Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The hand reading of Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts is always smiling in her photos, but her hands show that she is a very serious, intense and grounded person. This can be seen from her strong Saturn finger and the Saturn (Fate) line. Roberts is serious without being cynical, and that is a good balance. She is also grounded in reality and is a hard-working, trustworthy and dependable person, confirmed by her Headline. Other signs like the long hand and square tips confirm the reading.

Her long and deeply etched Heartline and developed Venus show that she is very loyal and has a deep capacity for love and passion. Despite the Saturnian qualities, her hand shows her to be a

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

David Beckham's hand reading

David Beckham may have inherited great health and physical robustness but when it comes to his intelligence and talent, he has developed these personality traits by sheer hard work and dedication. Beckham’s Headline is longer and better in the right active hand and this shows that he managed to enhance his intelligence, concentration, and focus.

His Lifeline and shape of hand show energy, quickness, and skill, and while this is inherited, it is nowhere near enough to make oneself into the kind of sports superstar that Beckham is all about. On the other hand,