Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Can Palmistry predict future events?

Can hand reading see into the future? Does the palm tell you what is going to happen to you? Is Palmistry only about predictions?

The truth is that the palm does not lay out a fixed destiny for anyone. Your Character is your Destiny. If the hand shows some future trends, it is based on the behaviour, attitudes and character of the person the way he/she is today. If the person changes, so does the future. Significant changes in character usually happen due to conscious effort or due to the impact of momentous events. The movie "Back to the Future," though simplistic, encapsulates what I am saying.

If people believe that palmistry is about predictions, this is because this was what traditional palmistry was about ancient times and the middle ages! Palmistry has been about mysterious signs, lines and symbols all predicting dire things but every single line or so-called sign has to read in conjunction with the rest of the hand. Would we accept the knowledge of the middle ages in any other field? Would we accept that the earth was flat? Or that diseases can be cured by blood-letting? Of course not! So let us celebrate modern hand-readers like say Johnny Fincham or Richard Unger and realise that the knowledge base in the field of palmistry is growing by leaps and bounds.

It is one's insecurity which makes one crave reassurance about future events, so be suspicious of any hand reader or palmist who promises you an unchanging future.

Modern palmists now call themselves chirologists or hand-readers to distinguish themselves from the ancient predictive type of palmistry, but it doesn't matter whether you are a physicist of the 16th century or the 21st century, you are still a physicist. It is the same with palmists or hand-readers.

People have questioned me exhaustively on this aspect, at times on email, and at times on this blog. In this post I will answer the frequently asked questions (FAQ's) on this most intriguing aspect of palmistry – Predicting the Future.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Shahid Kapoor's hand reading

The major features of Shahid Kapoor’s hand are the wide palm, evenly set fingers (except Mercury), well-developed knots, strong and long heartline, balanced headline and strong Moon, Venus and Upper Mars mounts. This shows his imaginative and creative personality, above average intelligence and broad thinking. From the shape of his hand and fingers, Shahid comes across as an unselfish, broadminded and passionate guy with a big heart. At a personal level, he would make a good partner because of