Monday, December 24, 2018

What Ranveer Singh's hands tell us about him

When I looked at Ranveer Singh’s hands I was sure I would find signs of an extroverted and bold personality because that is the impression he gives. Besides, as he works in the movies, it was likely that he was actually extroverted. To my surprise, his hands showed the opposite!

Ranveer has shortish fingers, a broad, wide palm, and deep lines of Head, Life and Heart. His headline is tied to the lifeline and is not too high or too low on the hand. It goes across the hand in a fairly straightforward manner but does not go to the percussion. The heartline is curving and rises towards the space between the first two fingers. The mounts of Venus, Moon (more so the middle part) and Jupiter are developed. The first (Jupiter) finger is a little bent and the first phalanges of his fingers are long but