Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Steven Spielberg's hand analysis

If I had not known that Steven Spielberg was a film director I just might have mistaken him for an inventor, although a money-making one. His fingers, headline, fingertips, phalanges, and Upper Mount of Moon reveal his imagination, creativity, intelligence and a strong desire for worldly success.

Spielberg was not born this ingenious. Although he inherited a high intelligence, he had an average

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Kiran Bedi's hand analysis

Kiran Bedi, a retired Indian Police Service (IPS) officer, and currently a social activist, has hands that all administrators should have. The shape of her hands shows her breadth of vision, common sense, pragmatism, thoughtfulness and analytical ability. Her thumb is excellent, long and well-shaped. This tells us about her strong leadership ability. The ability to control others and herself. All is not perfect about her, however, and no one knows this better than she herself. There is a certain inner

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Roger Federer and Mirka - compatibility analysis from the shape of their hands

Roger Federer and his wife Mirka (Miroslava Vavrinec) are great together. Both are analytical, thoughtful people. From
the analysis of their hands, it is clear why they were attracted to each other in the firsts place, and why they are still together. Their hands show that they are mentally and temperamentally compatible even though their relationship may not be a smooth one. No relationship is. The problems they could face are explained later on in the post.

The most important aspect of any relationship is getting along, being good friends. For this, the couple needs to be on the same mental level and this is where Roger Federer and Mirka score. They both have long first phalanges for example and a similarity in the shape of their hands.

Check out hand photographs of Roger's here and Mirka's here.

Roger Federer has a broad palm, medium length fingers, a slightly high-set, tapering thumb of average length, long first phalanges, average second phalanges, prominent mounts of Moon, Venus and Lower Mars. His lines are not quite straight and are long. Mirka has a similar shape of hand, but more flexible with longer second phalanges. The mounts that are developed on her hand are different. Her Venus is not that developed but her Moon is, particularly the Lower Moon mount and her Mars mounts are developed as well, although not so much Lower Mars. Her lines are stronger and straightish.

Roger is consumed with his game and his work but managing money or getting involved in the mundane organisational details of life is secondary to him. Mirka is the manager type. Money matters would be important for Mirka. She is the doer, has the executive ability and Roger much less of it. In fact, Roger's thumb shows impressionability and idealism as well. He could be a bit of a dreamer, but Mirka has her feet solidly on the ground.

Roger is a willful character and can be quite aggressive, which is a great quality in competitive sports though not so great in one's personal life. But Mirka is no pushover. She too is willful and strong, but luckily not as wilful as Roger and certainly not as aggressive. However, she is the kind who would stand her ground. A weaker and less confident person could have been overwhelmed by Roger. Mirka has more resistance and mental strength as compared to Roger and this also means that she would be a source of support to him mentally. He is not that strong inwardly.

Any friction?
Like in all relationships, this couple too have their conflicts. These would arise because (from the point of view of Roger) Mirka is not easy to persuade and could possibly have a temper. Although her head is firmly on her shoulders, he may not always see it that way. Both are articulate and it is likely that they would argue a great deal which is a good thing as they would talk to each other. Mirka may not be overly aggressive but handling Roger would not be easy as he is a sensitive person who could withdraw into himself. He can be quite moody.

She is moody too although less sensitive, less idealistic and less impressionable. She does have a tendency to be more suspicious, at times her imagination getting the better of her. He tends to be more solitary, more cynical, more negative, and worse, can get depressed. He is more vulnerable than her.

In overall personality balance Mirka wins. She is a strong woman who can hold her own. She does not get easily discouraged, sees the positive in life more easily, and is not as hard on herself like Roger is. She is also more flexible and is willing to change and adjust. She is straightforward and direct. Roger may not be overly dominating, but he more selfish and can be controlling and aggressive.

In terms of sexuality, Roger has more sex drive amongst the two and can be quite warm and passionate.

These two are very lucky to have found each other. Not only are they on the same wavelength, but they also seem to be able to compensate for each other's flaws and would work well as a team. At one level they are similar - both thoughtful, imaginative people who are disciplined, controlled and focused. They are likely to be able to understand each other.

(This compatibility analysis is on the request of a reader)

(The photo published on this post is a free photo from Pixabay which has been altered by me)

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sivananda Saraswati and the comparison of Gurus Old and New

The difference between modern gurus and the gurus of yesteryear

There is a great difference between the modern gurus and the older ones, and that is an understatement. Their hands are also very different.

On this blog I have analysed the hands of just one ancient guru so far, the Shirdi Sai Baba, who died in 1918 (birth date unknown). He is now a saint or Godman. His hands are far superior to the hands of the other modern gurus that