Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Is MJ Akbar a sexual predator?

After the spate of sexual harassment allegations faced by MJ Akbar (a journalist and ex-minister in the Indian government), I looked at his hands to see if there was something on his hands which explained it.

His hands are a good size and the fingers long and slim, with significantly long first phalanges. He has sensitive pads on the tips of his fingers, and the main lines are fairly clear. The Saturn (Fate) line starts early and is quite dark until well into the forties. The Apollo (Sun) line is clear too and visible from a young age, an unusual marking for a journalist. The palm is slightly rectangular, not too much, and the lower mount of Mars is very highly developed, along with the Jupiter mount. The rounded tips of his fingers, the strong heartline (stronger than the head line) and the long thumb all tell us a story.

Take a look at his hands at the link provided here. (The photo of MeToo published on this post is a free photo from Pexels.)

These hands clearly belong to someone who has been