Monday, March 7, 2022

Madhuri Dixit - sweet and determined!

Madhuri Dixit reached the top in Bollywood and then about two decades ago gave it up temporarily to lead a family life. She has always been known as not just one of the most beautiful actors in the Hindi film industry but also one of the most talented. She is in her fifties now, but is still quite active in her profession. Curiosity about her never wanes and this hand reading has been much delayed.

Her hand is not too much of a surprise. Madhuri has long fingers, a slightly longish palm with slim slightly pointy finger tips. The thumb is long with a long first phalange and the lines too are long, uniquely so. The headline is joined considerably with the lifeline and goes across the hand, sloping a little. The heart line too is long, crossing the Jupiter mount and going to the edge of hand. The lifeline is long too, reaching the base of the hand and the fateline commences at the base of the hand and reaches the Saturn mount.

Her hands reveals a personality which is idealistic and impressionable. She is a person who has strong ethics in life, knows who she is, and is likely to stick to her principles even if not all that practical. Yes, this can mean losing out