hand?