Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Priyanka Gandhi's hand analysis

Priyanka Gandhi is an independent-minded and compassionate woman but she is not all that she appears to be. She is no wimp! Narendra Modi called her “gudiya” once, and he couldn’t be more wrong. This woman is no doll. She is nowhere on India’s political scene at the moment but the truth is that she is an heir of the Nehru family and knowing how dynastic Indians are, one never knows when this Gandhi scion might enter politics, that too starting at the top. But does she have the character to do any good for India? Is she suited to politics? Scion or not, if she is right for the job then she deserves a chance.

Priyanka is an

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Gordon Brown's hands tell us that he is a good man, but is he an effective leader?

As a human being, Gordon Brown does very well. His hands show him to be a sympathetic, generous and warm person.  He likes people and can be a great friend and partner. Today he is the Prime Minister of Britain and one wonders whether he is an effective one. Whether he is a true leader. A look at the shape of his hands and fingers gives us a clue.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

What do Rahul Gandhi's hands tell us about his capability as a politician?

Rahul Gandhi is a decent person, an independent thinker, has a balanced personality and an open mind. The question is: Would he be effective as the Prime Minister of India? People say that he is being groomed for the top job and that is why this question becomes very important. I will try to answer it by studying the shape of his hand and fingers.

Will he make a good politician?
As Rahul’s thumb tells us, his will is certainly a not weak one, but if one takes into account the kind of will one needs to lead a country, then he needs more

Thursday, December 17, 2009

How to send me your hand photographs - Part II

In this post I am going to describe in detail the kind of photographs I need to read hands and you can also see some samples of the kind of photos I need. It is best that see the actual sample photos here as well, on this page.

These are the written instructions:-

Remember that overall there are 3 types of photos I need. 
1) The full hand with the thumb separately 
2) Palm Closeups and 
3) Fingerprints –  of both the hands and ten in all.

1) Full hand photos: The most important photos I need are photos taken directly from the front of the hand, one photo each of both hands with the fingers and thumb close together (to get their relative length). That's 2 photos

I also need a photo with the fingers held in a natural position (of both the hands) and that means 4 photos in all.

These full hand photos are essential for me to see the general shape of the hand and relative length of the fingers and thumb. When you take the photo of the fingers close together don’t forget to keep the thumb close to the fingers.

To get the natural/relaxed position of the hand clench your fist and then slowly open up the hand, straightening out the fingers and thumb.

Here are a few samples of the hand in held in a natural position to show how differently people hold their fingers.

Here is another example:

You can see that the thumb can be seen only at an angle in these full hand photos and that is why I need separate photos of the thumb.

In these photos please note that the complete hand needs to be visible, including the thumb, base of the palm and the tips of fingers. I say photos taken from the front I mean the kind when you put up your hand when you are taking an oath. Think of the hand as a portrait of a face required for a passport photograph. Photos taken from different angles do not provide the right proportion of the different parts of the hand/fingers. No part of the hand or fingers should be missing from the photograph.

To take the photos, hold your hand vertical and the camera face to face with the hand so that the angle is correct and a proportionate picture is taken.

I also need photos of the back of each hand. (two more)

That makes it six in all.

Separate photos are needed of the thumb as the thumb is usually at an angle from the rest of the fingers. Best is to take a picture of the thumb directly from the front, so that its shape is visible, which means two more photos. Photos of the back of the thumbs (instead of the front) are also okay if you do not have long nails. Both thumbs are required.

Here are some sample photos of the thumb.

So that is 8 photos.

For the full hand photographs and thumbs as described above, I do not necessarily need photographs of a high resolution. However, for the palm close-ups, I need high-quality images. If your camera is not of a high resolution, a high-quality scan of the palm is best done.

2) Palm close-ups: Please take the full palm, and this means both sides of the palm need to be visible and also the top (base of fingers) and bottom (end of palm, beginning of wrist). There is no need to send images of the part of the palm. You can either use a high-resolution camera for this, or a high res copy scan.

Send the images by email. They will be big files, so you can send them in batches. Do not reduce them. You can use wetransfer.com if you wish. You can also use Dropbox. Please do not send rar. files.

That makes it a total of 10 photos of the hand, including that of the thumbs, full hand, back of the hand and palm closeups.

All of the above photos can be taken with a camera, phone camera or with a scanner. Use the highest quality settings available for the scanner/camera. For the full list of sample photos check this page. If you feel your camera is not that great, ensure that the photos are taken in bright light, preferably bright daylight.

The photographs/scans/prints are for three purposes:

1) To see the shape of the hand and the placement and setting of the fingers.

2) To see the lines, including ridges and apexes which can be seen in the palm closeups.

3) Fingerprints: 
The fingertips should face the camera directly as fingerprints look very different from an angle. Think of the fingertip as a face and the photograph you need like a passport photo. Take the picture directly from the front. Take a close-up of the fingertip with the focus on the centre of the fingertip pattern. Please take each finger separately or two together and label the images.

If you get a high-resolution photograph then the fingerprints come out very well if close-ups are taken. Ideally, each fingerprint should be done separately or two together because often the fingers are not aligned with each other. Focus exactly in the centre of the fingertip pattern.

The thumb needs to be done separately. Again, treat the thumb tip as a face and let it face the camera directly.

For photo close-ups of fingerprints, you should not use the flash unless you have a very superior camera. Take it in a good light, preferably daylight.

If these photos do not show your fingerprints clearly (maybe you have very fine ones) then you can use a scanner for the fingerprints. But ensure that you do not press too hard on the scanner otherwise the fingerprints do not come out well. Each finger should be done separately, or maybe two together unless your fingers are perfectly aligned. Ensure that the scanner is set to high resolution.

Another alternative method to get fingerprints is with a stamp or ink pad (outlined below).

If using a stamp pad do it this way:
Put your finger (it has to be clean and dry) on a stamp pad and press this finger onto to a sheet of white paper.. very gently otherwise the fingerprint could be smudged. Do this several times with the same finger as the first 1-2 impressions may have excess ink. If you press too hard the fingerprint will be smudged. The second and third impressions are often better.

Remember that the analogy of the passport photograph and think of the fingertip as a human face. The fingerprint has to be from the front. Angles are not useful nor are prints of the top half of the fingertip. Focus on the centre of the fingertip.

Do this for all the ten fingers.

When you send me the images let me know the answers to these questions:

Information needed:

a) Let me know if your hand feels soft or hard or firm, or somewhere in-between.
b) And also if your fingers/palm are stiff or flexible. In this, you can use your own judgment as I can usually make out from the photos anyway. I just need a confirmation from your side. For testing flexibility, hold your hand in a horizontal position and try and bend it upwards but do not bend the wrist. Do the fingers bend 10 degrees? 40 degrees? Or is it very stiff? Test the thumb separately because the flexibility of the thumb is often different.
c) Let me know if you are right-handed or left-handed. Even if you are ambidextrous, let me know which hand you write with.
d) Please let me know your age.

Tips to keep in mind:
  • Use the close-up setting in the camera if it is present
  • Take Large Photos with Superfine quality (Check the settings of your camera). If you have a problem sending such large files, send one photo per message o use wetransfer or dropbox.
  • Turn off the flash if necessary
  • Keep your hand still while the photo is being taken
  • Best to take the photograph outdoors in bright natural light
  • Avoid taking the photograph on dull days or late evenings
  • Ensure that your hands are clean and dry
  • Check the photographs on your computer before sending them. Compare them with the lines on your hand 
  • Don't reduce the size of the images

You can write to me at blog(dot)nita(at)gmail(dot) com to ask me how much it will cost you for a reading, and any other clarifications regarding photos. I take advance payment for all readings.

What you can get from a hand reading:

1) From the first (shape of the hand and fingers) you can get an overview of your personality. Any major changes in personality over the years can also be discerned, as well as some major inherited qualities (by studying both the hands). I rely on this technique to analyse the hands of celebs and at times I am lucky enough to glimpse some lines.

2) From the Lines, the character analysis can be more specific and more detailed than one based just on the shape of the hand. Some future trends (based on what the person is like currently) can also be read from the lines if all lines are visible in the photograph/scan (including minor lines). Major trends from the past can be told.

3) From the fingerprints, you can see with clarity the issues you are destined to struggle with, the issues which are most important to you, the make or break issues. This gives a clue as to why some inherited traits develop and some don't. Fingerprints show the root cause of why you are the way you are. They also tell you more about the activity that will make you happy and fulfilled. What is the right life for you? What is your passion? Your life purpose? What will fill that void, and what the obstacles are preventing you from being true to yourself.

A reading based on all of the above can range from 15 to 20 pages and at times it can go up to 25 pages, depending on the hand. It can be useful to you in several ways. You can understand yourself better and get a better idea of your talents and capabilities. We all need to see ourselves objectively so that we can prevent ourselves from rationalizing our negative traits or not appreciating our good qualities.

Finally, Character is Destiny and if you improve upon a personality characteristic, your future is liable to change. In addition, a fingerprint reading can help you unlock deep layers of your personality and help you understand why you struggle with some issues repeatedly.

Why I cannot work for free
I take hours and at times days to study a hand, and therefore cannot do it for free. Even if it is a character analysis, I spend a lot of time on the hand. It is not easy to decipher the relative length of fingers, their setting, the relative strength of the mounts. I work by taking detailed measurements. Finally, it is all about the merging of the different aspects of the hand and when signs seem to contradict each other. At times I mull on a hand for a day or two before I finally reach a conclusion. The time-consuming nature of the work means that I cannot do it for free. However, brief and economical reading options are available for those who do not want to spend too much.

Also, note that my fees change from time to time. Please write to me at blog(dot)nita(at)gmail(dot)com before you send me the photographs to get to know the current prices and choosing your option.

Payment Method:

1. The hand reading fee can be transferred via Paypal if you live outside India and even if you do not have a Paypal account you can still pay via Paypal using your credit card. Paypal is a very safe and secure system. I can send you the link.

Unfortunately, Indian government rules do not allow payment via this method if you reside in India.

Money can also be directly deposited into my account from abroad if you prefer this method. I can send the bank account details including the swift code once I receive the photos.

2. The other alternative is via net-banking or a direct deposit via paytm and works best for Indian residents. Money can be credited by either cash or cheque. This can be done from anywhere in India. I provide the bank details once I receive the photographs.

Thanks and email me for any clarifications.

(This post is a duplicate of a page which is here)

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Robert Pattinson's hand analysis

A cursory look at Robert Pattinson’s hands makes us believe that he is quite perfect in every way! A balanced and talented artiste, very capable and intelligent. Reasonable and honourable. In fact, one feels that nothing can disturb the seeming equilibrium of his personality. However, deeper into the reading one realises that Robert Pattinson does have his weaknesses, like all of us do, whether famous or not.

Friday, December 11, 2009

The difference between Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie

A comparison of the hands of Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston reveal how very different they are as people. Jennifer is a serious, idealistic person. She is very talented and moody as well, with a tendency to brood. Angelina, on the other hand, is more casual about life, even flippant at times, and is always ready for adventure.

Both are aggressive and determined ladies, but Jennifer tends to be more overtly aggressive than Angelina, although at heart both of them are soft and vulnerable. That must the kind of woman that Brad is attracted to - strong and independent but soft inside. Understanding the temperament (from their hands) of these two Hollywood stars, one can surmise as to how they got along with Brad Pitt.

Looking at it purely from what has been revealed by their hands, Brad and Angelina must have

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Angelina Jolie's hand shows that she is fun to be with though she isn't serious enough!

Angelina, the famous Hollywood actress, can be a little too casual about life and can lose focus. It’s almost as if an important cog in the serious business of life and living, needs a little tightening. This gives her personality an undesirable tilt and lack of balance. But she has other personality characteristics which have earned her fame and name. She has a certain force to her personality, she is a go-getter. Ambitious and dominating, she is an independent thinker who likes to follow through with action.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Tiger Woods hands reveal why he was unfaithful to his wife

The world is talking about star golfer Tiger Woods' infidelity, wondering why he was so bent on destroying his idyllic life by having one affair after another. What do his hands reveal? Do they explain the mystery of why he sabotaged his marriage and career?

I don't go by the idea that infidelity is "normal" for celebrities. Infidelity is an individual thing. When a person cheats on one's partner, it shows certain aspects of his/her character, whether he is a star or whether he is a person on the street. Rich people, however, do seem to get more opportunities.

When it comes to infidelity there are certain factors which come into play. Firstly one’s values, secondly one’s

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Saurav Ganguly's hands reveal the secret of his success

Saurav (Sourav) Ganguly is a self-made person. Some might say he was born into a rich family, that he had all the privileges, and must have got all that he needed to enable him to become an international cricketer and play for India. But he is self-made in the sense that what he is today is entirely due to his own efforts.

He shaped his career and developed his sports persona without much support or encouragement from outside. One can say that he rebuilt his entire personality. This can be clearly seen from his hand. His inherited qualities and current personality traits and abilities are very different,