Monday, February 2, 2015

The Myth of the Marriage Lines

There is a belief that hand reading can unravel the mystery behind relationships and marriage. To do this, traditional palmists relied upon the so-called “marriage lines” on the edge of the palm, underneath the Mercury (Little) Finger.

The onus placed on these “magical” lines is that:

  • Each line represents an actual relationship
  • The strongest line denotes marriage
  • The higher up the “marriage line" is (towards the base of the little finger) the later the marriage or relationship. In other words, the age of the marriage is seen on these lines.
  • Absence of “marriage lines” means that the person will never get married or lacks libido
  • The “marriage line" turning upwards at its end indicates that the person will never get married
  • Faint or weak lines indicate weak relationships
  • Small vertical lines rising up from the “marriage lines” indicate children
  • Divorce is always marked on these lines either by large forks or the line plunging downwards.

My research after seeing hundreds of hands (some of these over many decades) tells me that none of the above is true. I know several people with two equally strong marriage lines who have never had more than one partner. I also know several people with the so-called children lines who have only one child. I also know someone with a long “marriage” line which turns upwards who is happily married. I also know people with weak “marriage” lines who are happily married. And I know people with normal “marriage” lines who have never married! And some with these normal lines are divorced!
Marriage line
The picture on the right shows the hand of a man who married early, had an unhappy marriage for several years and is now divorced, all before the age of 28. The "marriage line" is clear, well etched and shows no sign of divorce.

That said, if a marriage line under the Mercury finger plunges downwards and cuts the Heartline it can indicate serious heartbreak, but age cannot be read from this. And from my experience, 90% of divorcees do not have this sign. A gentle downward curve does not indicate divorce.

The "marriage line" splitting into a well-marked fork can indicate differences but not necessarily divorce. One has to be cautious while reading such forks because many marriages have issues which are resolved amicably as it explained here. Or it can perhaps mean widely different temperaments in a fairly happy married life. Different or opposing temperaments do not mean unhappiness in marriage. Some even believe that opposites match. Besides, I know a couple in a very unhappy marriage and neither partner has the slightest fork on the "marriage line". Both have strong and clear marriage lines!

So, if these lines are not infallible indications of marriage or relationships, where is this aspect of oneself marked?

Some people have strong influence lines on the Mount of Moon which go on to join the Fateline. This usually does indicate a strong influence of the opposite sex, and if such a line joins the Fateline it can indicate a union. Going past it, cutting the Fateline can indicate a disappointment in love or a broken relationship. Age is difficult to pinpoint on the influence line. However, these lines are not usually present. Their absence has no bearing on marriage or relationships. At times the influence can be of an event, not a person. Therefore these lines are not absolutely reliable.

The influence lines on the Mount of Venus, which run parallel to the lifeline are influences in the life of the person, and these are the most reliable. However, they are not necessarily of a partner. They can represent parents, friends, relatives or mentors or gurus. This is where you could possibly find a line representing your partner, but only if there is a close and intimate relationship over several years and the partner exerts a significant influence on the life. At times it is found on one partner, and not on the other. And at times neither partner has it, though they have a reasonably happy married life. This is because happiness means different things to different people. Many couples are not emotionally dependent on each other and at times can lead fairly autonomous lives. This does not indicate unhappiness. It finally depends on the temperament of the person on whose hand these lines are found. Strong, autonomous people have few or no lines. They influence others, rather than be influenced themselves.

Divorce or serious break-ups can be found marked in some hands, on the main lines. For example if the impact of the divorce is financial then the financial trouble will be marked, not the divorce. The cause of the financial issues may not be easy to decipher. The emotional impact of the separation/divorce can be marked on the head and heart lines too. Defects in the main lines indicate emotional disturbances, stress, and tension but it is not possible to relate the breaks/dots/islands/bars/crosses on the main lines specifically to marital troubles.

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