Friday, August 24, 2018

The hand reading of Jack Ma

Enabling eCommerce- Small Enterprises, Global Players (39008130265) (cropped)Jack Ma, the Chinese businessman, has an interesting hand, the kind which could baffle some hand readers because Ma does not have strong, well-etched lines. Strong lines show a strong, clear-headed and focused personality so does this mean that Ma is not a strong personality? This cannot be because Jack Ma is the founder of the Alibaba group and he is not just a businessman with a high net worth (over 4000 crore or 39.1 billion USD) but also a politician and philanthropist.

Without strong lines on his hands, how did Jack Ma take Alibaba to such great heights? Well, for one thing, all his lines are not weak. The fateline on his hand is not very clear, not visible in the photos on the internet. Possibly, he does have a clear but thin fateline, not as dark as the other main lines. Considering Ma's success, one would have expected a stronger fateline. And as for the headline, it is by no means a superior one, although it is better on the right active hand – which shows that he is a self-made man. One can call it an average headline. The heartline and lifeline appear to be good though, well shaped and dark, and perhaps these compensate for the other lines.

His hand shape is good. Long, slim

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Sanjay Dutt's hand reading

The movie "Sanju" is about the life of Sanjay Dutt, and has been criticised for glossing over Dutt's transgressions. It has been said that the film is dishonest. Is it dishonest?

In other words, is Sanjay Dutt a good guy or a bad guy? 

The facts of Sanjay Dutt's life are all over the media - about his difficult relationships, the drugs, buying weapons from criminals and so on. Looking at these facts makes one wonder whether Sanjay Dutt can really be the confused good-intentioned soul that the movie attempts to portray.

The hands can reveal the real person. They can give us an idea who Sanjay Dutt really is.

Dutt's hand is not the best. Not refined. He has